"> Best Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Doctors in Turkey

Best Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Doctors in Turkey

Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass

Bone and soft tissue tumors; It arises from tissues such as bones, cartilage and joints in the body, and tissues such as veins, muscle, fat and nerve tissue, which we know as soft tissue. The cancerous part of bone and soft tissue tumors is called sarcoma.

These tumors manifest themselves as a mass or swelling that occurs anywhere in the body. This swelling can be painful as well as painless. These tumors are also often observed in children and adults. But this condition can be detected not only in children and adults, but also in people of all ages.

People with a soft tissue tumor are being treated and if the patient does not respond to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass operation is carried out. In this procedure, the tumor and surrounding tissues are cleaned by the surgeon.

Thanks to the developments in the field of health in recent years, other cells and structures in the body can be protected and the tumor can be reached directly and surgical procedure can be performed. For this reason, soft tissue cancer can be safely treated with surgery.

What is Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision?

Soft tissue cancer is known as a type of cancer that originates from connective tissue and is very rare. Soft tissue cancer is more common in childhood. This type of cancer, which is rare in middle-aged and elderly people, is more common in the arms and legs, head and neck area and abdomen.

Soft tissue cancer is divided into 4 stages. In stages 1 and 2, the tumor is located regionally. 3. at the stage, the tumor has spread to the lymph nodes. In the 4. region, it is observed that the tumor metastasizes to distant organs. For this reason, early detection and treatment are of great importance for patients.

Thanks to Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass, patients are treated and the tumor can be cleaned. But the stage of the disease and the specific conditions that the patient has also play a decisive role for the successful removal of the tumor.

Which Department Deals with the Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision?

Patients who have detected masses and swelling on any part of their body are wondering which department of hospitals they should go to. If you have a suspicion that you have soft tissue cancer, you can be examined by making an appointment with the Oncology department of hospitals.

In order to make an appointment with the Oncology department of hospitals, you can call the 182 line with your phone or log in to the MHRS system. By performing these operations, you can create an appointment at any date and time and go to your appointment and be examined.

The attending doctor will inform you about the situation after carrying out the necessary examination and tests. If you are diagnosed with cancer as expected, information such as what stage you are in and what treatments will be used will be transmitted to you. Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass is one of the surest and most effective methods of treatment.

What is Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision Surgery?

Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass is carried out in order to remove tumors that occur in soft tissues. Since this operation requires painstaking work, it should be performed by surgeons who are experts and experienced in their field. But before proceeding to surgery, it may be desirable to reduce the tumor by radiation methods.

When the disease is in its 1st and 2nd stages, it can be healed if surgical operation is performed. But 3. and 4. at this stage, the disease is quite difficult to cure even with surgical operation. That is why doctors have repeatedly stressed the importance of early diagnosis.

As a last resort, the limb can be amputated if the soft tissue tumor forms in areas such as the arms and legs and the disease progresses. However, doctors do not take this action unless they are obliged to. In some cases, however, the cancer may have spread to many vital organs. In such cases, the areas where the cancer is most concentrated are cleaned.

How is Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision Surgery Performed?

During the Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass, the patient is put to sleep primarily using general anesthesia. Sleeping patients do not feel pain or pain due to operations performed during surgery. Then the specialist surgeon begins the procedure using the necessary special equipment and tools.

First of all, the area where the tumor is located is monitored and a plan is drawn up. Then, with the help of special tools, the tumor is removed from the body by scraping or using different techniques. Unfortunately, the scraping technique can cause the disease to recur again later.

As mentioned above, the patient can be amputated as a last resort. In order for the patient to be amputated, the tumor must occur on the limbs such as the arms and legs. The patient, whose operation was successfully completed, goes to his room and rests.

Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision Surgery with Micro Surgery

Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass is one of the surest ways to remove tumors from the body. But the stage of the disease, the patient's condition and the type of tumor also become decisive in this regard. Tumors removed from the body by surgery can form again after a certain period of time.

Before the operation, a piece of the tumor is removed with the help of a biopsy. This fragment is sent for pathological examination and it becomes clear whether the tumor is benign or malignant. Some types of tumors can be treated not by surgical methods, but by chemotherapy.

Soft tissue cancer surgery takes about 60 minutes or so. But this period can be up to 6 hours, if the state of spread of the tumor and the specific conditions of the patient are taken into account. Decisions such as which method to use during surgery will be made by the surgeon taking into account the patient's condition.

What are the Advantages of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision Surgery with Microsurgery?

Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass can be carried out in a less risky way thanks to specially manufactured tools in today's technology. Compared to the past, the probability of complications in today's surgeries is much less. This is due to the fact that special equipment is produced that is suitable for the purpose.

In soft tissue cancer surgery, the patient is put to sleep with the help of general anesthesia. In this way, it becomes impossible for the patient to hear pain and pain due to the procedures performed at the time of surgery. This can also be considered an advantage.

Thanks to the techniques and tools used in this operation, no intervention is performed anywhere other than the target organ. In this way, the patient's healthy and intact organs can be protected and the likelihood of complications can be reduced.

The duration of the operation can be significantly shortened. The elements that shorten the duration of the operation are the purpose-built tools and modern techniques. In this way, the patient stays in the operating room for less time and the operation is completed as soon as possible.

Before the operation, the patients are provided with all the necessary information and the question marks in their heads are eliminated. Thanks to this, the patient enters the operation more calmly and his anxiety decreases. To summarize briefly, soft tissue cancer surgery is reliable and effective thanks to today's techniques.

The Process After Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass Excision Surgery with Micro Surgery

After Excision of Soft Tissue Tumoral Mass, patients are kept under observation and are provided with rest. Then, the patients deemed appropriate are discharged and preventive treatments are started after surgery.

After the operation, the doctor will give the patient some medications. Regular use of these drugs is a must. In addition, the patient should go to the check-ups within the specified periods. If these conditions are disrupted, various problems may occur or the disease may recur.

After surgery, the patient may experience pain and soreness from time to time. But these pains will end in a few weeks, and the patient will fully recover. In order to recover, the patient must follow the doctor's recommendations and lead a careful life. Although this operation offers an effective solution, unfortunately, the probability of success is not 100%. Even if some patients recover after surgery, they may get this disease again in a short time.



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