"> Best Fracture Dislocation Operations Doctors in Turkey

Best Fracture Dislocation Operations Doctors in Turkey

A fracture is defined as the loss of integrity of bone tissue in the human body due to various reasons. The bone is usually broken as a result of external blows or a fall. Dislocation, on the other hand, occurs as a result of sudden movements.

When a dislocation occurs, various pains and movement restrictions may occur in the corresponding area. When a fracture or dislocation occurs, treatment of the person should be started in no time. Otherwise, the healing process may be interrupted and it may become much more difficult for the person to regain his health.

The interventions that will be applied to the patient in cases of fractures and dislocations are of great importance. The patient must necessarily be examined by orthopedic surgeons who are specialists and experienced in their field. In some cases of fractures, a plaster cast is applied to the patient. But for some patients, albeit rarely, Fracture Dislocation Operations can be carried out.

It is not common for cases of broken dislocations to be treated with surgery. However, if the fractures occurring in certain parts of the patient cannot be treated by normal ways, surgical operation may be required as a last resort. Surgical operation is considered by specialist doctors as a last resort.

What is a Fracture Dislocation?

Fracture is the name given to the deterioration of bone integrity as a result of a fall or impact. In young people, this condition occurs as a result of a fall or blow, while in older people it can also occur due to bone resorption. Young patients can easily be treated when they are faced with a fracture case. But in elderly patients, this condition can be vital.

When there is a fracture of the bones, the corresponding area may ache and swell. At the same time, ecchymosis may occur due to bleeding that occurs under the skin. Deformity in the area is also one of the signs of fracture. When the patient is faced with such a situation, he should see a specialist doctor in no time.

Dislocation is the name given to the condition of permanent separation of the joint surfaces. When a dislocation occurs, the joints do not recover in the usual way, and a doctor's treatment is necessarily required. Dislocation manifests itself with severe pain, a feeling of coldness and conditions such as bruising. In case of dislocation, you need to see a specialist doctor in no time.

Fracture Dislocation Operations are performed in cases that occur in significant areas of the body and can not be treated with methods such as gypsum. This operation is performed by a qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon. Thus, patients can regain their health and get rid of their complaints.

Which Department Deals with the Dislocation Surgeries?

People who experience pain, swelling, and bruising on their body as a result of a blow or fall suspect conditions such as fractures and dislocations and wonder which departments of hospitals they should go to. Orthopedic units of hospitals handle cases of fractures and dislocations.

Patients should be examined in case of fractures and dislocations in no time. Therefore, it will be much better to go to the emergency department of hospitals instead of making an appointment with the Orthopedic unit. However, patients who want to make an appointment with the Orthopedic unit can use the MHRS channel or call the 182 line.

If a case such as a fracture or dislocation is detected by going to the hospital and being examined, your treatment will be carried out instantly using various methods such as plaster. But in some advanced cases, Fracture Dislocation Operations can also be performed. 

Which treatment will be applied to you will be determined by the specialist you have been examined. If it is decided to perform surgery, your surgery will be performed in no time and you will be able to regain your health.

What is Fracture Dislocation Surgery?

Fracture Dislocation Operations are performed by a specialist orthopedist in cases of fractures and dislocations. These surgeries include patients who have a dislocation and fracture condition in any part of their body for various reasons. General anesthesia is applied to the patient at the time of surgery. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel pain and soreness during the operation.

In cases of fractures and dislocations, a plaster procedure is usually performed. However, in cases such as hip fracture, a prosthetic treatment method can also be used. Which method to use for patients is determined as a result of the examination performed. The patient's age, the area of the fracture or dislocation, and the severity of the condition are also important variables for determining the method.

It is observed that fracture and dislocation surgery is often performed on elderly patients. The reason for this is that union is more difficult due to advanced age. Success can be easily achieved by using other methods in children and young patients.

How is Fracture Dislocation Surgery Performed?

The question of how Fracture Dislocation Surgery is done is asked many times and an answer is sought. First of all, the patient is put to sleep using general anesthesia. Then, by performing incisions, the broken bone is combined with nails, screws and plates to fuse.

The patient does not feel pain and soreness during the operation, as he will be under the influence of anesthesia. After all the procedures are completed, the area is closed and the patient is allowed to rest. After 1-2 days in the hospital, the patient is discharged. 

The situation is not much different in dislocation surgeries either. In dislocation surgeries, the patient is first put to sleep with general anesthesia and the dislocated joint is put back into place with surgical interventions. After making sure that the condition of regurgitation will not occur, the operation is terminated and the patient is allowed to rest.

Fracture Dislocation Surgery with Micro Surgery

Fracture Dislocation Operations are not performed by the microsurgical method. In these operations, tools and equipments suitable for the purpose are used. The fracture formed area is joined with the help of various materials and union is ensured. This method is usually applied to elderly patients. Because the bone of old patients is more difficult to heal than younger patients.

The equipment used in today's technology is manufactured in accordance with the purpose. Therefore, the probability of complications during surgery is extremely low. Thus, patients can get rid of all the problems they have experienced by regaining their health after surgery.

The use of prostheses can be performed in some surgeries. The use of prostheses is often observed in hip fracture surgeries. The doctor may want to use a prosthesis, taking into account the patient's special circumstances and the difficulty of the operation. After the prosthesis, the patient can return to his daily life in a short time.

What are the Advantages of Fracture Dislocation Operations with Microsurgery?

Thanks to the developing technology, Fracture Dislocation Operations can be performed more safely and effectively. At the final point where modern medicine has come, these surgeries provide patients with many advantages. These advantages are listed below.

  • The patient does not feel pain and soreness, as he will be under the influence of anesthesia.
  • Thanks to modern equipment, the duration of operations can be significantly reduced.
  • The probability of complications is extremely low.
  • The most effective and accurate method in cases of fractures and dislocations is surgical operation.
  • Recovery of patients with advanced age can be achieved.
  • After the operation, the patient can return to his daily life in a short time and continue to perform various activities.

Surgeries performed in today's healthcare system can provide these advantages to patients. It is very effective in successfully restoring the patient's health, especially if there is a low probability of complications. However, differences can be observed in the techniques performed for many reasons, such as the severity of fractures and dislocations, the age of the patient, and special circumstances. The most correct technique will be determined by orthopedists after examination.

The Process After Fracture Dislocation Operations with Micro-Surgery

After Fracture-Dislocation Operations, the patient will be discharged after several days of rest in the hospital and under observation. It is predicted that patients with hip bone fractures will fully recover within 8 weeks. However, in some cases, this period can be up to 12 weeks.

Patients treated with prosthetics are able to stand up and walk the day after the operation. But patients who have been treated using nails and plaque may need to walk with crutches for 8 weeks. After the union is completed, the patient will be able to walk, dropping on crutches.

After surgery, it is recommended that you use the medications that your doctor has given you regularly and attend the check-ups regularly. Otherwise, your recovery process will be prolonged.



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