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Chin Aesthetics

Chin aesthetics is one of the most popular aesthetic operations today. People who are not satisfied with the appearance of their chin, who are uncomfortable with the excess of the tickle area, whose chin is ahead of the nose level, can achieve the appearance they want thanks to chin aesthetic operations. In this context, chin aesthetics can be preferred both for shortening and lengthening the chin. Moreover, operations such as chin filling and clarification of the chin line can also be performed.

Today, due to many reasons such as genetic reasons, external factors, eating disorders, people's jawline may not be as desired. Often, the absence of the jaw line bothers most people. For this reason, chin aesthetics can be performed and people can have the lines they want. All the details that are curious and need to be known about chin aesthetics are explained in detail in the following headings.

What is Jaw Aesthetics?

Individuals seeking an answer to the question of what is chin aesthetics should know that these aesthetic applications are operations performed to improve the physical appearance. The main purpose of these operations is to harmonize the jaw area with the facial features. In some people, the face looks very long because the jawbone is too protruding, and in some people, the facial features are not as desired because the chin protrusion is almost non-existent. For these and other reasons, chin aesthetics can be applied to improve the appearance of the chin.

The chin, which is the most important structure for the facial features of people to be defined, can make the face appear much larger, longer or smaller when it is not in the desired form. In such cases, undesirable appearances may occur, regardless of whether the person is overweight or underweight. At this point, chin aesthetics comes into play and it provides to eliminate the problems that people experience due to their chin appearance.

Which Area Takes Care of Jaw Aesthetics?

People who want to have chin aesthetics to improve their chin appearance are wondering which part should be visited in order to complete this aesthetic operation. At this point, it will be necessary to go to the aesthetic surgery department, as chin aesthetics are the studies done to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance. Aestheticians will examine the faces of people who want to have chin aesthetics in detail and will make the necessary measurements. Then, the procedures that can be done in the chin area are discussed.

Chin aesthetics should not be confused with chin surgeries. Because chin surgeries are performed out of necessity rather than an aesthetic appearance. These surgeries are usually performed by maxillofacial surgeons for bones, joints, vessels and nerves in the jaw. To summarize briefly; Those who do not have any health problems and want to have an operation only to improve their physical appearance should go to plastic surgeons. People who experience complications such as pain and soreness in their jaws should first go to the dentist and be referred to an oral, dental and maxillofacial surgeon depending on the source of the problem.

How is Jaw Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Jaw aesthetic surgery can be performed in several different ways, as mentioned before. Because every jaw structure is not the same and accordingly, the steps of jaw aesthetics also vary. However, the steps followed in general are as follows.

First of all, the jaw structure of the person who wants to have aesthetics is examined and the necessary measurements are made.

Then, with the application of anesthesia, it is ensured that no pain is felt during the procedure. Anesthesia can be planned locally or generally.

The procedure agreed by the esthetician with the patient is performed. At this point, operations such as filing, jawline (jawline clarification), jaw filling can be performed to shorten the jaw.

After the desired appearance is given to the chin, the operation is terminated.

These steps are shaped depending on the procedures to be applied to the chin, as mentioned before. For this reason, people who want to have jaw aesthetics should consult with aesthetic specialists in order to better learn the aesthetic operation steps and get information depending on the procedure.

Jaw Aesthetic Surgery with Aesthetic Surgery

Jaw aesthetic surgeries performed with plastic surgery are completely focused on improving the physical appearance. These procedures, which are performed by plastic surgeons, are not intended for treatment. In other words, aesthetic interventions are not performed for the problems that occur in the jaw nerves or teeth, instead, oral surgery is applied. Aesthetic surgeons work to ensure that the jaw structure is completely compatible with other facial features. For example; Such interventions can be performed for aesthetic purposes in people with a very large chin, whose chin lines are not clear due to the tickle region, and whose chin is in front of the nose level.

What are the Advantages of Chin Aesthetics?

There are many positive benefits of having a chin aesthetic procedure. Thanks to these procedures, people's self-confidence increases and the proportion on their faces is improved. The facial features of the people who have undergone this operation become much more obvious. Moreover, if the jaw structure is contrary to the face, unwanted appearances are also eliminated. The chin, which is one of the most prominent structures on the face, can be very small, large, long or short according to the facial features. In these cases, no matter how beautiful the person's face is, the desired appearance may not be achieved. At this point, aesthetic surgery comes into play and ensures that people have a proportional jaw structure. When all these issues are taken into consideration, it is seen how advantageous it is to have chin aesthetics.

Post Chin Aesthetics Process

The process after chin aesthetics is among the topics researched by people who want to undergo this operation. Things to know about the chin aesthetic operation and its aftermath are as follows;

Depending on the type of operation, it can take between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

The healing process depends on both the operation and the patient's body. Usually, signs of improvement appear within 7 to 14 days.

During the healing process, patients consume liquid foods.

In some cases, patients may need to use chin elastics. This is indicated to patients after surgery.

During the healing process, problems such as sensitivity, bruising and edema may occur in the jaw. In these cases, a doctor should be consulted.

During the specified healing process, the doctor's recommendations should be taken into account and acted accordingly. In addition, it is very important to go back to the hospital for control on the dates specified by the doctor. People who pay attention to these issues can complete the healing process in a much shorter time.



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