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Curettage Surgery

Curettage is‎ the termination of unwanted intrauterine pregnancy ‎depending on the willingness of the woman. This means scratching and ‎‎cleaning the intrauterine in the medical literature. Getting rid of ‎‎unintended pregnancy is possible with Curettage Surgery until ‎the 10th ‎‎month depending on the willingness of the woman. If there is a ‎problem ‎in risky pregnancy or in the mother's womb Curettage Surgery ‎is performed. ‎So Curettage ‎is performed for not only indented ‎circumstance but ‎obligatory circumstance. Because precedence is always ‎mother health. If ‎there is a problem that damages the mother, a ‎curettage ‎is performed.‎

What is Curettage Surgery?‎

Termination of the unwanted intrauterine pregnancy even if there isn’t ‎any reason is acknowledged in 1920 in the Soviet Union. When it ‎is forbidden until 1983, it is legitimized after the 12 September Coup d'etat. ‎So the women are operated on curettage surgery if they comply with ‎the terms and conditions in-laws.‎

Especially, termination of the pregnancy by cleaning the intrauterine in the ‎case of the bachelor women getting pregnant becomes easy with the ‎Curettage Surgery is legal. Because both in our country and around the ‎world getting pregnant by a bachelor woman isn’t considered nicely. ‎This affects the psychology of the woman negatively.‎

This right is accorded to the woman because it is considered that being ‎‎experienced this the woman is unnecessary anymore. Except of this, a ‎married woman cannot get ready for giving birth even if she becomes ‎pregnant or a problem in the uterine can damage the baby. However, ‎Curettage is put to use in its legal time no matter if bachelor or married ‎woman.‎

The legal time of Curettage ‎is until the 10th week of the pregnancy. If the ‎woman is married, the approval of her husband is necessary for Curettage ‎Surgery. If she isn’t married and older than 18, approval of the woman ‎is enough. However the pregnant woman is under 18 years old, ‎the approval ‎of her parent is necessary. The surgery is started for ‎the termination ‎of the pregnant with these approvals.‎

Which department is interested in Curettage Surgery?‎

If your menstruation ‎period delays or you are in doubt about pregnant, ‎‎firstly you ‎should be tested or go to a gynecologist to learn if you are ‎‎pregnant or not. ‎you can diagnose that you get pregnant and ‎operated ‎on Curettage Surgery. Since in our country the legal time for the ‎‎Curettage is until 10 weeks, more than one doctor should decide as ‎‎committee. You should check if you get pregnant or not because not to ‎‎‎experience this situation and to complete Curettage Surgery in ‎the ‎‎shortest time.‎

When you decide on the Curettage ‎after you learn that you get pregnant ‎you should get help from a gynecologist. Your Curettage ‎can be operated ‎on in the shortest time thanks to the specialist gynecologist and get rid ‎of your pregnancy via legal ways. The duration of the Curettage Surgery ‎which takes 5- or 10-minutes increases as the duration of the pregnancy ‎gets long. So, diagnosis of the pregnancy early and deciding on the ‎Curettage in the shortest time is pretty important for not getting long ‎of this process.‎

What is Curettage Surgery?‎

When a man and woman have sex, they can come across unwanted ‎‎situations such as pregnancy even if they are protected. So this affects ‎especially the body and life of a woman too much. So a lot of woman wants to ‎get rid of an unexpected pregnancy. Sometimes she takes illegal actions ‎and can damage her health. However, your intrauterine can be cleaned ‎with help of the ‎gynecologist without any necessity to experience this.‎

You should examine your doctor to be‎ operated on the Curettage ‎Surgery. Then Curettage Surgery is started. This process is put to use via ‎the vacuum method recently. Cleaning the intrauterine well and remaining ‎or not a piece should be ‎careful when it is performed with the vacuum.‎ ‎remaining a piece inside will be a big problem for you. your doctor ‎should be good at his/her work and not experience this problem. ‎You can get rid of pregnancy easily by having your intrauterine cleaned ‎by your doctor.‎

How ‎ is Curettage Surgery‎ operated on?‎

Firstly, You are examined by testing blood before Curettage Surgery‎. ‎Then your doctor starts the process according to your results. general ‎or local anesthesia is put to use for Curettage Surgery. If general ‎anesthesia is put to use you shouldn’t eat and drink before 6 hours of ‎the surgery.‎

Your cervix is opened via bougie until a certain distance after your ‎aching check is enabled after general ‎anesthesia is put to use. The ‎process is started by being placed at the end of the vacuum aspersion after ‎Your cervix is opened. The vacuum is started turning in the uterine after the ‎instrument comes to a point. After this, the tissues in your body are ‎gotten empty. This operation takes 5-15 minutes and the surgery is ‎finished.‎

The vacuum Curettage method is used for Curettage Surgery, experiment with ‎your doctor is important. Your doctor should have experimented for both ‎not remaining the tissue in the uterine and finishing your Curettage Surgery ‎without pain and in a short time. So‎, when you decide on the Vacuum ‎Curettage method ‎you should be careful ‎to choose your doctor and ‎decide to have the process performed according to that.‎

What are the benefits of Curettage Surgery?‎

Getting pregnant is possible because of unexpected situations and not ‎being protected during having sex. And the baby might not be wanted ‎because of economic conditions or the marital ‎status of the woman.‎ ın ‎that case, getting rid of pregnancy is wanted. Curettage Surgery helps ‎with this.‎

You can get rid of pregnancy easily and without ache thanks to ‎Curettage Surgery. Except for this, you can turn your normal life in a ‎week.‎

If you choose the Vacuum Curettage method ‎ among a lot of methods, the risk ‎of an occurring hole in the uterine reduces. Your bleeding and aching ‎decrease minimally.‎

The process after Curettage Surgery

You should be careful yourself for The process after the Curettage ‎Surgery. Because you will have bleeding and pain. There will be points ‎to take into consideration to overcome safely this process.‎

Firstly you should be kept a close watch for a length of time. You ‎should know that you will have pain and bleeding similar to ‎menstruation. If you want to take a shower you should take a shower ‎by standing up and shouldn’t come in water in a mutual field such as ‎a pool. Except this, you should come to the control after a week. so the ‎doctor is in control if a piece remains or not and delivers you from ‎pregnancy.‎

If you run a temperature and have bleeding you give information to ‎your doctor absolutely. Lastly, you must be careful about not having sex ‎for one week and protect your health after the Curettage Surgery.‎



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