"> Best Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids are popularly called yeast or hemorrhoids. This discomfort is common in our country due to numerous reasons, especially eating habits. Unlike the standard method, laser hemorrhoid surgery can be performed easily without incision and therefore without stitches. Therefore, in addition to providing a quality operation process for the patient, it also provides practicality for the physician. 

Obesity, trying to push and remove heavy objects, prolonged diarrhea or constipation and excessive strain of the anus area, feeding with low-fiber foods, pressing on the uterine vessels of the growing fetus during pregnancy or having sex through the breech are among the main factors that increase the risk of hemorrhoids. The cause, type, stage of hemorrhoids, chronic conditions, age, gender and similar factors play a role in determining the ideal treatment method of the physician. 

What is Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged vessels located at the end of the anal canal at the bottom of the anus and rectum. The veins expand excessively, in some cases by stretching. This causes the blood vessels to swell and irritate more. The condition of swelling as irritation results in the veins moving out of the rectum (anus). Hemorrhoids are also commonly referred to as hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids, which are external and internal hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids occur just below the skin tissue on the outer periphery of the anus. The sensitivity and multiplicity of nerve endings in the area causes the patient to suffer from pain, itching, swelling and bleeding. Sneezing, vomiting or coughing leads to a worse state of external hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids occur mostly at depths that cannot be felt or seen in the anus. Due to the low nerve endings, the patient does not feel pain or pain. However, after going to the toilet, blood is observed in both feces and toilet paper. In some cases, these tubers, which have a pinker color compared to other surrounding tissues, can be noticed with the naked eye. They are called hemorrhoids with proplasty, they can either be carefully pressed in or spontaneously enter.

What Field Is Hemorrhoids Looking At?

Hemorrhoid treatment is performed by a general surgery specialist. Patients with complaints should make an appointment to the general surgery department. After listening to the patient's complaints and history, the surgeon performs a physical examination taking into account the findings. Then, as a result of the necessary tests and examinations, the most appropriate treatment method is determined for the patient. If hemorrhoid surgery is to be performed with laser, the patient is ensured to be ready for the operation.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include swelling around the breech, a feeling of muscle, pain and blood coming from the anus. Especially itching causes critical discomfort to the patient. The patient, who cleans the anus area to pass the feeling of itching, observes that the complaints increase. Therefore, it is extremely important not to intervene in hemorrhoids in any way and to contact the general surgery specialist directly when complaints occur.

What is Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Compared to laser hemorrhoid surgery, traditional hemorrhoid surgery requires more incisions and stitches because it is performed with standard methods. Therefore, the healing process is also prolonged and the patient may have more pain. General anesthesia is preferred in the operation. After the traditional hemorrhoid operation, the patient is discharged after 1 or 2 days. It is necessary to pay great attention for the following 14 days. 

Hemorrhoid stages, 1. Grade 2. Degree 3. Degree and 4. It is divided into four degrees. Hemorrhoids are the most common complaint in grade 1. Rectoscopy is performed to diagnose. In 2nd degree hemorrhoids, there are complaints of intense itching and bleeding. A diagnosis can be made when pushing or performing anal examination. 

3rd degree hemorrhoids create a feeling of discharge with wetness in the anus area with itching and bleeding. Hemorrhoid breasts move out of the anus. The physician can push it in softly. 4th degree hemorrhoids show signs of pain along with itching, bleeding, discharge. Swelling occurs that is too large to enter or be pushed by itself. If rectal bleeding is observed, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

How to Perform Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Laser hemorrhoid surgery is a very practical treatment method. In general, local anesthesia is sufficient. The purpose of the operation is to close the veins by gluing them together in the simplest sense. Using a laser, the hemorrhoid nozzle located in the breech (anus) area is lit in a circular way and the laser probe enters the breast and performs a shrinkage process. In this way, the vessels that are deconstructed are coagulated. With the destruction of the hemorrhoid breast, the operation is successfully completed. 

The risk of re-occurring the hemorrhus is much lower in laser surgeries. Hemorrhoid surgery is especially preferred for stage 4 hemorrhoids where laser surgery has little effect. Which method to apply is determined by the general surgery specialist.

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Advanced techniques used during laser hemorrhoid surgery ensure that the procedures are completed as they should be. In this way, the risk of complications is minimized. Laser method, best results 1. – 2. – 3. The degree phase gives for hemorrhoids. The operation ends in an average of 15 to 30 minutes thanks to the use of state-of-the-art devices. 

Hemorrhoids are generally observed in both men and women between the ages of 20 and 50. Before surgical procedures, wick, painkiller, wipe or cream-like drug treatments are applied. If no results are obtained, surgery becomes inevitable, especially in the types of hemorrhoids that result in thrombosis (blood clot formation in the veins) or suffocation. Thrombosis blocks blood flow in the area and causes swelling as well as pain.

What are the Advantages of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Laser hemorrhoid surgery provides a number of advantages to patients. The primary advantage is the elimination of negative elements that disturb the patient at an advanced level, such as pain, itching, swelling and redness in the area. The success rate of 80 – 90 percent ensures that the patient has great comfort in the future. Using a laser also reduces the risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids, which is approximately 25 percent. 

The short duration of the operation and the painless completion of the operation play a major role in returning the patient to his daily life as soon as possible. It is extremely important for the physician to provide practicality and create ease of work. Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) that negatively affect daily life are eliminated and routine activities such as going to the toilet and sitting are ensured to be completed smoothly. 

Process After Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

After laser hemorrhoid surgery, patients are generally discharged on the same day. However, those with chronic conditions can be kept under observation for 1 night by the decision of the physician. In the first days, it is normal to have bleeding, difficulty defecation and mild to moderate pain in the anus area. If these complications are exacerbated, it is necessary to contact the physician directly. 

Following the doctor's recommendations to the letter after surgery, using the prescribed drugs in full shortens the healing process. Although the risk of complications is quite low, it is useful to be careful. In order to prevent a recurrence of the hemorrhoid breast, the patient should consume fibrous foods and avoid the cup by eating healthily. Drinking plenty of water and not sitting for a long time also has a positive effect.



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