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Cardiac Valve Surgery


Damaging one of the cardiac valves means occurring a problem when blood passes the ‎heart chambers. It can occur in different cases such as getting narrow or large ‎and thrombosing between valves. Cardiac Valve Surgery is performed for changing the valve or ‎repairing it. All cardiac valves no matter if the mitral valve, aorta valve‎, pulmonary valve, and ‎tricuspid valve can be changed and repaired. Surgery can be performed by coming into ‎the axilla and using the classic open heart surgery method. ‎


Since both the complication probability is high and the patient need to be taken care, being ‎preferring of the rate of cardiac valve surgery decreases so much. Bi-leaflet carbon-metallic ‎artificial heart valves are used for surgeries in recent years.‎


Cardiac valve surgery means increasing the life of the human for  30 years. so, no matter ‎how risky it is, the comfortable years must be thought about and acted. Artificial heart valves are ‎ideal for adults. However, Artificial heart valves aren’t used for the women who think of getting ‎pregnant, and elders. In that case, an almost natural heart valve that is produced from the ‎pericardium ‎of pigs or cattle ‎will be found suitable by the doctor.‎ ‎


Some signs have got symptoms that have the patient notice to ‎consult the doctor is ‎necessary. ‎Also‎, noticing early of these signs is gained the patient and the doctor advantages ‎‎for cardiac valve surgery treatment. If you have a suspect in cardiac valve disease, you ‎can see some signs that are below:‎



Swollen on the feet

Split bleeding phlegm

Feeling ache, burn, and prick

Instability in the heart rhythm


Difficulty in breathing


All of these signs are pretty important for getting quick the process of deciding on the ‎surgery.‎

Which department is interested in Cardiac Valve Surgery?‎

Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery are interested in all Cardiac Valve Surgery. ‎Cardiologists are interested in all kinds of complaints about the heart, the veins that come to the heart. ‎The doctor needs to put to use the angiography or echocardiography for diagnosing the ‎Cardiac Valve disease and determine the symptoms according to this. Sometimes when ‎determining another disease is wanted, being ‎necessary of cardiac valve surgery can come ‎out.‎ All problems of the cardiac valve don’t need to be operated on. In some cases, being ‎followed by the disease process is enough by taking results from echocardiography often.‎

How is Cardiac Valve Surgery Operated?‎

Cardiac Valve Surgery is performed by using open surgery in the classical method. Before the ‎surgery, all preparations are completed. The patient is made to sleep wholly in this surgery. ‎The thorax ‎of the patient is ‎opened around 30—40 cm. a few pints of blood need to be ‎procured for the complications that will be able to occur.‎


Since Cardiac Valve Surgery ‎that is performed with open surgery ‎methods is risky, different ‎technics are started being used in recent 30 years. Changing the valve by entering the ‎patient similar to doing classic angiography is one of ‎them‎. Also, artificial, and biological ‎heart valves enabled to increase ‎in the rate of success of the surgeries.‎


The most common Cardiac Valve Surgery ‎ methods are methods that are ‎reached the heart ‎via the right axilla, also, it is ‎known as the minimally invasive method.‎ The duration of the ‎staying in the intensive care is on average one day after the surgery. When you are in the ‎intensive care, there is a tube that is called a “drain” similar to a hose that is attached to its tip for being gotten ‎empty of the liquid in your thorax. the patient can be cared for at home after staying in hospital ‎for one week.‎


The people who are operated on with a closed method don’t have to protect the thorax and ‎they can use a vehicle. However, after the surgery, having ache can be more than open-heart ‎valve surgery. This ache finishes the first 8 hours.‎


The heart is connected to the lung pomp by entering the heart via the right axilla. The valves ‎that need to be repaired are repaired, and the biological or metallic valve is sutured. This ‎method is put to use since the complication rate is pretty low for patients who haven’t ‎got a lung problem. However, if there are diseases that relate to the lungs in the past the ‎patient, open cardiac valve surgery is available.‎

Risk of the Cardiac Valve Surgery

The rate of Cardiac Valve Surgery ‎is in direct proportion to the surgery method. If it is ‎thought that the thorax is opened in the open cardiac valve surgery, you can guess that it is ‎so much riskier for the patient. However, the patients who‎ ‎hadn't got diseases that relate to ‎lungs in the past ‎and whose symptoms are suitable for the cardiac valve surgery that is ‎performed via being entered the axilla will be treated more quickly and easily. Also, they ‎stay in the hospital shorter than others.‎


We can sort the factors that create the cardiac valve surgery death risk:‎



Movement of the thorax bone. this is a problem that occurs after moving suddenly.‎

Accumulating the water in the lung or around the cardiac membrane.‎

Weakening of heartbeat power

A lot of pressure in the lung

Pulmonary hypertension

Intracardiac clot

Actually, these risks ‎can be listed among the risks that occur depending on ‎being late to ‎‎decide on the surgery except for the complications that occur during the surgery. Some ‎complications that will occur generally in the standard surgical operations can be ‎expected. The risks that occur in open surgery aren’t seen in cardiac surgery with ‎minimal cutting. The success rate is around %98 in the surgery that is performed via the cut ‎method. ‎

The process after the Cardiac Valve Surgery

There are ‎ 2 types of cardiac valve surgery: changing and repairing.‎


Cardiac valve repairing surgery can heal easily and quickly. However, changing isn’t easy so ‎much that. Biological valves are manufactured from pigs or cattle and placed into the patient. ‎The women who plan to get pregnant and elders can be treated with these almost natural ‎valves. However, a lot of risks such as the body isn’t suitable for this valve and the decaying of ‎the valve. So, the patient needs to be operated on again.‎


A carbo-metallic valve is manufactured in the laboratory for patients who don’t need ‎this. After this surgery, the comfort, and the duration of life of the patient get long ‎around 30 years. there is a benefit for you knowing these details about the process after the ‎cardiac valve surgery:‎


The process of healing is almost 2 months. However, your anatomy and structure are ‎factors in decreasing this process to 6 weeks or passing over 2 months.‎


Diet isn’t necessary after the surgery

You absolutely have to be careful using the medicines. you will need to use blood thinners.‎

Breathing exercises don’t need to be neglected never.‎

Varix socks that are advised by the doctor should be used.‎

Following your routine process with a cardiologist will be good for you.‎

If your skin isn’t sensitive so much, the surgery scars will lose in time, there isn’t any ‎aesthetic loss except a thin line.‎

The duration of turning your routine comfort life can be almost one year. However, it can ‎decrease until 3 days depending on your age and other biological factors. Your doctor will ‎give you a rules list by examining your data for saying an estimated time after a detailed ‎process.‎


Cardiac Valve Surgery with robotic surgery isn’t used for every disease. However, this ‎method means a big easiness during healing. Your doctor ‎will determine the treatment that ‎creates the lowest risk in the process by ‎considering your medical story.‎ ‎




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