"> Best Glaucoma Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Glaucoma Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma, which is popularly called black water and also known as glaucoma, can be treated with more than one option. Glaucoma, a common eye condition, does not show many symptoms compared to other diseases. For this reason, it can also be described as an insidious progressive disease. Glaucoma surgery is preferred in cases where drug treatment does not work or in emergency cases.

It is emphasized that if this eye disease is not noticed or if it is noticed but not intervened, it causes permanent blindness. For this reason, it is recommended that every individual from seven to seventy should have their eye pressure measured once a year.

You can find out why this disease occurs, its noticeable symptoms and treatment methods by meeting with doctors who are experts in the field or by examining reliable sources on the subject. Thus, you will have access to detailed information about glaucoma.

What is glaucoma?

The question of what is glaucoma is also considered as a comprehensive content discussed in relation to this subject. Under this heading, you can find not only what glaucoma means, but also various content such as its symptoms, causes and treatment.

Glaucoma, which is sometimes described as black water or eye pressure among the people, is among the common eye diseases. Although the symptoms of this disease are more or less explained, it is very difficult to follow these symptoms. Because glaucoma is considered among the diseases that progress insidiously.

When looking at glaucoma, it is understood that the fluid pressure in the eye is high enough to damage the nerves that affect the vision. In this case, serious eye problems such as permanent blindness may occur in untreated patients. In order to avoid these and similar negative results, it is recommended that you visit the relevant units of the hospitals and have your eye pressure measured regularly.

Which Area Affects Glaucoma?

Glaucoma, which is among the eye diseases and even expressed as a common eye problem, is investigated within the scope of the question of which area is glaucoma looking at, since it has a different pronunciation. As with many other eye diseases, glaucoma is one of the diseases treated in the eye health and diseases department.

When you visit this part of the hospitals, you can report your complaints to your doctor or just have your eye pressure measured. The fact that the result is at a critical level leads to immediate intervention or taking the patient under control.

Thanks to the online system or by connecting to the number 182, you can make an appointment for the most convenient date for you. Thus, you can be examined without waiting in line and at the same time be treated by the doctor of your choice. During the examination, you can also find answers to your questions about the disease or its treatment.

What is Glaucoma Surgery?

Glaucoma, known as glaucoma, can be treated with both medication and surgery. Before the question of what is glaucoma surgery, it is important to know when drug treatment is performed and when surgical intervention is performed.

For example, drug treatment is preferred when the eye pressure is not in a position to risk the health status. Generally, drugs in the form of topical, that is, drugs that are dripped into the eyes, are preferred. If the drugs work, it is recommended that the patient use such drugs for life.

However, if these drugs do not work, the only method that can be applied is surgical intervention. There are two preferred alternative options, trabeculectomy or laser glaucoma treatment. The main detail that should not be forgotten here is that regardless of the preferred method, it is aimed to improve the eye health of the patient. You can contact your doctor and get information about other details you are curious about.

How is Glaucoma Surgery Performed?

The question of how glaucoma surgery is performed is studied by people who wonder how the above-mentioned methods are applied. In this process, where laser method and surgical method are mentioned, laser options do not have much effect. In other words, although laser application provides instant results, the probability of this result being permanent is very low.

Trabeculetomy and seton surgeries are expressed as the most effective methods in this treatment. In addition to being a difficult operation, these applications must be applied by ophthalmologists who are specialized in their field. Otherwise, unwanted eye problems will be possible.

Intraocular pressure is successfully reduced in the treatment of glaucoma with surgical options. However, it is recommended that patients always stay away from situations that trigger intraocular pressure. Because eye pressure is much more likely to recur than other eye diseases.

Glaucoma Surgery with Microsurgery

In this treatment, microsurgery and glaucoma surgery are among the curious options. It is known that microsurgery options provide success in almost every subject. However, it is also explained that it is not a preferred method in reducing intraocular pressure, that is, in glaucoma surgery.

Instead, other options used during the surgery, although there are applications that will ensure success, are quite difficult and require attention. These surgeries, which should be performed by ophthalmologists who are experts in their fields, are determined according to the tests and evaluations to be performed.

If you are wondering about other treatment options and methods used in this area where microsurgery is not preferred, you can share your questions with your doctor. At the same time, you will be able to get answers to your questions by examining these questions on the internet.

Advantages of Glaucoma Surgery

Eye pressure, which is very important for eye health, can increase within the framework of certain reasons. As a result of this increase, the possibility of people experiencing permanent blindness is quite high if the necessary interventions are not made. With the advantages of glaucoma surgery, you can clearly see the advantages of the applied techniques and why they are important.

Many experts recommend drug therapy for cases that are noticed in the early period or for situations that do not carry a risk. The fact that it can be treated with both medication and surgical intervention is considered to be a very advantageous situation. Having different methods in surgical intervention is considered an advantage in terms of being a cure for the disease.

Within the scope of treatment options applied, eye pressure can be easily controlled. However, the lack of permanence of each treatment requires people to have their eye pressure measured at regular intervals. You can master the other details you wonder about the subject by examining various sources.

After Glaucoma Surgery

The title after glaucoma surgery, which is related to the surgery applied in glaucoma, also comes to the fore as a different content that is curious. As in many health problems, this process is one of the important issues in terms of preventing the relapse of the disease and keeping the healing process under control.

Before the operation, you can talk to your doctor about both before and after the operation. Situations that are likely to be mentioned in this speech are listed below.

  • With the completion of the operation, the recovery process will take an average of 3 weeks. After this period, the visual status of the eye can be evaluated in a much healthier way.
  • According to many experts, the eye should not come into contact with water for the first week after surgery.
  • It is stated that the spa, sea and pool visits should be postponed during this period.
  • At the same time, rubbing the eye or lying on it is among the dangerous details.
  • The possibility of complications such as pain and stinging in the operation area is quite high.

Considering these listed situations and also following other recommendations, you can get through the post-glaucoma surgery process in a quality way. In case of an unexpected situation, contact your doctor.



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