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Best IUI Insemination Doctors in Turkey

IUI Insemination

IUI Insemination is one of the methods for infertility treatment. ‎Especially, if the married couple ‎hasn’t got a child even though they ‎have sex without any protection for over a year, insemination can be put to ‎use. However, there are some examinations before the insemination.‎


Both the woman and the man are examined before IUI insemination. ‎In this examination, if the woman is childbearing or not is checked. Also, ‎sperm movement, sufficiency, and availability for fertilization are ‎checked. so, the factors which cause the prevention of having a baby are ‎determined and the available treatments are started. The people who ‎want to have a baby can learn all details about this method by reading ‎the topics that are below.‎


What is IUI Insemination?‎

IUI Insemination is the process that normal fertilization by being ‎put the sperm that ‎is taken from the man into the uterus of the ‎woman.‎ this process can be put to use in a lot of cases when the ‎woman is in the ovulation period. If the people are curious about who is the ‎process put to use, they can give information below:‎


If there is an antibody against sperm that ‎is taken from the body of the man, fertilization ‎doesn’t become. ‎IUI Insemination can be put to use in this situation.‎


The number of sperm and movement of the sperm get difficult the ‎fertilization, so, the treatment can be put to use with IUI Insemination.‎


Since the men who have got the erection problem don’t have quality ‎sex, being fertilized in the ovary gets difficult with sperm.‎


Also, the insemination method that is mentioned can get help for some ‎cases such as endometriosis‎, retrograde, ejaculation, and ‎infertility that has got an undefined reason.‎


Thanks to IUI Insemination, the married couple that doesn’t protect and ‎can’t have a baby. It should be known that IUI Insemination is ‎considered one of the most natural insemination methods.‎


Which department is interested in ‎IUI Insemination?‎


The people who want to have a baby but can’t fulfill the wish are ‎curious about which department should they go to for being treated ‎and have a baby. The treatments that the married couple will ‎experience for having a baby are within the obstetrics and gynecology ‎field of interest, including ‎IUI Insemination. This department makes ‎both men's and women's treatment and some examinations are ‎planned on what kind the way needs to be ‎followed before ‎these ‎treatments.‎


The test that is put to use for if there is infertility or not in the women ‎and semen analysis is put ‎to use for men. This semen analysis is very ‎important to be determined the number of sperm and their ‎movements in the semen. If being not enough of the ‎movements of the ‎sperm is the factor that disables having a baby is, the insemination ‎method can be put to use ‎directly. Because, if there are some problems ‎in the men such as paucity of ‎sperm and paucity movement in sperm, ‎‎different tests and treatments are tried and it does not a waste of time.‎


Shortly, men and women should go to the obstetrics and gynecology ‎‎department for having babies. Sperm is often examined in the urology ‎department. It is called a semen test. Only the gynecologist can direct the ‎husband of the woman patient.‎


What is IUI Insemination?‎


IUI Insemination is not a big operation, however, it is a tube baby ‎process that should be very careful. when the woman is ready for  ‎fertilization, sperm is enabled to transfer into the uterine cavity. So, ‎sperm can be fertilized naturally in this method. The woman ‎should take some stimulant drug and go to the doctor regularly to ‎follow her. Because having a baby with a tube baby is harder than ‎thought. If there is a lot of development in medicine, the rate of being ‎successful the tube baby treatment is between %10 % and 20. If the men ‎and women have got some health problems, this rate is very low. If they ‎are young and healthy, then the rate is %60.‎


How is IUI Insemination put to use?‎

IUI Insemination method is a common having a baby method. The ‎people who are curious about how this method is put to use should ‎know that treatment can change person by person. The arousal follicle ‎development is supported by using medicine or low-dose injection for ‎women. After follicle ‎creation, this follicle is made to the ideal size become. ‎Then the needle is given an injection. The sperm that is prepared in the laboratory ‎is transferred into the uterus at this moment. All of these procedures ‎can be put to use without anesthesia.‎


Since the follicle ‎and sperm are fertilized ‎in the woman's body, ‎the insemination ‎method is pretty natural. Also, the success rate is ‎higher than other methods because there is a busy following. Until the ‎couples are careful and don’t miss the check, the success rate will get ‎high.‎


IUI Insemination ‎with Microsurgery


The people who want to experience the IUI Insemination and pregnancy ‎in a natural way after a health process are curious about if these ‎procedures are done with microsurgery or not. Microsurgery methods ‎are utilized for invisible operations with magnifying glass instruments. ‎However, using this technology for the method that is called IUI ‎Insemination is not necessary. Because the sperm that is manufactured ‎in the laboratory is left in the uterus directly and fertilization is made ‎naturally.‎


The benefits of the IUI Insemination ‎Surgery


There are a lot of benefits for the people who are experiencing this ‎‎method.‎ IUI Insemination ‎is natural, unproblematic, and riskless as it is ‎mentioned before. So, it is an ideal method for fulfilling the will of ‎having a baby. If the things to take into account are considered, the IUI ‎Insemination ‎process will pass in an ideal way. Since the success rate of ‎the IUI Insemination ‎method is high and the ‎process continues pretty ‎quicker, it can say that this method is more ‎beneficial.‎


The process after IUI Insemination


There are some factors that should be considered to support the IUI ‎‎Insemination being a success during the process after it. The patient can ‎stand up about 15 minutes after the operation and turn daily life. ‎However, hardly working out is not advised in this process. The woman ‎who has got a becoming pregnant plan should eat healthily and keep ‎away from bad habits.‎


There is no limitation about having sex after this operation that is ‎‎completed without anesthesia, pretty easy and unpainful. ‎However, ‎the most doctor doesn’t advise having sex. Progesterone medicines can be ‎given depending on the decision of the doctor before the patient is ‎discharged from the hospital. The patient is taken a pregnancy test and the ‎controls are enabled around 15 days after the operation.‎



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