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Abdominoplasty (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is performed for sagging in the abdomen and underbelly area and for lubrication that cannot be removed by exercise. With this surgery, it is aimed to treat sagging skin, loosened skin and torn muscles.

With tummy tuck surgery, the fat layer in the lower, middle and upper abdomen is removed. Since special instruments suitable for the purpose will be used during this surgery, the probability of complications is very low. However, before the surgery, some tests and controls are made to the people and the appropriate people are taken to the surgery. Specialist physicians can apply different treatment methods to people who may pose a risk for surgery.

Thanks to the full tummy tuck surgery, the sagging abdominal skin is cut and removed from the body. At the same time, with this surgery, the abdominal skin is stretched and you have a flatter abdomen. Today, many people can get rid of their problems thanks to tummy tuck surgeries.

With tummy tuck surgery, the belly button is repositioned and the separated muscles are tightened. This helps people to have a more tense and smoother abdomen. These surgeries are performed by plastic surgeons who are experts and experienced in their field.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Abdominal stretching is applied to remove sagging that occurs in the abdominal region and causes aesthetic anxiety. People who have sagging in their abdomen are psychologically affected negatively by this situation.

Another name for tummy tuck is abdominoplasty. In this operation, the fat layers in the abdomen are removed and the muscles are tightened. Thus, people can have a flatter and more tense abdomen. These operations are performed under anesthesia by plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

Abdominoplasty, like all other surgeries, can carry certain risks. However, thanks to the tools produced in today's technology and the skills of expert surgeons, these surgeries can be performed with less risk.

Before the operation, some tests and controls are applied to the patient. As a result of these tests and controls, if the patient is deemed suitable for surgery, he is taken to surgery on the specified date and the procedure is started. After the surgery, the patient can quickly return to his daily life.

What Area Does Abdominoplasty Look At?

People who have sagging in their abdomen may want to get rid of this image. When this is the case, it is wondered in which part of the hospitals the tummy tuck operation is performed. You will need to go to the plastic surgery department of the hospitals for the tummy tuck operation. However, you should remember that you need to make an appointment before going to the hospital.

You can log in to the MHRS system or use the Hallo 182 appointment line to make an appointment with the plastic surgery department of the hospitals. Both methods will be enough for you to make an appointment. After making an appointment, you can enter the examination at the hospital on the specified date.

After examining you, the specialist physician will determine the most appropriate treatment method and share it with you. If it is decided to perform Abdominoplasty, some checks and examinations will be performed. If you are deemed suitable after the examinations, you will be given a date for the surgery.

The surgery is performed by specialist plastic surgeons in a sterile environment in the hospital. This surgery can take between 2-4 hours depending on the patient's condition. After the surgery is completed, the patient will recover completely and have a tight and flat stomach in a short time.

Preparation Before Abdominoplasty

You will need to pay attention to some conditions before Abdominoplasty. These situations are listed below.

  • If you smoke, you will need to quit 4 weeks before the surgery. It is not recommended to smoke until 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • The use of vitamin E and aspirin should be discontinued before surgery.
  • Heavy diet should not be applied before the operation.
  • If you have health problems such as colds or infections, you should tell your doctor. This may cause your surgery to be delayed.

In addition to all these recommendations, your doctor will also give you some recommendations. It is very important for you to follow the recommendations of your doctor in terms of the course of the surgery. If you do not make the necessary preparations before the operation, the probability of success of the operation may decrease. Your doctor will convey all the information you need to know before the surgery and will answer the questions in your mind.

How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

Abdominoplasty is performed under general or local anesthesia. Before the operation is performed, the patient is anesthetized and it is ensured that he does not feel any pain. Then, an incision is made in the lowest part of the abdomen and around the belly button.

The incisions made in partial tummy tuck surgeries are slightly shorter. After these incisions are made, the skin is separated from the groin to the lower chest. The resulting muscles are strengthened by stretching and repaired if necessary. The skin is then stretched and stitched in place. With the removal of excess skin, the sutures are closed.

This surgery takes between 2-4 hours. After the operation, the patient is taken to his room and rested. The patient, who rests in the hospital for 1-3 days, is discharged and sent to his home. After this stage, the patient should come to the control regularly and use the prescribed drugs.

What are the Risks of Abdominoplasty?

As with any surgical operation, some risks may arise in the Abdominoplasty procedure. These risks can be listed as follows:

  • wound infection
  • Fluid and blood accumulation
  • blood clotting

Infections in the wound site can be easily eliminated with the help of antibiotics. Body fluid and blood accumulation is rarely seen. These problems can also be eliminated with the second intervention performed. Generally, elderly patients experience blood clots and this can be eliminated by various methods.

In order to minimize the risks that may occur during or after the operation, the operating environment must be sterile. In addition, the knowledge and experience of the surgeon who will perform the operation is of great importance in this regard. These risks, which may occur, can usually be easily eliminated with simple interventions.

Pregnancy After Abdominoplasty

Many people wonder if there will be a problem if one becomes pregnant after Abdominoplasty. There is no negative aspect of tummy tuck surgery that will affect the pregnancy period. Specialist physicians will provide you with sufficient information on this subject.

People who will undergo a tummy tuck operation after pregnancy wonder how long they should wait. Specialist physicians have considered 1 year as the ideal period. In other words, tummy tuck surgery can be performed after 1 year of pregnancy.

Expectant mothers who are pregnant or want to become pregnant after surgery can get the necessary information from the specialist physician. After the planning made with the specialist physician, the surgery can be performed within a suitable period of time. To summarize briefly, tummy tuck surgery does not have a negative effect on pregnancy after sufficient time is provided.

Post-Tummy Tuck Process

After the Abdominoplasty, the patient stays in the hospital for 1-3 days and is kept under observation. Patients whose controls are completed are discharged and sent to their homes. After this surgery, patients are recommended to wear a special corset for 1 month.

The patient will be able to walk without support 1 day after the surgery. 2-3 days after the operation, you can take a bath and perform routine work. During the first week, the patient may experience pain when coughing and sneezing, as the stitches do not fully fuse.

After the surgery, the medications given by the doctor should be used regularly and the controls should be regularly visited. If such conditions are not taken care of, it will take a long time for the patient to recover. In addition, the doctor's recommendations should be followed and the actions indicated by the doctor should be avoided.




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