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Cauterization Surgery

Cauterization Surgery involves burning the uterine cervix injuries. ‎Thermal energy is used during the surgery. The surgery is the oldest ‎method for patients who suffer from chronic uterine cervix ‎injuries. If it is performed by a specialist gynecologist, high success is ‎enabled and the diseases are removed.‎

What is Cauterization?‎

Cauterization ‎explains that burning the problems such as seborrheic ‎keratoses and warts in the skin‎ by using the electricity that has got a low ‎flow. The infected damaged tissue is destroyed with electricity, and ‎the slough throws itself in time. The device that is used during the ‎Cauterization ‎is called “electrocautery”. The mission of the ‎electrocautery is to burn the place that it touches by converting  ‎electrical energy into thermal energy.‎

Cauterization has a part in removing the unwanted tissues effectively, ‎quickly, and safely via burning the uterine cervix injuries including a stop ‎to bleed during the surgery. It is used in departments of ear-eye-throat, ‎neurology, dermatology, general surgery, and gynecology commonly. All ‎swollen and hard warts like callus are removed via cauterization surgery.‎

Which department is interested in Cauterization Surgery?‎

Since cauterization surgery involves burning the uterine cervix injuries, ‎it is performed by the department of obstetrics and gynecology. Firstly, ‎an obstetrician and gynecologist test PAP Smear to perform the surgery. ‎If the test is positive, cauterization surgery can be performed. If the test ‎is negative, surgery isn’t performed. the Pap Smear ‎test is put to use in the ‎women after 21 years old or 3 years after the first sex.‎

The Pap Smear ‎test is a method that is used to scan cervix cancer. ‎Cancerous lesions that are in the formation process can diagnose via ‎this ‎method. Diagnosis with‎ PAP Smear ‎test has got a big role to gain ‎the success of the treatment. Women that are under 30 years old ‎should have this test taken once a year. The test is taken on women that ‎are over 30 years old three-time regularly.‎

The patients examine detailly by being considered the complaints by ‎gynecologists ‎and the available treatments are tried. If all conditions ‎ are ‎satisfied, if uterine cervix injuries cant be treated, a surgical operation is ‎ineluctable.‎

What is Cauterization Surgery‎?‎

Cauterization Surgery‎ is put to use for the patients that have got ‎uterine cervix injuries, especially uterine cervix injuries that become ‎chronic. One of the most important stigmas is the vaginal secretion ‎that occurs after the menstrual bleeding. A bad scent occurs in  ‎advanced cases, and inflammation appears. Also, feeling itching in the ‎vagina abnormally, bleeding and burning can be seen. Having ache in ‎the waist, burning feeling when urinating, and having aches during sex ‎is among the stigmas.‎

Not being treated for the uterine cervix injuries affects producing the ‎cervicitis mucus negatively. If this situation blocks entering the sperm ‎into the uterine canal, infertility can become in the advanced periods. ‎Cervicitis increases the risk of miscarrying and causes early giving birth. ‎If it isn’t treated, eyes and lungs infections ‎occur in the new-birth ‎babies more common than in other babies because of cervicitis.‎

How is Cauterization Surgery being performed?‎

Cauterization surgery should be performed in a sterile place. The ‎surgery steps are below:‎

Anesthesia is unnecessary, however, in some cases, local anesthesia can ‎be put to use. Not being nerve in the cervix enables not to feel ache. ‎Then speculum ‎that has the cervix gotten extensive is used for the ‎doctor to see well. So, the uterine gets ready for burning.‎

The patient is interfered with an instrument that is so much that a thin ‎needle tip. The tip of this instrument ‎which is called electrocautery is ‎hot. Electrocautery produces radiofrequency. The high frequency ‎vaporizes the tissue by spreading temperature. Burned tissue cells die ‎and leave the body after a while themselves.‎

Parts that are determined by obstetricians and gynecologists are burned ‎via electrocautery. Tissues that the doctor suspects and considers ‎malignant are sent to the pathology. A new treatment can be started ‎according to the pathology results. After the surgery, a speculum is taken ‎off and the patient can stand up.‎

‎Cauterization Surgery ‎takes 10 or 15 minutes. some factors such as the ‎number of the uterine cervix injuries, character, and features can cause ‎to change the duration of the surgery. An injury is burned for one ‎minute generally. Cauterization surgery ‎is the oldest and most classic ‎method that is preferred to burn ‎uterine cervix injuries. ‎

Cauterization Surgery ‎

Cauterization surgery is preferred to burn the ‎uterine cervix injuries ‎and this problem is seen often among women. Almost half of the ‎women suffer from this disease. Even though the vaginal secretion and ‎infection are among the stigmas, ‎‎since it doesn’t cause an extreme ache, ‎the probability of noticing by the ‎‎patient is low.‎

Since diagnosis the ‎uterine cervix injuries ‎is a different problem ‎generally, it is diagnosed in women that are visited the gynecologist‎. ‎Cauterization surgery ‎can be put to use for all available patients without ‎age limitations. Being less nerve in the part of the lesions is a big advantage ‎for the patient since it doesn’t cause acne.‎

What are the benefits of Cauterization Surgery?‎

‎uterine cervix injuries and warts are removed thanks to Cauterization ‎Surgery. The new injuries and warts ‎that can be able to occur in that ‎part are prevented and the genital area is cleaned. If there are complaints ‎about vaginal secretion and infection, they are treated. If having ‎aches during sex occurs, this problem is removed via surgery.‎

Some cases such as shying away from the partner are prevented. The ‎patient feels better not only physiological but also psychological. So, ‎early diagnosis and being put to use Cauterization Surgery are pretty ‎important. The women should be examined by gynecologists‎ regularly ‎whatever their ‎age is.‎

The process after the Cauterization Surgery

The patient can turn back to her normal life after the surgery. Any feel or ‎pain isn’t felt in the day. White or pink and bloody secretion can be seen in ‎the first weeks that follow the surgery. After the surgery, some ‎complaints such as being tainted and secretion decrease. Daily ped can ‎be preferred for bloody and watery secretion. The tampon shouldn’t be ‎used absolutely. ‎

The cervix can heal in 1 or 2 months according to the sensitivity of the ‎patient. Cleaning of the area and being paid attention to hygiene are ‎necessary. Creams and medicines that the doctor advises should be used. ‎The patient shouldn’t have sex during one month after the surgery ‎after this process, the patient should be examined by the doctor and get ‎information about the process. Being paid attention to eating healthy and ‎being protected immune system will be useful.‎



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