"> Best Eardrum Surgery (Tympanomastoidectomy) Doctors in Turkey

Best Eardrum Surgery (Tympanomastoidectomy) Doctors in Turkey

Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy) is the whole of the surgical ‎‎operations which is operated for cleaning the cholesteatoma and infection in ‎‎the space of the middle ear. Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy) ‎‎consists of surgical operations. It is one of the most common ear ‎surgeries. The ‎essential of the surgery is obliterating the infection in the ear ‎space totally. ‎Damage in the ossicles is repaired. The hole in the tympanic ‎membrane ‎is treated and hearing in the ear is made normal after tympana ‎surgery.‎

There are two names for Tympana surgery: Tympan mastoidectomy and ‎‎tympanoplasty. The surgery for cleaning infection and inflammation in the ‎middle ear and mastoid bone is tympana surgery.‎

The infection in the tympana is cleaned, and then hearing in the ear ‎is repaired ‎and is made heal. It is decided according to the seriousness of the ‎existing ‎disease by the doctor. Myringoplasty, in other words, the hole in the ‎tympanic ‎membrane ‎is made to heal after surgery, this surgery changes patient ‎by patient.‎

What is the tympanic membrane?‎

The tympanic membrane is a very thin membrane that vibrates when ‎soundwaves reach. The middle ear is behind the tympanic membrane and full ‎of air. ‎When the tympanic membrane starts vibrating, vibrate in the air is ‎increased by ‎ear organs. Malleus, incus, stapes bones in the space of the middle ‎ear start ‎vibrating and the sound is transported to the inner ear. Neuron ‎conducting the ‎sound to the brain is warned from the inner ear. Tympana ‎surgery (Tympan ‎mastoidectomy) is a surgical operation that is done for solving ‎the ‎problem in the tympanic membrane. ‎

The tympanic membrane is a thin membrane, and it is an important organ for ‎‎conducting sound to the ear. there is a small duct between the nose organ and ‎‎the middle ear. The name of this duct is eustachian. The essential mission of ‎‎eustachian is equalizing the air pressure in the middle ear with the air pressure ‎outside. In some cases, tympana surgery can be necessary for problems ‎that ‎occur in the tympanic membrane.‎

Which department is interested in the tympanum membrane?‎

The name of the department for all of the surgical operations on the ‎tympanum ‎membrane, the ache of the ear, and tympana surgery (Tympan ‎mastoidectomy)‎ is ‎the ear nose and throat department. We have to know that ‎the ear nose and throat department is the ‎department, which is interested in all ‎problems about them, it is known shortly ENT.‎

It is necessary to go to the ear nose and throat department to diagnose and ‎‎treat about tympanum membrane. The ear is an important organ and ‎the ‎tympanum membrane is very important for hearing function.  It must go to an ‎ear ‎nose and throat department for all of the diseases of vertigo, otosclerosis, ‎‎Meniere‎ earwax, external and middle ear infections, sudden hearing loss, ‎‎hearing loss occurring based on age, sinusitis, catarrh and flu, nose ‎fracture, ‎noise bleeding, facial palsy, vocal folds ailments, snoring and ‎obstructive sleep ‎apnea, thyroid, tongue-tie, adenoid and tonsil, and acid reflux.‎

What is Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy)?‎

Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy) is a surgical operation on the ‎‎chronicle middle ear problem. Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy) ‎‎sometimes can be necessary for chronic middle ear diseases. Tympana ‎surgery ‎is done for cleaning the inflammation in the middle ear and mastoid ‎bone. ‎Tympana surgery is done for healing the hearing system in the ‎tympanum ‎membrane and middle ear.‎

Tympana surgery consists of a lot of grades. Ossicles that have got sound ‎conduction problem‎ is fixed for the patients who have got a serious hearing loss ‎with operations. The sound conduction system is repaired and inflammation in the ‎ear‎ is recured with tympana surgery. When inflammation in the ear is ‎recognized, it is cleaned with tympana surgery as far as possible availability ‎time and soon for the patient. The ear is cleaned like this, and the patient starts ‎hearing better.‎

How is Tympana surgery operated on?‎

Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy) changes according to the type of ‎‎operation. Tympana surgery is done with local or general anesthesia. You can ‎‎have your tympana surgery done if you get an appointment with the ear nose ‎‎and throat department. It is operated with a microscope and by using a lot of ‎‎surgical technics different from each other. The method is decided according to ‎the ‎structure of the patient’s ear, ache, and problems in their ears, their ‎medical ‎history.‎

The first grade of tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy) is controlling ‎the ‎ear and medical control. The mastoid bone is interfered with after anesthesia. ‎The ‎problem ‎in the ossicles which conduct the sound is determined. Conduction ‎‎of the sound is repaired. The inflammation in the ear ‎is cleaned and the ear ‎‎duct and the perichondrium are controlled. The medical dressing is done after ‎‎surgery.‎ The patient comes out of the hospital after necessary interference. The ‎‎patient comes to the specialist doctor in a week. You have to take information ‎‎from your specialist doctor after surgery. ‎

Tympana surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy)‎

It is necessary to go to the ear nose and throat department for tympana ‎‎surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy), and Tympanoplasty. Tympana surgery (Tympan ‎‎mastoidectomy) is preferred for solving the problems in the tympanum ‎‎membrane and middle ear. The ear is an important organ for hearing. The ‎person feels ‎very uncomfortable when there is an ache or problem in the ear. ‎When you ‎feel a problem or ache in your tympanum membrane, conducting of ‎the sound ‎vibration, you should go to the ear, nose, and throat department ‎immediately. ‎The doctor will decide how is the surgical operation for the ‎tympana surgery. In the ‎beginning, the ear duct, behind and front of the ear is ‎cut. Patients generally ‎come out of the hospital on the day of the operation. The ‎patient should come to ‎the doctor on days which the doctor determined and ‎have his operation checked.‎

What are the benefits of Tympana Surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy)‎?‎

It’s the most beneficial is being the health of our ear and being able to do its ‎function ‎normally. The doctor examines you and operates after you ‎ get an ‎appointment ‎from the ear nose and throat department. Patients generally ‎come out of the ‎hospital on the same day of the surgery. The patient has to ‎consult his doctor for ‎controlling the operation.‎

There is a different type of tympana Surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy‎). ‎‎Repairing the hole in the tympanic membrane is myringoplasty‎, repairing ‎‎the membrane and healing the ossicle system which makes sound conduction is ‎‎tympanoplasty‎, cleaning inflammation ‎ that progresses into mastoid bone is ‎‎mastoidectomy, combining mastoidectomy‎ and tympanoplasty is tympana ‎‎mastoidectomy. These are the names of the variation of the operations ‎‎according to the seriousness of the disease and the ear structure and the ‎problem in ‎the ear. Being come back to the health of the ear is the benefit of ‎the surgery.‎

The Process after Tympana Surgery (Tympan mastoidectomy)‎

The patient comes out of the hospital after the tympana surgery (Tympan ‎‎mastoidectomy‎)‎. The patient generally comes out of the hospital on the day of the ‎‎operation.‎ The sponge in the ear duct has to be cleaned a week after ‎the ‎operation. You have to go to your doctor for doing the medical dressing ‎between ‎‎7-10 days after the operation. You have to go to the ear nose and ‎throat ‎department, get some information from your doctor about necessary ‎controls ‎after the operation, and absolutely go to your controls. Antibiotic and ‎medicine ‎dropper with cortisone can be used after the tympana surgery. ‎Taking a plane ‎trip is dangerous because of changing the pressure. You can ‎learn from your ‎ear nose and throat ‎doctor when you will be able to take the ‎plane trip.‎



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