"> Best Bladder Stone Surgery: Open and Closed Methods Doctors in Turkey

Best Bladder Stone Surgery: Open and Closed Methods Doctors in Turkey

Bladder Stone Surgery: Open and Closed Methods

A bladder stone, which is most likely to occur in many people, is described as a health problem confused with kidney stones. A bladder that has an important place in the human body allows you to store the urine produced by the kidneys and then expel it through the urethra.

If there is an excess of minerals in the urine that cause the formation of stones, stone formation can also be observed in the bladder. These hard clusters that accumulate in the bladder are called bladder stones. In case of occurrence of such conditions, bladder stone surgery is one of the surgical interventions that are applied.

This surgery, which is performed within the scope of two different surgical interventions, open and closed, is performed by doctors who are experts in their field in order to ensure that patients can regain their health.

What Is a Bladder Stone?

It can hardly be said that the bladder, one of the most important parts of the excretory system, is one of the organs that can encounter with formation of stones. Bladder stones are formed due to excess of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which cause stone formation in the urine, and the collapse of hard masses while the urine is stored in the bladder.

A bladder stone that manifests itself with various symptoms, such as the constant occurrence of urinary tract infections, burning when urinating, urinating more often than usual, can be treated together with bladder stone surgery.

It is possible to encounter with many details when you examine the question of what is a bladder stone through various sources,  If you want to know about many issues such as

symptoms, causes, treatment methods, it will be enough to investigate the mentioned question pattern.

Which Department Deals with the Bladder Stone?

When it comes to human health, there is a risk of more than one disease. Patients who want to take advantage of the necessary treatment methods when health problems occur are examined in which units of hospitals they should go. The question of which area deals with the bladder stone is also one of the curious contents within this topic.

Depending on the formation of a bladder stone, certain symptoms are observed. It is recommended to visit the urological departments of hospitals in cases where you have observed the following symptoms.

  • Incomplete emptying of urine
  • Feeling of difficulty when urinating
  • Pain in the testicle and penis area that occurs in men
  • Occurrence of pain in the vaginal area in women
  • The appearance of light or dark blood along with urination

If one or more of these listed symptoms are observed, as mentioned above, you can go to the urology department of hospitals and report the condition to doctors who are experts in their field.

What is Bladder Stone Surgery?

Bladder stone surgery, is among the preferred surgical procedures due to the occurrence of this problem mentioned. In order for a bladder stone to be treated with surgical intervention, it is necessary to pay attention to some conditions first. For example, many details, such as what is the condition or disease that causes stone formation, the size of the stone, can cause the intervention to be performed to be different.

Bladder stone surgery is performed in two different ways: open and closed methods. The closed method is preferable if the bladder stone is larger than usual, that is, larger than 3 cm. Cystoscopy is a method of entering the urinary tract with a laser or using mechanical techniques to break the bladder stone.

Besides that as open surgeries, bladder stone surgery may also be preferred from time to time. Open surgeries are preferred if the bladder stone is much larger and even giant in shape compared to other sizes. It is recommended that you contact your doctor to get information about these two methods of surgery.

How is Bladder Stone Surgery Performed?

The bladder, also known as the urinary bladder, is considered to be an organ that has a very important task within the scope of the excretory system. If you have prostate cancer, your urinary tract is narrow, and you have an excess of minerals that cause 

stone formation, stone formation in the bladder can be observed. Bladder stone surgery is among the preferred treatment options in this case.

If the bladder stone is larger than 3 cm and has a hard structure, closed surgery is preferred. As part of this method, an introduction is made through the urinary tract using the cystoscopy option, and the stones here are broken by mechanical techniques or by laser. 

But when it comes to a much larger and at the same time giant-shaped bladder stone, an open surgery technique is used. Here, the patient is taken to surgery under general anesthesia and the stone formed in the bladder is removed under open surgery. 

The fact that both methods are successful allows patients to have a comfortable treatment process in this operation. At the same time, when you consider what needs to be taken care of after the operation, the healing process will be just as fast and easy.

Bladder Stone Surgery by Microsurgery

Bladder stone surgery by microsurgery, is among the methods that are wondered within the scope of the operation. However, when you examine more than one source, you can easily see that different treatment options are preferred instead of microsurgery.

Because bladder stone surgery is a health problem that can occur at any age and in any gender, there are also multiple treatment options. When it comes to surgery and treatment, there are two different options that are preferred instead of microsurgical method. These;

  • Laser therapy with closed surgery
  • Open surgery

It can be explained as follows. Both methods of surgery are preferred in different cases. For example, details such as the size of the bladder stone, the health problem that causes the formation of the bladder stone, also make the surgical intervention to be performed different. If you want to get detailed information about the subject, you can do research or talk to your doctor.

What Are the Advantages of Bladder Stone Surgery With Microsurgery?

As mentioned above, there is no microsurgical option among the surgical interventions performed when it comes to the treatment of bladder stone. Instead, closed surgery and open surgery options are performed using the laser method. Regarding the operation, the title of advantages of bladder stone surgery deals with what benefits the methods that will be applied have.

At this point, some of the advantages that can be listed as related to closed surgery are listed below.

  • It can be completed in a shorter time compared to the open surgery option.
  • Patients can return to their normal lives after a short recovery period after the operation. 
  • The healing process is faster than with the open surgery option.
  • The probability of recurrence of the formation of bladder stones is much lower.
  • As part of these listed advantages, closed surgical methods are preferred as much as possible in order to treat bladder stones. Thus, both the operation will be easy and the patient will be able to return to his daily life in a short time.

The Process After Bladder Stone Surgery with Microsurgery

    After the operation bladder stone surgery is performed, there may be certain situations that every patient undergoing this operation should pay attention to. Attention to such situations in order for the healing process to decelerate and the operation to be successful is among the contents highlighted by expert doctors.

    After the bladder stone surgery is completed and the patient is removed from the operation, they should know and pay attention to the following conditions.

    • After the operation, it is necessary to check the patient's body functions. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay in the hospital for as long as your doctor recommends.
    • It is normal to experience pain and discomfort at the site of the operation. However, if these complaints increase, you should contact your doctor.
    • Taking prescribed medications in the recommended amount and on time will help speed up the healing process.

    By paying attention to these listed conditions and following the recommendations of your doctor, you can return to your daily life after bladder stone surgery in a shorter time and reduce complications.



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