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Internal urethrotomy surgery is among the contents that come to the fore as a surgical intervention related to the urinary tract. In addition to the medical language, this technique, which is also popularly referred to as closed surgery, is applied for the treatment of urethral stenosis. As part of this result, which is based on the tests and imaging techniques performed, the aforementioned procedure is performed and the patient is provided with treatment.

Recently, this intervention, which has been wondered about both how it was done and what exactly it means, is also expressed by the fact that it is a definite treatment option for the problem of urethral stenosis. This method, which is applied by doctors who are experts in their field using technology, is explained in detail on various resources.

If you are wondering what is the problem of urethral stenosis and how the process of internal urethrotomy surgery takes place, it will be enough to review a few resources and browse the written content.

What is an Internal Urethrotomy?

This disease, which is popularly referred to as urethral stenosis, can be treated with the solution method described above in the framework of some conditions. To get information about this, it is recommended that you review the title of what is internal urethrotomy and read the comments made.

Urethral stenosis is a health problem that manifests itself due to infectious diseases or receiving a blow. This disease, which can be easily treated using different methods from each other, manifests itself within the framework of the symptoms listed below.

  • The appearance of dripping after urinating
  • A slower flow of urine than usual
  • A forked discharge or scattering of urine
  • A person feels pain and burning when urinating

If you are experiencing one or more of these listed symptoms, you can take advantage of this solution method by visiting the relevant departments of the hospital. 

Which Department Deals with the Internal Urethrotomy Surgery?

The fact that this health problem is directly related to the urinary tract also more or less explains which units should be visited. With a small research you will do based on the question of which department deals with the internal urethrotomy surgery, you can both find out the units you need to go to and get detailed information about the disease.

All state or private hospitals located in your city are closely dealing with this health problem and are implementing various solution proposals. The only thing you need to do is to visit the urology departments of hospitals. It will be enough for you to explain the situation to the doctors who are involved here and have become specialists in their field.

You can choose a doctor from urology units in the appointment you will receive from online appointment systems or over the phone. If you do not have a choice among doctors, you can specify the date that suits you and create an appointment request.

What is Internal Urethrotomy Surgery?

This health problem, which is expressed as urethral stenosis, can be treated easily thanks to various solution options. In the titles listed above, the main symptoms of the disease were described. It is advisable to follow these symptoms, visit urological departments and get general information.

The title of what is internal urethrotomy surgery is seen among the contents discussed in relation to this topic. This surgical intervention, which is performed in the form of closed surgery, is performed through the entrance to the urinary tract. The operation performed with special devices with a lighted camera at the end must be performed in appropriate environments by surgeons who are experts in their field.

Apart from this closed method, there are different preferred treatment options. For example, urethral dilatation and urethral stents are the options used in this field and have been largely successful. Depending on the extent of the disease and the difficulty of the operation, these treatment options are determined by the surgeon.

How is Internal Urethrotomy Surgery Performed?

It is difficult to explain the clear application of surgery because this operation is performed with more than one option. You can examine how all the preferred surgical intervention options are performed in this process. Based on the title of how internal urethrotomy surgery is performed. The brief application of the mentioned methods is described in the following articles.

  • Open Surgery: In this method, which has a high success rate compared to other treatment options, the patient is taken to surgery under general anesthesia. The technique is to remove the part that leads to stenosis and attach other solid ends to each other.
  • Urethrotomy Intern: In this option, which is a closed method, it takes place in the form of a device with a light and a camera at the end entering through the part of the urinary hole. The part that causes stenosis within the scope of this method is cut with a cold knife.
  • Urethral Stents: In this method, which is known for its resemblance to cap stents, the main goal is to create a channel in the part that causes stenosis and to ensure that the cages that can expand are placed from the inside. Thus, it will be easier to excrete urine.
  • Urethral Dilatation: This method can be performed by both the doctor and the patient. It is ensured that the stenosis is widened regularly with a substance such as a spark plug. But there is a fairly high probability that the stenosis will recur.

These listed options are used to treat urinary tract stenosis. Although each of them is successful in its own field, closed surgical method internal urethrotomy, which is a closed surgical method, is one of the most preferred options in this field.

Internal Urethrotomy Surgery with Microsurgery

In addition to being one of the curious contents today, internal urethrotomy surgery with microsurgery is also being investigated among the treatment options of the aforementioned disease. This option, which has helped to achieve serious success in many areas, is not used in urethral stenosis surgery.

Many other treatment options preferred instead have been explained in full detail in the previous title. By studying these details, you can clearly understand how the mentioned health problem is treated and how each surgical intervention is performed.

It is possible to get information about treatment options thanks to a simple research that you will do on the Internet or through surgeons who have experience in this regard. Thus, you can have the necessary information about both the disease and the treatment options.

What Are the Advantages of Internal Urethrotomy Surgery With Microsurgery?

It was explained in detail in the previous title that the microsurgical method was not used in this operation. However, this operation also has certain advantages. If you are wondering what advantages the internal urethrotomy surgery used to treat urethral stenosis has, you can check out the resources with this content.

When it comes to this process, it is possible to see that many titles have been examined such as advantages of internal urethrotomy surgery. So, what are the advantages that this operation offers?

  • It is described as both a simple and painless operation for the patient.
  • It can be performed under spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia.
  • This operation takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour on average.
  • After the end of the operation, the urinary probe is inserted and discharged on the same day.
  • it is among the priority choices for strictures less than 1 cm.

Within the scope of these listed advantages, it will also be possible to understand that the mentioned procedure is preferred during the early detection period.

The Process After Internal Urethrotomy Surgery with Microsurgery

Although there is a content being studied about the process after internal urethrotomy surgery with microsurgery, it will be quite difficult to find a response due to the fact that microsurgery is not used. Instead, you just need to know how the process is after the techniques applied in internal urethrotomy surgery.

Internal urethrotomy, which is a fairly simple procedure, is used to treat urethral stenosis, which is diagnosed at an early stage. Therefore, in addition to being a short-term operation, it also has practical techniques. The only thing that patients who can be discharged on the same day immediately after the operation should do is to use the prescribed medications regularly and go to the check-up on the dates recommended by the doctor.



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