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Best Core Biopsy Doctors in Turkey

Core Biopsy


There are a lot of different methods which is used to diagnose  ‎diseases. The biopsy is one of them. Biopsy has got a lot of methods and ‎core biopsy is one of them. Core biopsy is taking a damaged tissue ‎sample by using a thick needle. Core biopsy, which another name is ‎‎“core needle biopsy”, is usually preferred for the bulk that occurs in the ‎body. ‎


A device that is like an injector is used for core biopsy. This device helps ‎to take a little piece of tissue from the bulk. The tissue which was taken ‎from the patient is examined. So, what the disease is and what the source of ‎it is understood easily. The patient is treated and healed after these ‎steps.‎


What is Core Biopsy?‎


‎“What is a core biopsy?” is a question that is searched commonly  ‎today. This biopsy method can be used for a lot of types of cancer and ‎tumor. Especially, it is used for colon and papilla cancer today. Core ‎biopsy is important for early diagnosis. Because the treatment which is ‎determined for the bulk that is found is delayed, the healing delays  ‎so much. Furthermore, the getting large the bulk and causing more ‎health problems are within the bounds of possibility.‎


Core biopsy is put to use by specialist doctors. The thick needle system ‎is used at this point and a gun system like an injector is preferred. Even ‎though there are preconceptions about these processes, actually this ‎little operation takes a short time, and thanks to anesthesia, it is ‎completed without any pain.‎


Which department is interested in Core Biopsy?‎

The people who will be operated on the core biopsy are curious about ‎and search ‎for which department should they go to for the ‎mass which ‎occurs in their body. Let it be known that core biopsy is operated on ‎the general surgery. You can go to general surgery for core biopsy ‎anywhere in the body. However, the core biopsy cannot be put to use ‎for every mass. So, the people who have got a mass in their body ‎should go to the doctor for checking, not for a biopsy. The doctor will give ‎you some information about things to do. So, you learn the process.‎

What is Core Biopsy Surgery?

The core needle biopsy is a method for taking samples, so it is put to use ‎with a surgical operation. the location of which mass on it is examined ‎radiologically before determining the core biopsy surgery. The mass is ‎determined by being used some devices such as Rontgen and MR. ‎Then it can be examined closely with biopsy.‎


The tissue which is taken from the part which is the mass or ‎damaged is ‎sent to the department which is interested in the pathological ‎examination. The patient gives some information about things to do and ‎learns the treatment process according to the result of the pathological ‎examination‎. The pathological examinations present important ‎information about the treatment process. So, most doctors prefer the ‎biopsy for formation such as the mass and tumor.‎


How is Core Biopsy Surgery‎ Operated?‎

The people who will operate on core biopsy surgery are curious about ‎‎how this surgery is operated on to learn the process. The core biopsy ‎surgery is operated on quicker than thought and by giving anesthesia. ‎These steps are below:‎


Firstly, the patient is examined by using some device such as ‎ultrasound and MR.‎

Then the part which will be operated on during biopsy is cleaned.‎

Local anesthesia is put to use on the part. General anesthesia is put to ‎use depending on the circumstance of the patient and the part.‎

The part which has got the mass comes in with a specially manufactured ‎needle and around 1mm tissue is taken according to the ultrasound ‎results.‎

The surgery finish and the tissue is sent to the pathology.‎


This operation finishes around 15 minutes with these steps. So, the ‎patient isn’t processed a lot and the disease is diagnosed in a short ‎time.‎


Core Biopsy Surgery with the microsurgery

The people who will be operated on core biopsy surgery search the ‎methods. If the core biopsy surgery ‎is operated on with the ‎microsurgery or not is one of the topics which is curious about. the ‎microsurgery is required a neat work because it is invisible or pretty ‎little. The optical devices with a magnifying glass, the minimal size ‎instruments, and the instruments such as those are used in this ‎method. However, not using any microsurgical method is seen during ‎this process, when the core biopsy is examined. Because the ‎radiological methods that are made the mass in the body ‎are ‎monitored such as MR, Rontgen, and ultrasound are used.‎


Using the microsurgical method is unnecessary because the mass in the ‎body of the patient can be diagnosed by using the radiological method and ‎physical examination. Also, any cut isn’t opened on the body of the ‎patient and sutured. All of these are considered, since only the ‎radiological method and the ‎needles which are manufactured especially ‎are enough, the microsurgery ‎is not involved in this surgery.‎ ‎


What are the benefits of Core Biopsy Surgery?‎

There are a lot of benefits of core biopsy surgery. These operations ‎are pretty important for both the diagnosis and the treatment. ‎Because if the masses that occur in the body aren’t treated, it can cause ‎bigger problems. However, both of what is the disease ‎and the source ‎of it can be determined easily thanks to core biopsy. The treatment can ‎be started after determinations without losing any time. As is known ‎that early diagnosis is pretty important, and it prevents the life-critical ‎in some cases such as the mass and tumors.‎


The process after Core Biopsy Surgery

Some situations in which being careful is necessary are among the topics ‎‎which are curious by the people who will be operated on in this surgery. ‎Coe biopsy is a surgery that is completed in a short time such as 15 ‎minutes. However, the people who were operated on should be careful ‎‎a lot in some topics. The important topics and experiences after ‎surgery are below:‎

The patients can turn their daily life after core biopsy.‎

The patients who have got special circumstances are advised to rest ‎for 1 or 2 days.‎

If there is ache after operations, some medicines haven’t got the ‎antiaggregant feature.‎

The scar that occurs after the biopsy heals around 15 days. People ‎should be more careful about their hygiene.‎

Dressing on the injury twice time in a day can be necessary. This should ‎be dressed by using some equipment and creams that the doctor ‎advised.‎

The people who were careful about the situations that are mentioned ‎can overcome the ache and blood in a short time. However, if there are ‎unexpected and undesirable aches, and extreme ‎bleeding, going to the ‎doctor and immediate treatment will be necessary.‎



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