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The bladder, which has the main functions of the excretory system and, in particular, the excretion of urine formed in the body, is one of the issues addressed as a result of various health problems. Bladder neck resection is among the procedures performed if the aforementioned section is longer or narrower than it should be.

This disease, which manifests itself in the form of difficulty in removing or completely removing urine formed in the body from the body with less pressure than usual, can be successfully treated with more than one solution method. This disease, which is noticed by various symptoms such as a decrease in the pressure of urine, inability to completely urinate, can be treated with both medication and surgical intervention methods.

If you think that you have a problem in this area, you should visit the relevant departments of hospitals and fully share the symptoms you see with your doctor.

What is Bladder Neck Resection?

The question of what is bladder neck resection is among the contents that are wondered about this process, which was discussed in certain topics above.. This title, which is discussed both in terms of what it means and exactly how it is done, has been explained through various sources.

Looking at the meaning of the word resection, you can see that it is expressed in the form of cutting and removing a diseased organ. In other words, bladder neck resection also means performing the same procedure for health problems that occur in the bladder.

The fact that urine cannot be excreted from the body compared to normal functions, or its energy is quite small, directly negatively affects the excretory system. In order to solve this situation, bladder neck resection is performed.

Which Department Deals with the Bladder Neck Resection?

In the case of a bladder-related health problem, it is possible to see that many issues, such as what it is and how it can be treated, have been studied with all the subtleties. Bladder neck resection is one of the options that must be applied in order for the excretory system to return to its former functions.

You can get detailed information about the procedure in question by contacting the doctors who are in the urology units of hospitals and have become experts in their field and see exactly what kind of health problem you have. Thus, both the examination and the treatment process will take less time than you expect.

If you follow the symptoms of this disease, called bladder neck stenosis or height, and ensure that it is diagnosed at an early stage, you can also leave the disease behind by using milder treatment methods.

What is Bladder Neck Resection Surgery?

The question of what is bladder neck resection surgery has become one of the contents that has been considered relevant to this surgical procedure and has been studied on many resources. As mentioned earlier, bladder neck stenosis, which manifests itself with symptoms such as difficulty urinating or inability to expel urine, can be treated with medication at an early stage, although surgery is also used from time to time. 

When it comes to surgery, the preferred and applied method is closed surgery. In order to be an easy operation by both the patient and the surgeon, the closed surgery method is preferred. 

Immediately after the implementation of the operation, you may need to be under supervision for several days, based on the doctor's opinion and the general state of health of the patient. In addition, you can ensure that your recovery process takes place faster by using the medications given to you on time and in the specified amount.

How is Bladder Neck Resection Surgery Performed?

Bladder neck surgery, which is very practical from a technical point of view and occurs so quickly, is performed using a closed surgery method, as described in the previous title. You will be able to obtain more information when you examine the question of how bladder neck resection surgery is performed on the subject through various sources.

In this operation, the bladder is entered through the urethra by applying a method called cystoscopy and at the same time using a resectoscopy device. The stenosis located here, which prevents urination, is surgically intervened. Since there is no incision and no heavy operation, the healing process will also be much shorter than expected.

The main thing you need to do here will be to consider what you need to pay attention to both before and after the operation. Thus, you can notice that the performed operation begins to work in a short time.

Bladder Neck Resection with Microsurgery Surgery

Bladder neck resection is referred to as a surgical procedure applied to individuals who have problems with a narrow or high bladder neck. In addition, the microsurgical method, which is useful in many fields, is not preferred in this field. However, other surgical options used instead of microsurgery also help patients to regain their health.

This health problem, which is usually used in closed surgery methods, can also be treated with medication when it is noticed at an early stage. Bladder neck stenosis can be easily treated with surgical intervention when medications do not work or are late.

Not only medicine, but also the botox option, which is one of the non-surgical methods, has become one of the methods used to treat this health problem that was noticed at an early stage. Bladder neck resection is also known as one of the treatments that gives both easy and fast results.

Advantages of Bladder Neck Resection Surgery with Microsurgery

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to performing bladder neck resection, other surgical options are used, not microsurgery. In this case, many people who want to get information about the operation performed through various sources examine the contents such as the advantages of bladder neck resection. The main advantages that can be listed on the topic are listed in the following articles.

  • Regardless of the preferred treatment method, patients can quickly return to their former healthy days.
  • There is no need to stay in the hospital for more than 1 day.
  • Thanks to the intervention performed, the excretory system will continue to function as healthy as before.
  • It is ensured that the regional pains that develop together with the health problem also disappear.
  • A healing effect is observed in a short time.

These listed advantages can also be expressed as effects that can be observed due to the successful implementation of the bladder neck resection process. It is recommended that you contact your doctor if you want to get more detailed information about the procedure or health problem in question.

The Process After Bladder Neck Resection With Microsurgery

Bladder neck stenosis is one of the health problems that can be seen from time to time. This disease, which manifests itself in the form of difficulty urinating or the inability to expel urine in any way, can be successfully treated with surgical and non-surgical methods. 

Within the scope of the mentioned operation, it is aimed to perform microsurgery, as well as to heal and treat the patient in a short time thanks to other successful methods. You can ensure that the process is completed quickly by paying attention to what needs to be considered after bladder neck resection. 

The next process that should be known about bladder neck resection is described in the following articles.

  • This condition, which can be seen again in some patients, can usually be seen again due to radiation therapy applied to the prostate area.
  • You should regularly use the medications prescribed to you by your doctor, and also comply with other instructions.
  • Although there is a feeling of pain in the area where the application is performed for the first few days, it is recommended that you contact your doctor if this feeling increases and different complications occur.

By paying extra attention to these and similar situations listed, you can start to see the effects of the applied operation in a short time. At the same time, you may notice that you are recovering quickly.



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