"> Best Asymmetric Facial Surgery, Congenital Mass and Facial Cleft Operation Doctors in Turkey

Best Asymmetric Facial Surgery, Congenital Mass and Facial Cleft Operation Doctors in Turkey

One of the fields plastic reconstructive and plastic surgery specialty interests is asymmetric facial surgery, congenital mass and facial cleft operation. Since the first thing people pay attention is the facial area, the people with facial area problems consider having plastic surgery.  Some problems can be seen in the face area due to congenital or subsequent blows and traumas. When examining the congenital facial aesthetical problems, facial clefts, asymmetrical face and congenital masses can be seen. Facial cleft or facial asymmetry can occur due to the blows also in the later facial aesthetic problems. 

Whatever the problem in the facial area is, this situation highly affects people’s daily lives. As people are uncomfortable with their faces it affects their confidence negatively and they have problems in most of their lives. If you have asymmetrical face, congenital mass and facial cleft problems, you can take a look down below and have information about the procedures to fix problems.

What are Asymmetrical Face, Congenital Mass, and Facial Clefts?

Asymmetrical face, congenital mass, and facial clefts terms are common today. In this context, the people, who want to know what their face problems are and research to fix these problems, are curious about the terms’ meaning.

Asymmetrical face, when people look at themselves in front of a mirror, both sides of the face are not in the same order. People with an asymmetrical face can have one ear lower, cheek bones may not be equal or these problems can be seen in the chin or the lip area. The treatment of people with asymmetrical face may vary depending on the problem and the problem’s severity level.

Congenital mass, as it can be understood from the name, it is the mass came from birth. These masses can be on the facial area. Congenital masses sometimes can not be seen in the infancy and childhood. In such cases, masses can show themselves when people reach adulthood. 

Facial clefts, mostly congenital, found in the palate or the lip and it is among the facial defects that are often combined with surgical interventions. In cases where facial clefts are congenital, babies can be treated between 3 and 12 months. In this way, the integration of the structure, feeding and talking of the children becomes much easier. 

Which Department Deals with Asymmetrical Face, Congenital Mass and Facial Clefts? 

People who want to have asymmetric facial surgery, congenital mass and facial cleft operation are curious about who performs such surgeries and which department they should go to for these procedures. People who have problems with facial shape should go to the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery department in order to eliminate these problems. The doctors will help the aesthetically problematic areas to become better. Aestheticians can perform required surgery for asymmetrical face, face clefts or congenital masses. The aesthetician can work with other specialists depending on the patient’s condition and the flaw. Thus, the process is moving way faster and having the patient’s ideal face is provided. 

What is Asymmetric Facial Surgery, Congenital Mass and Facial Cleft Surgery?

People who are having asymmetric facial, congenital mass and facial cleft problems should know the operations that can eliminate these problems. Depending on the type and severity of facial asymmetrical problems, surgery methods can also change. For instance; if the person with asymmetrical face’s asymmetry is not too much, operations such as botox or filler can be made and asymmetry can be minimize. So, asymmetry in the facial area of people is not too severe, surgery is not performed. 

If the severity of asymmetry is high, the presence of congenital masses, congenital or subsequently developed severe facial clefts, then, surgical operation can be necessary. At this point, patient’s condition is examined in detail and between the doctor and the patient, the details that should be done are talked. Thus, it is decided how the operation will be. 

How to Operate Asymmetric Facial Surgery, Congenital Mass and Facial Cleft Surgery? 

Asymmetric facial surgery, congenital mass and facial cleft surgery is decided depending on the patients’ face asymmetry and this asymmetry’s severity level. For instance; Botox can be performed if the asymmetry level is not high in people who have asymmetrical face problems. However, as the asymmetry increases, surgery can be performed to fix the problem. In addition, the surgery type can change depending on that. So, it means, congenital mass and facial cleft operations are not performed the same. 

People who are curious about how asymmetrical face surgery, congenital face and face cleft operations are done, should be in contact with specialists who work in plastic reconstructive and plastic surgery area in order to necessary examines’ being done. Thus, both the problem is detected and the procedures done to fix the problem are decided. 

Asymmetrical Face, Congenital Mass and Facial Cleft Surgery with Aesthetic Surgery

Asymmetrical facial surgery, congenital mass and facial cleft operations are the specialties of the aesthetic surgery branch. In this context, also known as facial deformities, eliminating the elements that spoil the aesthetic appearance, all the interventions made in order to fix and to bring the face to an ideal shape are carried out by doctors who are experts in the field of aesthetics. In this context, aesthetic operations are performed by making plans suitable for the patients’ facial deformities. 

What are the Advantages of Asymmetric Face, Congenital Mass and Facial Cleft Surgery?

Including the congenital mass surgery, it can be said that having facial deformity surgery comes with a lot of advantages. The advantages that people with facial abnormalities and especially deformities will gain with these operations are; 

  • It makes people’s confidence problem.
  • Talking and eating problems that can cause issues in the future due to face clefts can be fixed.
  • It makes the face look ideal.
  • Facial asymmetries due to different reasons can be fixed with plastic surgery.
  • Psychological problems caused by facial deformities are prevented.

As it can be seen on the list the people who had aesthetic operations for facial shape deformities, while having a much more ideal face shape, they can also overcome their psychological problems.

Postoperative Process of Asymmetric Face, Congenital Mass and Facial Clefts

In the process after the operations to eliminate facial deformities particular things need to be paid attention. Depending on the surgery type, after 1 to 4 weeks recovery can be seen. In this process, it is recommended the patients to consume liquid food. Otherwise, the stitches can be a problem as the muscles in the face area will contract fast. 

In addition, in the post-surgery period there may be bruising and swelling on the face for 1 or 2 weeks. Though it is normal, in case of excessive and unexpected reactions, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is very important to stay in contact with the doctor during the recovery period, to act in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and to go to the hospital on the control dates. People who pay attention to these issues can return to their normal lives in a short time. 



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