"> Best Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement) Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement) Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement) Surgery

Some malformations can occur on cartilage structures because of some ‎structural ‎malformations that are congenital or because of trauma such as rheumatism diseases, ‎infections, and ‎calcification. These malformations can cause serious aches and ‎limitation of movement. This situation decreases the quality of lifestyle of the patients ‎and causes them to ‎feel unhappy.‎


If the patient can't be treated with some method such as medicines, injections, and ‎physiotherapy, arthroplasty (total joint replacement) surgery‎ is put to use. Total Joint ‎Replacement is known as the most effective and certain method. This method aims ‎that gain function to the joint by changing the articular surface with artificial materials. ‎Also, all of the complaints of the patient will lose. ‎


Total joint replacement is operated on in our country as in the whole world. When this ‎surgery is operated on, arthroscopy is get helped. A camera and the surgical ‎instruments are attached to the end of the tube thanks to the arthroscopy and these ‎instruments are placed in the part. Then the closed surgery is performed by getting ‎help from the monitor.‎


What is Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)?


Total joint replacement‎ is put to use for the treatment of the structural malformations and ‎calcification that occur in articular of the knees, shoulders, fingers, haunch, ankle, and ‎wrist. Problems are solved and the patient gets healthy again via this method that is ‎performed by getting help from arthroplasty.‎


Total joint replacement is utilized mostly for knee and haunch articular. The patient ‎must consult a healthcare organization as soon as the complaints occur for being ‎success of this operation. The probability of the success of the surgery can decrease ‎seriously for the advanced problems.‎


The arthroplasty ‎method is often put to use from the past to today. The field ‎ of ‎application of this method enlarged. Since the operation is performed closed, some ‎cases such as extreme bleeding and infection are few and far between. A close and ‎clear image can be acquired.‎


Arthroplasty (total joint replacement) surgery is operated on by a specialist orthopedist. ‎The risk of ‎complications that occur during surgery is pretty low because the ‎instruments that are suitable for the surgery are used. Also, the surgery is operated on ‎as closed because arthroplasty ‎is used. However, early diagnosis is pretty important ‎for the process of treatment.‎


Which department is interested in Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎?


The people who experience some problems such as aches and limitations of the ‎movement are curious about which department they should go to. The ache and various ‎problems in the articular indicate a lot of diseases. People who come across ‎this problem should go to an orthopedist and examine.‎


You can call ALO 182 or enter MHRS for getting an appointment with ‎an orthopedic. ‎Then you can go to the hospital on ‎appointment day, and get help from the orthopedics and ‎traumatology specialists.‎


The specialist doctor will examine you and diagnose you by using the procedures. problems ‎in the articular ‎can be treated with medicine or physiotherapy firstly. However, if you ‎don’t answer the treatments Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ is performed ‎lastly. This treatment presents a certain result to the people who experience problems ‎in the articular.‎


What is Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎?


Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ is performed to heal the articular problem in ‎the knees, shoulders, and haunch. This surgery is operated on with the tube ‎that is ‎attached to a camera and the surgical instruments and by getting support from the ‎monitor. The patient is influenced ‎by general or epidural anesthesia.‎ So, s/he doesn’t ‎feel any pain or ache during the surgery. A close and clear image can be acquired‎ from ‎the camera that is placed on the body of the patient. This instrument prevents to ‎damage ‎the healthy tissue and it enables the surgery to get success quickly.‎

The patient will be tested before ‎the surgery. If the patient is suitable for surgery, ‎the ‎surgery will start. This operation is performed by a specialist orthopedist. The ‎probability of the complication creating is pretty low. So, it is known as a safe ‎method.‎

How is Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ Surgery performed?‎

general or epidural anesthesia‎ is put to use on the patient before Arthroplasty (Total Joint ‎Replacement)‎ Surgery is performed‎. The type of anesthesia can change according to the ‎circumstance of the patient. The little cuts are created on the part after anesthesia. The ‎tube ‎that is attached to the camera and the surgical instruments is ‎placed from these ‎cuts into the body. The process is started by getting help from the monitor after the ‎camera and the surgical instruments ‎are placed. ‎the healthy tissue isn’t damaged ‎because a close and clear image can be acquired‎ via the monitor. The instruments ‎are ‎taken out of the body of the patient. The cut is closed via bandage or suture.‎

The patient has carried the room, rests in hospital for around 3 days, and is come out of ‎the ‎hospital. However, the duration of the rest can take 6 days according to the difficulty ‎of the surgery and the circumstance of the patient. Generally, the patient is discharged ‎from the hospital in three days.‎

Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ Surgery ‎with Microsurgery

Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ ‎isn’t performed with microsurgery. This surgery ‎is operated on by using arthroscopy. The arthroscopy method is used often alongside  ‎the development of the technology. The parts that are difficult to reach can be ‎monitored and the surgery ‎can be operated on as closed.‎

The surgery is operated on by watching from a monitor. A closer and clearer image can ‎be acquired‎ thanks to monitoring, so, the unhealthy tissues are cleaned, and the prosthesis is ‎placed. The patient can turn his/her normal life after this surgery that is performed ‎with little materials. ‎

The arthroplasty ‎surgery is put to use as a last-ditch for treatment of articular that ‎‎damaged seriously. The specialist doctor can want to heal the patient via medicines ‎and physiotherapy. However, unfortunately, the articular that ‎damaged seriously‎ can’t ‎heal via methods that are out of the surgery.‎

The benefits of the Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ Surgery ‎

There are a lot of benefits of ‎ Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ Surgery for the ‎patient and the health ‎team. These benefits are ‎below:‎

The cut that is created during the surgery loses in 1 or 2 months by itself.‎

Since the surgery is performed closed, the bleeding and the infection risk are low.‎

The patient was discharged from the hospital three days after the surgery.‎

The patient turns her/his daily life pretty quickly.‎

The probability of the complication creating is pretty low during the surgery and after ‎the surgery.‎

The duration of the surgery gets so much short.‎

The patient doesn’t feel any pain or ache during the surgery because s/he ‎is influenced ‎‎by general anesthesia.‎

The level of comfortableness is high after the surgery.‎

Arthroplasty (total joint replacement)‎ surgery enables these benefits via today’s ‎methods. However, if the methods are different, the benefits can change.‎

The process after Arthroplasty (Total Joint Replacement)‎ Surgery

The patient is stood up and walked‎ after arthroplasty (total joint replacement)‎ surgery. ‎The duration of giving weight to the feet can take 6 weeks in some special cases. The ‎duration of staying in hospital is generally between 3-and 6 days.‎

Some acting such as crossing the patient’s legs or using a Turkish style toilet ‎isn't ‎advised to the patient after the haunch prosthesis ‎surgery.‎ some patients need to use ‎a crutch or a walker depending on the decision of the doctor. However, this ‎situation is for a few weeks.‎

The ‎medicines that are given by doctors are used regularly during this ‎period and ‎the ‎patient must go to the doctor at certain intervals. If the ‎patient ‎uses the medicines ‎irregularly and doesn't go to the control, ‎then the ‎process of healing can be longer.‎ So ‎they should be careful so much and pay attention to the suggestions.‎



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