"> Best Facial Malformation Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Facial Malformation Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Facial Malformation Surgery

All the facial malformations that are congenital or adventitious can be treated ‎and adjusted. The success of these surgeries is pretty high thanks ‎‎to the ‎developed technology. The surgery which is called Facial ‎‎‎Malformation Surgery is operated by plastic and aesthetic surgeons.‎

The face is one of the most attention attractive organs‎. The face which ‎has got respiration, ‎‎nutrition, and sense organs, can be deformed ‎because of congenital ‎anomalies. ‎The facial malformation can occur ‎after an accident. If people ‎come across with this ‎problem, they can ‎have a normal appearance ‎after a surgical operation.‎

‎ If the facial malformation ‎and head malformation combine, not only ‎‎plastic ‎surgeons, but brain surgeons also endeavor to get the person ‎‎healthy again. ‎The duration of this surgery can change according to the ‎‎special circumstances ‎of the patient and the difficulty of the surgery.‎

The location of malformation, the importance of tissue around ‎‎‎malformation, ‎and other special circumstances of the patient are pretty ‎‎‎crucial for ‎determining the treatment. Specialist doctors decide after ‎‎‎clinical examinations.‎

What is Facial Malformation? ‎

Facial malformation occurs on the face, and it can be recognized by ‎‎‎‎everybody. these facial malformations can be on the different parts of ‎ ‎the face. ‎As ‎you can come across people who have got adventitious ‎‎facial ‎‎malformation ‎such as occurs after traffic accident as well as ‎‎possibly ‎‎come across people who ‎have got congenital facial ‎‎malformation.‎

Facial Malformation can cause to experience some problems, and ‎‎depression ‎relating to this problem. People who want to have got ‎‎a normal face find ‎the solution in surgical operations. ‎

The common surgery for facial malformation is facial malformation ‎‎‎surgery. ‎The facial malformation can be adjusted with these surgeries ‎‎‎and the patient ‎can continue his/her life with a new face. ‎However, ‎‎unfortunately, this surgery ‎can’t be suitable for everybody.‎

The specialist doctor will do some tests and control the patient before ‎‎‎the facial ‎malformation surgery. If the patient is suitable for surgery, ‎‎‎the surgery will ‎start, and these facial malformations are removed with ‎‎‎a special method for ‎them‎ after these tests and controls.‎

Example for the facial malformation

Facial malformation is a problem of organs or skin deformations on ‎‎‎the face. ‎The facial malformation examples are below:‎

The asymmetric appearance of the face

Locating vertically the nose and lips

Permanent big swelling on the forehead

The asymmetric appearance of the maxilla

Being low the part of the face than another part

Not being on the same plane of the eyes

These are the facial malformations, and all of these malformations can ‎‎‎be ‎adjusted with facial malformation surgery.‎

Which department is Interested in Facial Malformation Surgery?‎

A person who comes across the facial malformation surgery is curious ‎‎‎about ‎which department should they go to, and they search this.  ‎Facial ‎‎malformation ‎surgery comes within aesthetic and plastic ‎surgeon areas ‎‎of expertise. You ‎should go to the specialist plastic and ‎aesthetic ‎‎surgeon.‎

You can call ALO 182 or enter MHRS for getting an appointment with ‎an ‎‎‎aesthetic and plastic surgeon. Then you can go to the hospital on ‎‎‎appointment ‎day, get examined, and see the results.‎

The specialist doctor determines suitable treatment methods and ‎‎‎shares the ‎results with you after control. If facial malformation ‎‎‎operation is decided, you ‎will be operated on.‎

What is Facial Malformation Surgery?‎

Facial Malformation Surgery‎ is operated for adjusting the face which is ‎‎‎‎malformation. These malformations which occur congenital or ‎‎‎adventitious ‎‎impact the life of the person directly. A lot of people who ‎‎‎have got facial ‎malformation solve these problems by operating.‎

Facial malformation surgery can’t be operated on by everybody. ‎‎Because ‎‎malformation can occur around vital tissue. If the surgery has ‎‎got a ‎big risk, ‎surgery isn’t operated on.‎

Facial malformation surgery depends on the decision of the doctor. The ‎‎doctor ‎can't want to operate after s/he does the necessary test and ‎‎control. ‎However, ‎if the risk of the surgery is very low, then surgery is ‎‎operated on, and ‎the ‎person has got a normal face.‎

Facial Malformation Surgery can take around 2-5 hours according to ‎‎‎‎difficulty. ‎The patient doesn’t feel pain or ache because of s/he sleep ‎‎‎‎during the surgery ‎with general anesthetization. In today, the risqué of ‎‎‎‎complications that occur ‎during surgery is decreased thanks to ‎special ‎‎‎instruments that come out with ‎improving technology‎. ‎

How is Operated Facial Malformation Surgery?‎

The patient is general anesthetized before facial malformation surgery. ‎‎‎Surgery ‎is started by cutting on the part. During the surgery, the part ‎‎‎can be cut, ‎trimmed, and cleaned. The surgery method is decided ‎‎according ‎to the size and ‎location of the part.‎

The instruments which are produced as special are used not to damage ‎‎‎the vital ‎tissue and structure during the surgery. Only target tissue can ‎‎‎be operated ‎on thanks to these instruments. This is one of the factors that ‎‎‎decrease the risk of ‎complications.‎

‎ ‎

The patient is carried to his/her room and made to rest. The duration of the ‎‎‎rest can ‎change according to the circumstance of the patient. This ‎‎duration ‎is generally ‎around 2-3 days. The patient that rested and is ‎‎kept under ‎observation comes ‎out of the hospital.‎

What are the benefits of Facial Malformation Surgery?‎

Facial Malformation Surgery provides a lot of advantages to the patient ‎‎‎and the ‎health team who operate. These advantages are below:‎

The patient doesn’t feel any pain or ache during the surgery because ‎‎s/he is ‎influenced ‎by general anesthesia.‎

The duration of the surgery can become shorter thanks to the ‎‎instruments.‎

The healthy tissues which are out of the target tissue don’t be damaged ‎‎‎‎because of instruments that are produced as special.‎

Complication creating is pretty low thanks to sterile equipment which ‎‎‎is ‎produced available for the purpose.‎

The patient can come back to her/his normal life in a short time.‎

Malformations on the patient’s face can be removed ‎completely or ‎‎partly. The ‎reason for the removal partly is being risky ‎part there. ‎The ‎specialist surgeon ‎doesn’t want to risk the patient’s ‎life by ‎operating on ‎this part and ‎treating it partly.

Process After Facial Malformation Surgery

The patient rests in the hospital for around 2-3 days and is come out of the ‎‎‎hospital ‎after facial malformation surgery. The patients who come ‎‎‎out of the ‎hospital have got aches for a certain duration. But these aches ‎‎can ‎be ceased with ‎the painkillers that are used under the control of the ‎‎doctor.‎

‎ The patient completely heals in a few weeks after surgery. The ‎‎‎medicines that ‎are given by doctors are used regularly during this period ‎‎and ‎the patient must go to ‎the doctor at certain intervals. If the patient ‎‎‎uses the medicines irregularly and ‎doesn't go to the control, then the ‎‎‎process of healing can be longer.‎



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