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Best Facelift Doctors in Turkey


Wrinkles and prolapses can occur on features depending on some ‎factors. While controlling some factors is possible, others aren’t ‎possible. A lot of people can get rid of wrinkles and prolapses via ‎Facelift easily.‎

As human skin gets old, it becomes less elastic and more fragile. ‎Decreasing natural fat production causes dryness in the skin and seems to ‎be more wrinkled. Fats in the deep of the skin decrease as age passed.‎

The ultraviolet light crumbles elastane sarcostyles and collagen. So,  ‎‎being exposed to ultraviolet light makes the natural getting elder ‎process ‎quick seriously in the layer that is called the dermis. Besides all ‎of this, using cigarettes and alcohol can cause to occur wrinkles on ‎the skin.‎

Why is Facelift performed?‎

Facelift surgery is put to use for the people who want to have got more ‎smooth skin. Wrinkles can occur on skins depending ‎on age or ‎environmental factors. People can have more stretched faces by tending ‎to Facelift surgery.‎

The facelift process can be performed surgically or non-surgically. Specialist ‎plastic surgeons want to stretch the face of the patient non-surgically ‎first. Only people who recalcitrant the non-surgical stretched are put ‎to use surgical operation. These can be said about the reason for the ‎Facelift surgery:‎

‎Prolapses in the midface

Fats that prolapsed or changed place ‎

Wrinkles ‎under the eyelid

The deep line that spread from nose to mouth concerns

A double-chin appearance that occurs in the part under the face

Because of these problems people can be operated on Facelift surgery. ‎When Facelift surgery is completed, people have got more stretched ‎sarcostyles.‎

Which department is interested in Facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery ‎is performed by plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Getting ‎rid of wrinkles that occur depending on old age or other factors ‎after these surgeries is possible.‎

If you feel uncomfortable because of  Wrinkles and prolapses on your ‎face you should consult the plastic surgery department by getting ‎an appointment. The specialist doctor will determine suitable treatment ‎methods and ‎shares the results with you after the examination.‎

If the specialist doctor thinks that you should be operated on, s/he ‎determines a surgery date. Your surgery is performed simply and ‎enabled you to gain the old stretch of it.‎

Is there any possibility non-surgically for Facelift?‎

Non-surgically ‎ Facelift is put to use often today. Non-surgically ‎ ‎Facelift ‎methods are below:‎

Facelift with filling methods

Ultherapy in  non-surgically ‎Facelift


Facelift with Thermage

Rejuvenation face with clear lift laser

Scarlet S fractional radiofrequency method

Facelift with ‎rope

Surgical operation isn’t put to use when these technics are performed. ‎Each technic has got unique method and effect. A surgical operation is put to use for irresponsive to the ‎treatment people.

The most suitable Facelift ‎ method is determined after the examination ‎by a specialist doctor. If the specialist doctor considers you for the ‎surgery, s/he decides to perform the surgical operation. However, the ‎surgical operation‎ is considered the last remedy, and ‎non-surgical ‎‎methods are used first.‎

Before the Facelift Surgery

There are some points to take into consideration for people before the ‎Facelift Surgery. Medicines that are similar to E vitamin, aspirin, and ‎herbal tea cause to increase bleeding. Smoking can prolong the ‎healing time seriously. So, you should stop smoking 3 weeks before the ‎surgery.‎

You can have your hair dye 1 week before the surgery since you can’t ‎use hair dye for one month after the surgery. If hair is kept long, ‎medical dressing can be hidden comfortably. Other suggestions of the ‎specialist doctor should be paid attention to. Otherwise, you can come ‎across some problems at the moment of the surgery and after the ‎surgery.‎

How is Facelift Surgery Performed?‎

Wrinkles and prolapses in the face can be removed via Facelift Surgery. ‎Facelift Surgery can be performed at low-cost thanks to the ‎developed technology and the process after the surgery can get more ‎comfortable. ‎

Connective tissue, mimic muscles, and flabby tissues under the skin is ‎intervened in via cut that is created in the skin. Prolapsed and flabby ‎tissues turn back their past location and malformations are removed ‎thanks to these interventions.‎

Since the cuts that are created are 1-2 mm, there isn’t any scar. The scar ‎on the invisible places loses in a few months totally. So, people don’t ‎have aesthetic concerns.‎

What are the risks of Facelift Surgery?‎

There are creating of the various complications probability as well as ‎other surgeries. The risks of the Facelift Surgery are below:‎

Scars that aren’t wanted can occur.‎

Risk-based anesthesia can occur.‎

The injury can’t heal exactly.‎

Bleeding or infection can occur.‎

Accumulation of liquid can occur.‎

Ache can continue and can’t stop for a long time.‎

Swelling, empurpling, or sensitiveness in the skin can occur.‎

Hair loss can occur in the area that is cut.‎

Some situations such as topagnosia in the skin can occur.‎

The skin contour can be deformed

The fat tissue under the skin can die.‎

Face nerves can damage.‎

Besides this, sutures can appear simultaneously. This causes them to be ‎taken the sutures. One or a few of these risks can occur on people who ‎are operated on in this surgery.‎

What are the benefits of Facelift Surgery?‎

Facelift Surgery is preferred by people who have got extreme Wrinkles ‎and prolapses in their faces. Facelift Surgery can be performed easily ‎thanks to the ‎developed technology ‎and the patient can have a more ‎stretched face. The benefits of the Facelift Surgery are below:‎

It is a lifelong method. Losing its effect isn’t seen.‎

Scar doesn’t occur in the visible areas. The scars on the invisible ‎parts lose ‎in a short time. 

The healing process is pretty short.‎

The probability of creating complications is pretty low at the moment of ‎the surgery.‎

The patient doesn’t feel pain because of the effect of the anesthesia.‎

The patient is discharged from the hospital in a short time.‎

Understanding the surgery is hard when it is looked at.‎

Facelift Surgery enables people all of these benefits.‎

The process after the Facelift Surgery

People are curious about what are the points to take into consideration ‎after the Facelift Surgery. Facelift Surgery takes 3-4 hours. People are ‎discharged from the hospital on the same day. Having little ache can ‎occur in the area a few days after the surgery. The simple painkillers ‎that are taken by controlling the doctor are enough for passing the ‎aches.‎

Dressing can be taken off after two days. Drains are taken off the next ‎day. If the patient wants, s/he can take a shower on the third day. Sutures ‎can be taken on the fifth and seventh days. When Sutures ‎are taken, the ‎patient doesn’t feel pain ‎or ache.‎

The patient can turn back his/he job 1 week after the surgery. However, ‎at least three weeks should wait for hard sports. Being careful is ‎necessary for 4 weeks against hitting. The medicines that the doctor ‎gave should be used and you should go to the controls at certain ‎intervals. The patients who pay attention to these will heal in a short ‎time‎.



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