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Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery

The cleft lip is known as a common birth defect. This circumstance ‎happens ‎when the lip tissue of the baby doesn’t combine ‎incompletely ‎before ‎birth.‎ This is due to occur the openness of the upper lip. This ‎openness ‎can change from a little notch to wide openness. Almost 4440 ‎babies ‎are born with cleft lips problems according to a report by CDC.‎

Some children whose lip is cleft can have got a cleft palate. When the ‎‎palate doesn’t combine completely, the cleft palate occurs. Searches ‎‎show that children who have got cleft palate are ‎generally operated on ‎‎when they are one year old.‎ Surgeons can use different methods to ‎‎solve this problem.‎

Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery is operated on children who have got this ‎‎problem. The child can be healthy again after the operation. These ‎‎surgeries are operated on by a plastic surgeon.‎

What is Cleft Lip & Palate Problem?‎

Cleft Lip & Palate problem is described as a congenital anomaly. Cleft ‎‎lip occurs when the lip and face tissues don’t combine. The cleft lip ‎‎which is one of the most common anomalies can come out because ‎of ‎genetic reasons. Even though parents are upset, they shouldn’t ‎forget ‎that it is treatable.‎

The cleft lip is broken apart into three: microform cleft, incomplete and ‎‎complete. The cleft palate is broken apart into four: complete, ‎incomplete, ‎parted cleft, and submucous cleft. Different treatment ‎methods can be ‎used for each disease.‎

‎ Cleft lip & palate surgery is operated on by specialists and experienced ‎‎plastic surgeons. Cleft lip & palate surgery is easier than other surgeries. ‎‎However, these surgeries can’t be operated on children unreached a ‎‎certain age. It is known that the ideal age is 3 for cleft lips surgery, and ‎‎the ideal age is ‎‎1 for cleft palate surgery.‎

Which Department is Interested in Cleft Lip & Palate?‎

Parents whose children have got cleft lip and palate are curious about ‎the ‎department to which they should go. A lot of babies can come ‎across ‎this problem. If your baby has got a problem like this, you should ‎go to ‎the department of plastic surgery. ‎

You can go to the hospital with your baby, made your baby ‎examine, ‎and give information to your doctor. Please don’t forget that you ‎should ‎enter the MHRS system or call ALO 182 to get the appointment ‎before ‎you go to the hospital. The plastic surgeon will diagnose and give to ‎you ‎information about treatment methods.‎

If the specialist doctor decides the cleft lip & palate surgery, s/he ‎‎operated on your child on certain days. However, s/he wants to wait ‎for ‎the child to reach a certain age.‎

How is Operated Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery?‎

The patient is general anesthetized before cleft lip and palate surgery. ‎‎Skin, muscle, and lip mucosa are mended and closed as three layers ‎‎successfully. If there are spaces inside the lip toward to nose, then they ‎‎are closed. The openness in the nostril sill is closed, too. The clefts in ‎‎some parts such as teeth and gingiva can be mended.‎

Sutures can disappear by themselves. So, sutures aren’t taken. Lip is ‎‎closed with special bants and dressed. Creating complication ‎‎probability is really low in this surgery.‎

Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery with Microsurgery

Cleft lip and palate surgery aren’t operated on by using the ‎microsurgery ‎method. Mend and closing is operated on successfully ‎with the ‎method which is used during this surgery. The patient gets off ‎the cleft lip and palate.‎

The patient doesn’t feel any ache or pain during the surgery because ‎‎general anesthesia is given. The healthy tissues which out of the target ‎‎tissues don’t damage because the instruments are produced ‎‎expediently. The duration of surgery can take 3 hours according to ‎the ‎difficulty of the surgery.‎

‎ Healing in the lip and palate will be shown and the scar of the surgery ‎‎disappears after surgery. Parents change the lifestyle of the child for a ‎‎while by paying attention to the advice of the doctor.‎

What are the Benefits of Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery?‎

Cleft Lip & Palate is operated on the instruments which are ‎produced ‎expediently and especially. So, there are a lot of benefits of ‎this surgery ‎for the patient and the health team. These benefits are ‎below:‎

There is an aesthetical appearance after surgery.‎

The patient doesn’t feel any ache or pain because of anesthesia.‎

The quickness of coming back to normal life is pretty high.‎

The duration of the staying in the hospital is short.‎

Creating complication probability is low.‎

The duration of the surgery is pretty short.‎

The psychological problems of the children are forestalled because the ‎‎surgery is operated on at an early age.‎

It is the most effective and certain method.‎

All of the scars will disappear.‎

Both the parents and patients leave the hospital because of ‎these ‎benefits happily. But these benefits can change according to the ‎‎treatment.‎

The Process after Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery

The patient is carried to the room and made rest 1-2 days after cleft lip ‎‎and palate surgery. Then the patient comes out of the hospital. If it is ‎‎necessary, the patient is fed with liquid food between 2-and 6 weeks.‎

The patient can heal exactly at the end of the 6 weeks. The ‎‎medicines ‎‎that are given by doctors are used regularly during this period ‎and ‎the ‎patient must ‎go to the doctor at certain intervals. If the patient is a ‎child, the parents must be ‎careful about these situations and don’t ‎forget the medicines.‎

The specialist doctor will share all situations which must be careful with ‎parents ‎and answer all questions. Being careful and paying attention to ‎the advice ‎make the duration of the surgery short.



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