"> Best Hydrocelectomy Doctors in Turkey

Best Hydrocelectomy Doctors in Turkey

Hydrocelectomy is among the surgical interventions that can be performed in both children and adults. In addition to the operation, this health problem that occurs in men is also described as hydrocele. There is a possibility that this disorder, which occurs in the testicular part, can be experienced both in infancy and in adulthood.

Briefly to explain this disease, it is a swelling problem that occurs due to the proliferation of fluid in the testicles. It is possible to treat the testicles, which are an essential part of the male reproductive system, about this issue, as well as there are many preferred treatment options.

All other information you are interested in about hydrocelectomy can be found on various resources or you can contact your doctor. At the same time, the continuation of this topic and the process of its operation are discussed in detail below.

What Is Hydrocelectomy?

Regarding this health problem, which is referred to as both hydrocelectomy and hydrocele in the medical world, the question of what is hydroselectomy has also become one of the curious and studied contents. It is known that when looking at the processes of formation of male babies in the womb, the testicle first occurs in the abdominal part and performs the stroke process thanks to hormones. 

At the completion of this process, there is a liquid in the sac where the testicles are located. In addition to the fact that there are two membranes that help form this liquid, the first membrane produces liquid, and the second membrane absorbs a certain part of the liquid. Thanks to this cycle, excess fluid accumulation in the testicular part can be prevented.

However, in this disease, which is defined as hydrocele, the condition arises when the liquid is not sufficiently absorbed by the other membrane. As a result, fluid accumulation occurs in the sac containing the testicles, and swelling symptoms also occur. This condition can be observed in both adults and infants.

Which Department Deals with Hydrocelectomy?

Regarding this health problem, which is likely to occur in both infants and adult men, the question of which department deals with hydrocelectomy also comes to the fore as another curious title. Various diseases that people may encounter during their lives can be treated by the relevant departments located in hospitals.

This disease, which is called hydrocelectomy and is only seen in men, is examined and treated in the urology units of hospitals. It will be enough for you to contact the doctors who work in this field and have experience in this field and indicate that this kind of situation is both about yourself and about your baby.

If you want to be examined at the most convenient time for you, you can request an appointment via the 182 line or you can easily create your own appointment request via the online system. It will be enough for you to do a little research to find out how these operations are performed.

What is a Hydroselectomy Operation?

Hydroselectomy, as already mentioned, is characterized as a surgical intervention that is performed on both infant and adult men. Many people who are curious and looking into this disease, are also wondering and studying what exactly the operation is.

This disease, also called hydrocele, can be expressed in the form of fluid accumulation in the testicles. This health problem, which is likely to occur in infants and adults, can occur for different reasons. Regardless of the form of formation, this problem, called hydrocelectomy, can be treated thanks to several different methods.

If you want to get detailed information about issues such as pre-operation, operation process and post-operation, it will be useful to talk to your doctor about this issue. Because the information you will receive from your doctor is accurate, but there will also be answers to many points you are wondering about.

How is Hydrocelectomy Performed?

The question of how to perform a hydrocelectomy operation in relation to the hydrocelectomy operation, which is mentioned above, is one of the contents discussed within the scope of the aforementioned surgical procedure. At this point, the methods used in young children and adults should be considered separately. The method applied in children can be described as follows:

  • In infancy, no intervention is performed, and the progression of the disease is observed.
  • If an intervention is required, a method similar to hernia surgery is used.
  • An incision is made under the navel and the necessary intervention is provided from there.

In addition, in adults, an incision is made directly through the testicle and intervention is performed from there. With the opening of the incision, the liquid is drained and the area is closed to prevent it from happening again.

Another method used in this area is the process of withdrawing liquid with the help of an injector. A special antibiotic is also used to complete the remaining cavity. But this is an option that is rarely practiced, as it can damage reproduction.

Hydroselectomy with Microsurgery

Today, when microsurgery is widely used, hydrocelectomy with microsurgery has also become one of the topics researched. However, this successful method is not one of the options used in the operation of hydrocelectomy. Both young children and adults can be treated with other treatment options used instead.

In addition to performing an operation similar to hernia surgery in young children, there are two different surgical intervention methods used in men. The first of these methods is expressed as the opening of a small incision on the testicle, while the other is explained as the withdrawal of accumulated fluid using an injector. 

The method used in young children and referred to as the first of the other two options comes to the fore as successful options. However, hydrocelectomy using an injector is not a recommended and preferred method. It is used only for patients who cannot withstand surgery. Because it is believed that it can damage sperm production.

What Are the Advantages of a Hydroselectomy With Microsurgery?

As mentioned earlier, the microsurgical option is not the preferred intervention within the scope of this operation. But if you still want to take a look at the advantages of the operation you can review the title of advantages of the operation of hydrocelectomy and browse the options that appear.

Hydrocelectomy, which attracts attention with being a fairly simple operation, also helps patients to recover in a short time if the details that need to be paid attention to are followed during the process. For this reason, it is recommended that you take advantage of both pre- and post-operation information.

This operation, which is known to be comfortable and without serious complications, gives a more effective result when it is performed by specialist doctors in the field. For this reason, it is one of the recommended details to make sure that your doctor has experience.

The Process After Hydroselectomy With Microsurgery

The process after hydroselectomy, as you can imagine, is one of the topics covered and explained in detail within the scope of many content. Although it is a practical surgical intervention, there are certain things you need to know about the healing process. Some of these details are described in the articles below.

  • It is an operation that takes an average of 30-60 minutes for adults.
  • Immediately after the operation, a drain is inserted into the bag part.
  • According to many experts, the patient should be kept under supervision for up to 24-48 hours.
  • After the removal of the drain contained in the bag, the patient's discharge is performed and it is recommended to rest.
  • It is necessary to use the medicines prescribed by the doctor on a regular basis.
  • It is highly recommended to wear special panties in the first week in terms of bulk retention of the testicle. 

Taking into account these listed and similar details, you can accelerate the recovery process after the operation. In case of an unexpected situation, it is recommended to go to the nearest hospital or contact your doctor. Thus, with early intervention, serious health problems will not occur.



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