"> Best Goiter Surgeries Doctors in Turkey

Best Goiter Surgeries Doctors in Turkey

Goiter is a disease emerged as a result of thyroid gland enlargement. Besides breathing and swallowing difficulties, sneaky complaints such as chronic cough are among the goiter symptoms. Some patients may feel as if something got in their throat. This disease is usually defined during simple examinations. 

Goiter surgeries can be necessary in some situations in order to heal. When cancer is detected as a result of biopsy, suspicious cells are encountered, swallowing and breathing problems are encountered, the specialist physician may decide to operate. 

When performing goiter surgery the patient is usually put to sleep with general anesthesia. Surgery time can be up to 2 hours. If it is encountered with a malignant disease, the entire gland can be removed. The patient is not sent home after the surgery and rest is provided a day. Thus, the patient can heal and go back to their daily lives shortly. 

What is Goiter? 

What is goiter question is being asked many times and looking for answers. Thyroid gland is known as an organ shaped like a butterfly located in the front of the neck. Goiter emerges as a result of enlarging abnormally. Thyroid gland is a special area secreting thyroid hormones which have important roles on metabolism and brain functions. 

Goiter’s most common cause is iodine deficiency. This disease’s other cause is hashimoto's thyroiditis. When these causes occur, the thyroid gland enlarges and as a result, goiter disease occurs. In today’s technology and facilities, goiter disease can be healed. 

Goiter disease can occur in people of all ages. However, this disease occurs mostly in women and middle-aged people.  Besides iodine deficiency, cigarette, lithium use, viral infections, menopause and heredity are also among the causes of goiter. 

Which Department Deals with Goiter? 

People who want to be informed about goiter surgeries wonder which department they should go for this disease. If you have any suspicion about having goiter, you should go the internal medicine department. After the examination it will be determined if you have the goiter. 

If you want to make an appointment with internal medicine, you can use the MHRS website. And if you want to make an appointment with phone, dialing ALO 182 would be enough. By preferring one of these options, you can make an appointment with internal medicine in the closest hospital. 

If you are diagnosed with goiter after examinations, your doctor can choose the surgery option for you to get rid of this disease. Your doctor will forward the clear information to you.  If you have one or more goiter symptoms, you should be examined using mentioned options without wasting any time. 

What is Goiter Surgery? 

Goiter surgeries are surgical operation for people with goiter diseases to heal. This operation can last 9-12- minutes depending on the patient’s condition and the difficulty of surgery. This treatment method is the most effective and permanent method in order to cure goiter. 

The patient’s thyroid gland can be removed entirely if necessary. Although there is a recurrence risk after removing the thyroid gland, this risk is very unlikely. After removing the entire gland, the patient will have to use one tablet of medicine every day for the rest of their life. 

The patient is immediately taken into surgery only if they meet the necessary conditions. The immediate operation of patients who do not meet the necessary conditions can lead to a dangerous situation. For this reason, some tests are performed before the operation and it is checked if the patient is ready for the operation. Finally, with the approval of the specialist physician, the patient is taken into surgery and the process begins. 

How to Perform Goiter Surgery? 

Before the goiter surgery is performed the patient is put to sleep with general anesthesia. During the surgery, a horizontal incision is made on the anterior face of the neck. The vessels of the thyroid gland are ligated and cut and the entire gland or some part of the gland is removed. If the patient’s disease is malignant the entire gland is removed. 

The specialist surgeon should be careful throughout the surgery. Because every wrong procedure made can cause the patient lose some functions. Thus, specialist and experienced surgeons perform this surgery. 

After succeeding the surgery, the patient can continue doing daily life activities by healing in a short time. This period of time is usually a few hours after the surgery. Besides, the patient is made to rest in the hospital for a day. 

Goiter Surgery with Microsurgery

It is the size of the thyroid gland, located in front of and above the windpipe. Since the area is sensitive having a specialist surgeon in the operating room is a must. Complications can happen during the goiter surgery. The first one of these risks is damage to the nerves leading to the vocal cords, and the second is damage to the parathyroid gland. 

In order to minimize these risks some techniques are used. These techniques are used by a specialist surgeon and specialist team. Therefore, the patient is successfully removed from the operation and discharged after a short rest. 

Although the surgery is risky, it can be highly successful in today’s technology. After the goiter surgery, the patient can perform basic functions such as breathing and feeding. However, this situation can vary depending on the patient’s condition and the difficulty of surgery. 

What are the Advantages of Goiter Surgery With Microsurgery? 

Microsurgery is not used during goiter surgeries. However, special techniques used in these surgeries can gain various advantages for both the patient and the surgery team. The advantages are: 

  • Thanks to the tools and equipments produced using high technology, there is no scar in the neck area. 
  • The surgery time is much shorter compared to past years.
  • The patient does not feel pain or ache as he/she is put to sleep with general anesthesia. 
  • Just a day in the hospital resting would be enough. 
  • The patient can maintain their vital activities such as feeding and breathing. 
  • The patient can go back to their daily life activities. 
  • The surgery is performed without damaging the vocal cords thanks to the new techniques used. 
  • The patient will breathe more comfortable in their new life. 
  • Many complaints such as not being able to swallow and breathe, and chronic cough caused by goiter will disappear. 
  • It will be prevented that the disease will progress and cause worse results. 

Goiter surgery using new techniques provides these advantages to the patients and the healthcare team. If you have one or more of the symptoms of goiter, it is recommended to go to a health institution without wasting time. 

Post-Goiter Surgery with Microsurgery

After goiter surgeries, usually, there is no pain or ache making the patient uncomfortable or blocking their activities. The stinging feeling in the throat and mild pain is usually disappears in 24 hours. The patient can be mouth fed and can walk around comfortably within 8 hours after the surgery. 

The patients rest in the hospital for 24 hours after the operation and are discharged afterwards. After the pathology result is revealed, the patient is started to administer hormone medication. After 1 month, the day is taken and a program is arranged for the patient. It is obligatory for the patient to comply with this program in order to regain full health and not have any problems again. 

If we are to summarize shortly, after goiter surgery, the patient will be able to continue their daily activities in a short time. The medication use should never be disrupted. Specialist physician will inform the patient adequately.  



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