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Hemorrhoid ‎Surgery

Hemorrhoid is a problem that is experienced because of the turgescent of the ‎veil in the anus. Hemorrhoid causes to get difficulty in daily life for ‎both woman and man. So some treatment methods such as hemorrhoids ‎are put to use. Because it should not be forgotten that if the hemorrhoid ‎‎isn’t treated, this problem can get worse and cause a lot of health ‎problems.‎

Hemorrhoids can be seen in women by depending on changes in their ‎body of them during the pregnancy and in the men by depending on ‎straining and strangury. However, since tending to strangury increases in ‎the pregnant, being seen the hemorrhoid ‎probability increases. The thing ‎that should be known is that hemorrhoids ‎can be papillary tumors, ‎‎nevertheless, treatment is necessary.‎ all details that should be known are ‎below:‎

What is the Hemorrhoid?‎

Hemorrhoid‎ is a disease that causes difficulty in defecating, in even ‎sitting by depending on becoming swollen the veins. The people who ‎curious about the answer to what is hemorrhoid should be known some ‎terms such as inner hemorrhoid ‎ and outer hemorrhoid.‎

Inner hemorrhoid becomes in the anus as it is understood from its name. ‎since the vein becomes swollen inner, it doesn't appear from the outside. ‎Becoming swollen the vein at the end of the large intestine. Outer ‎hemorrhoid. This swelling can appear from the outside. The stigmas ‎that are seemed on the people who have got inner‎ or outer hemorrhoids are below:‎

Itching feeling around the anus and in it

Becoming swollen around the anus and in it and having ache in the anus

Having difficulty in defecation

Blood in the stools

Having ache in the anus even when sitting

The people who are experiencing these stigmas must go to the ‎doctor. So, the source of the problem is determined and the treatment is ‎started.‎ 

Which department are interested in Hemorrhoid‎?

The people who have got hemorrhoid disease and want to be treated are ‎curious about ‎which department they should go to. People who ‎have got a hemorrhoid should get an appointment with general surgery.

General surgery specialists take tests for ‎the problem. Then, the level of the hemorrhoid is understood and the ‎treatment method that will be put to use for this is determined.‎

If hemorrhoid doesn’t progress so much, medical treatment is ‎used. Usage of olive oil is helped for defecation in this process. Also, a sitz ‎bath is so good for the early period of hemorrhoids. The treatment is ‎changed according to the level of hemorrhoid. However, the people ‎who have got hemorrhoid disease should go to the general surgery and ‎get examined.‎

What is the Hemorrhoid Surgery?‎

Hemorrhoid Surgery is a treatment method that is preferred for the ‎processed period of hemorrhoid. the medical treatment is used for ‎the first and second periods of the hemorrhoid disease. However, the ‎disease is treated in recalcitrant patients. The derma of the anus is ‎opened around 1 cm and the hemorrhoid is taken. However, it should be ‎known that the method can change according to if the hemorrhoid is inner ‎or outer. Also, there are a lot of methods that are used for ‎  ‎hemorrhoid surgery thanks to the technology.‎

The people who search for the answer to “What is Hemorrhoid Surgery” ‎‎should be known that Hemorrhoid Surgery is said for the surgery that ‎‎is put to use to be treated hemorrhoids. if the hemorrhoid ‎is progressed ‎and isn’t treated by medicines, which treatment methods are how to put to ‎use is decided according to ‎the circumstance of the patient and the views ‎of the doctor‎.‎

How is Hemorrhoid Surgery operated on?

People who have got hemorrhoid disease are ‎curious about which the ‎‎circumstances they will come across and search how is the hemorrhoid ‎‎surgery operated on.‎ The treatment methods ‎are decided according to ‎the ‎circumstance of the patient and the effect of the technology as we ‎mentioned before. However, the following steps in the method that is ‎preferred commonly are below:‎

Firstly, anesthesia is put to use for the patient doesn’t feel any pain. The ‎method of the anesthesia under the waist is called spinal ‎anesthesia is ‎put to use generally.‎

A little cut is opened on the derma of the anus.‎

The hemorrhoid ‎formations are cleaned by using laser cutting.‎

After the hemorrhoid ‎formations are cleaned, the surgery finishes.‎

This method doesn’t damage the derma of the anus and the surface. ‎Furthermore, since the cutting is pretty minimal, feeling pain is pretty low ‎after the surgery.‎

Hemorrhoid Surgery with Microsurgery

People who will operate on hemorrhoid surgery are curious about ‎the methods, especially if the microsurgery method is put to use or not. It ‎should be known that the microsurgery methods are not put to use for ‎hemorrhoid surgery. Instead of this, the laser method is preferred mostly. The ‎hemorrhoid ‎formation is removed by putting to use the laser method.‎

Since the hemorrhoid surgeries are performed for progressed hemorrhoids ‎and ‎the hemorrhoid ‎structure can see with the eyes microsurgery ‎isn't ‎necessary for hemorrhoids.‎ however as we said before, a lot of methods ‎can be put to use during hemorrhoid surgeries. The patients who go to ‎the general surgery department can get information about the surgery ‎method after the examination.‎

What are the benefits of the Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Hemorrhoid Surgery enables a lot of benefits. Firstly, the problem of ‎having a bowel movement is treated. So, the quality of life increases ‎directly. Since the swollen is removed in the hemorrhoid surgery, having ‎aches when they sit is prevented. Some problems such as swelling,  ‎aches, sit problems, bowel movement ‎problems, and blood in the ‎stools are prevented. Taking into account all of these how the necessary ‎and useful of the hemorrhoid surgery can be seen.‎

The process after Hemorrhoid Surgery

The process after hemorrhoid surgery is among the topics that people ‎are curious about. things to take into account after the surgery are below:‎

The patients are generally discharged from the hospital on the same day or after ‎one day.‎

The healing process can change between 7 and 10 days.‎

The patients can stand up after the first day, however, bed resting is ‎advised.‎

Nutrition is gotten careful, especially after the surgery. If pulpless ‎nutrition is preferred, it would be an ideal decision.‎

Hygiene is one of the most things to take into account after  ‎hemorrhoid surgery.‎

The doctor who operates will warn the patient both before the ‎surgery and after it. Paying attention to these warnings is helped to heal ‎in a short time and turn the daily life. If the patients who are operated on ‎the Hemorrhoid Surgery can rest by taking the doctor's report for a few days ‎and heal in a short time.‎



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