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Hand surgery is the branch of health that undertakes the surgical procedures to be performed in the areas starting from the shoulder level and continuing to the fingertips. Specialist doctors operating in this branch can perform many different surgeries not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health. Finger repairs, tumors, traumas, finger transfers and procedures to be performed in such cases are performed by the hand surgery and aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery unit.

Hand surgery specialists operate to eliminate complications experienced by patients in the areas from the shoulder to the bottom. In this context, improper union of the shoulder bone or ingrown nails are also included in the field of hand surgery. You can review the following titles to get information about all the details about hand surgery.

What is Hand Surgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs)?

Individuals seeking an answer to the question of what is hand surgery should know that doctors who specialize in hand surgery work on arms and related limbs. In other words, complications in hands, wrists, nails, arms, elbows, shoulders and fingers are eliminated by hand surgery specialists. The scope of hand surgery is quite wide. For example; Congenital crooked hand, improperly fused hand bones, tumors in the hand region, complications due to trauma, finger transfers are the areas of interest of hand surgery specialists.

Hand surgeons can work with doctors from more than one branch. Thanks to these studies, the problems experienced by the patient can be solved in a much more professional way. For example; If there is a problem caused by the bones, the orthopedic specialist can also assist the operation. Likewise, in cases such as finger transfer, experts in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery can support people to have an ideal physical appearance by operating in the field of hand surgery.

Hand Surgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs) Which Area is Looking?

People who have health problems such as fractures, transfers, disorders, and repair in the field of hand surgery wonder which doctor they should go to and conduct research in this context. Hand surgery doctors; It provides the treatment of nerve compressions in the hand and arm regions, fingernail ingrowths, hand finger curvatures, hand deformations, congenital or later clefts and similar problems. For this reason, hand surgeons look directly at hand surgery problems.

In addition to hand surgeons, orthopedic specialists can be consulted for bone problems. In addition, in cases that only affect the physical appearance, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery can be applied to. If an aesthetic or orthopedic solution cannot be found in these areas you go to, the doctors will direct you to the appropriate department, namely the field of hand surgery.

What is Hand Surgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs) Surgery?

Hand surgery is one of the types of surgery performed to solve the problems that occur in the hand, arm and finger related areas of the people. These surgeries may differ depending on the patient's condition and deformation. Because there are many types of surgery that hand surgeons can do. Some of the reasons for these operations are listed below.

  • Hand or finger breakage
  • Nerve entrapment,
  • Infection in the hand area,
  • Problems related to rheumatism
  • Congenital or acquired hand and arm paralysis,
  • Abnormalities due to vascular problems
  • Injuries to tendons or nerves,
  • Hand and finger fractures
  • Serious burns on fingers, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders,
  • Tumors in the hand region,

For these and similar reasons, hand surgeons can perform surgical interventions. For this reason, there are many different answers to the question of what is hand surgery surgery. Because all the surgeries mentioned in the list above are performed with different methods.

How is Hand Surgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs) Surgery Performed?

The operations performed in hand surgery are quite extensive as mentioned before. For this reason, how the surgeries will be performed is determined entirely depending on the cause of the disease. For example; The type of surgery for finger transfer and hand nerve entrapment diseases is completely different from each other. However, there are some common elements in the operations included in the field of hand surgery. These are described in the list below.

  • Local anesthesia is applied in the majority of hand surgery operations.
  • General anesthesia can be applied depending on the specific situation of the patient.
  • Surgeries can take from 4 hours to 4 hours, depending on their type.
  • Depending on the patient's condition after the surgery, 1 or 2 days of dissemination can be performed in the hospital under surveillance.

Hand Surgery with Microsurgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs) Surgery

Microsurgery is a type of surgery that is completed with very small instruments and small incisions in surgical interventions. In this context, most of the hand surgery operations can be completed with microsurgery. In this way, patients are operated in a very small and minimal way while performing hand surgeries. Thanks to these studies, both more successful results can be obtained and the recovery period of the patient is shorter.

In hand surgeries performed with microsurgery method, thin veins and nerves are enlarged under the microscope and a more comfortable working environment is prepared. In this way, the areas where the veins and nerves pass are much easier to identify, and thus the success rate of the surgery increases. Generally, microsurgery is assisted in surgeries such as nerve compression.

What are the Advantages of Hand Surgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs)?

Hand surgery operations have many advantages. The success rate of operations performed with the hand surgery method is quite high. The benefits of such operations for patients are as follows:

  • Hands, one of the most used limbs, are provided to move more easily.
  • Abnormalities seen in the hand area are eliminated.
  • It can be ensured that the hands look aesthetically ideal.
  • Pain in the median due to the problems experienced in the hand area is relieved.
  • The mobility of the patients is increased.
  • Congenital or acquired hand problems can be cured.

As mentioned in the list above, complications in areas such as hands, arms, elbows, wrists, fingers, and shoulders can be eliminated thanks to hand surgery. Thus, the quality of life of patients can be directly increased.

Hand Surgery (Traumas, Tumors, Finger Transfers, Finger Repairs) Postoperative Process

People who will undergo hand surgery are wondering what kind of process awaits them after the operation. When the process after hand surgery is examined, it is seen that there are many issues that patients must pay attention to. These;

Depending on the condition of the patient after the surgery, it may be necessary to be kept under observation for a few days.

  • The patient should definitely go back to the hospital for control 15 days after the operation.
  • The dressings recommended by the doctor to the surgical area should be done very carefully.
  • The operated area must be kept sterile.
  • Lifting weights, raising the hand in the air and similar movements that force the hand should be avoided.
  • Other than the exercises given to the patient, unconscious exercises should not be done.

People who apply these points during the recovery can have a much more trouble-free process. At this point, it is very inconvenient to act unconsciously during the recovery period specified by the doctor. Therefore, it is very important to consult your doctor before taking any action.



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