"> Best ENT Surgeries with Robot Doctors in Turkey

Best ENT Surgeries with Robot Doctors in Turkey

ENT Surgeries with Robot

ENT Surgeries with Robots are among the electromechanics supportive ‎surgeries. Fine and sensitive motor movements with 3D high-resolution ‎visualization ‎in the ENT Surgeries that are performed by being used the ‎robots ‎enable more productiveness and sensitiveness of the surgeon. ‎Robotic surgery isn’t tied to physiological shake the hand and enables ‎talent. ENT Surgeries with Robots allow for performing effective surgery ‎on the border of anatomic.‎

These surgeries as known as Da Vinci robotic surgery are pretty safe ‎for patients. The patient has got a chance a comfortable period and to ‎turn back her/his ‎social life in a short time.‎ these surgeries can be ‎adapted to the anatomical fields, narrow anatomical spaces, ear, throat ‎and nose, and neck easily.‎

What is Robotic Surgery?‎

Robotic Surgery‎ uses a Da Vinci surgery system that involves the special ‎arms that hold a camera and instruments, a console, and a screen that ‎being get big. Robotic surgery is developed to operate on astronauts ‎that come across an accident or a disease when they are in space.‎

In this technology, there is an electromechanics ‎device between patient ‎and surgeon and this device is a device that is supported by a computer. ‎The surgeon performs the surgery and the surgical robot is just a helper device in ‎this distance surgical adhibition.‎

What are ENT Surgeries with Robot?‎

Being adapted the robotic system into the human life and coming out ‎happen by being deployed in dangerous industrial fields. Robotic ‎technologies developed a computer technology that is used in medicine. ‎Today, surgical robots have spread to important parts of the world.‎

The first steps in the standardization and development of the ENT ‎procedure took in 2003. The surgery of the ear, throat, and nose was ‎performed on a pig first. Today, ENT Surgeries with Robot are put to ‎use for the diseases that are below:‎

Malignity and non- malignity tumors in velum, pharynx, cheek, nasal ‎passage ‎

Malignity and non- malignity ‎ tonsil tumors

Malignity and non- malignity ‎ tongue base tumors

Malignity and non- malignity laryngeal‎ tumors, cancer, and masses

Apnea syndrome


The role of robotic surgery spreads from thyroid surgery, ‎oropharynx, and supraglottic transoral robotic surgery ‎to other fields. ‎Surgeons have developed the line of the TORS by adapting the laser for ‎cancer to the Da Vinci robot and by combining the methods from the point ‎of transoral supraglottic ‎laryngectomy and hypo-pharyngotomy to ‎perform the transoral total laryngectomy‎.‎

Which department is interested in ENT Surgeries with Robot?‎

Robotic technologies ‎become a very important part of human life ‎with continual development and medical devices get a share of this. ‎Robotic ‎surgery is one of the most prominent innovations. ‎Otorhinolaryngology is a health department that is interested in the ‎diagnosis and the treatment of the disease that occurs in the ear, throat, ‎and nose.‎

ENT Surgeries with Robot

Robotic Surgery is used for the treatment of head and neck pathology ‎for over ‎‎10 years. Since then,  Robotic Surgery ‎developed in transoral robotic ‎surgery (TORS) in ear the, throat, and nose. TORS came out to treat ‎the Malignity and non- malignity, hypo-pharyngotomy, and laryngeal ‎diseases.‎

Also, TORS is a critical component of clinical studies that aim ‎at oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Also, it spreads to the treatment ‎of obstructive apnea, thyroid, and parathyroid diseases, and skull base ‎pathology.‎

transoral robotic surgery ‎that uses the Da Vinci Robotic System starts a ‎new period for ENT, neck and head surgery, and minimal invasive ‎surgery (MIS). being aware of the historical steps of the development of ‎robotic surgery, understanding can help to open the imagination to ‎future of the robotic surgeries.‎

Being put to use the robotic surgery on the skull base is a sensible step ‎because binoculars and articulated can heal lateral access by less ‎destroying the normal sinus anatomy and function and remove the ‎requirement to the two surgeons.‎

As surgeons become versed in robotic thyroidectomy and TORS ‎there was so much development in the neck and head surgery. ‎Cosmetical approaches in the traditional neck and head surgery can get ‎more common with robotic help and new robotic technologies can ‎‎increase the adaptedness of robotic surgery to skull bones and glottis. ‎

How are ENT Surgeries with Robots operated on?‎

ENT Surgeries is performed via mouth emptiness without any cutting ‎with robotic surgery that has got the past more than ten years for the ‎surgery of ear, throat, and nose or Da Vinci technological surgery. So ‎this robotic surgery is called “transoral robotic surgery” which means ‎‎“oral”. ‎ ENT Surgeries with the Robot ‎are performed with the instruments ‎that are attached to the robot arm. A sensitive remote-control system is used ‎for these surgeries. instruments that are smaller and thinner than other ‎robotic surgeries and that have got sensitivity and ability that the ‎human hand hasn't got are attached. The surgery is performed under ‎the endoscopic display that is scaled up 16 times.‎

Da Vinci robot doesn’t damage the nerve and vein structure. Because ‎it has got more movement angle than the human hand.  Being ‎protected by the healthy tissue can enable to be performed the minimally ‎invasive surgery. If it is necessary, laser tips can be attached to the arms.‎

What are the benefits of ENT Surgeries with Robots?‎

The last development in ‎robotic technologies‎ enables to be ‎performed complicated methods by being used the minimally ‎invasive approach. ‎

Since it is more invasive and exact, robotic surgery presents various ‎benefits over traditional open surgery.‎

Being operated on robotic surgery has got a lot of benefits. Robotic ‎supportive surgery enables the patient the benefits directly and being ‎watched a pretty scaled up, high-resolution ‎video by the surgeon causes ‎an exact surgery. 

Visualizing and scaling up the surgery area increases the clearness of ‎the depth of the area and surfaces of the tissue during the direction. ‎The benefits of ENT Surgeries with Robot are below:‎

Feeling less ache

Lower infection risk

Not being scar cut

Reaching well the surgeon to the area that is operated on

‎Being the shorter time of staying in the hospital

Decreasing of transferring blood requirement because less lose blood

Being speeder of the protect time

Having got more large movement angle and hand talent the surgeon

Not be required to open the hole on the neck

Quicker healing process

Visualizing better

Turning back to the daily routine quicker

The processes after the ENT Surgeries with the Robot

Since ENT Surgeries are performed via mouth emptiness there isn’t any ‎cutting on the skin. the process after the ENT Surgeries with a Robot is ‎very comfortable with regards to healing. Since the healing process is very ‎quick and there isn’t any cutting, the infection risk is very low. It can be ‎useful for retropharyngeal node resection alternatively TORS traditional ‎transcervical approach. ‎

The patients can turn back to normal speaking and eat in a short ‎time after these surgeries that get a short time of staying hospital. Being ‎each patient different from each other should be considered and the ‎healing process should be consulted by the doctor. Generally, the patients ‎stay at the hospital and turn to their homes. ‎



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