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In order to maintain a healthy life and improve life quality it is important our body systems and organs to work properly. Department of otorhinolaryngology olloquially known as ENT, ear nose throat, is a health field that is effective in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the neck, head, ear, nose and throat. 

All diseases such as sore throat, tinnitus, chronic colds, headaches, salivary gland diseases, head and neck tumors and hearing loss fall within the scope of this unit. Besides all, this ENT unit also includes diseases such as adenoids common in children. 

Laser surgeries in ENT are performed since 1970 in medical field. Each year new laser types are developed and the lasers’ use area is expanding. Laser technology is also used during various surgeries in ENT field. 

What is Laser in ENT? 

As laser technology is used in eye diseases, urology, skin conditions, and brain surgery, laser surgeries can be performed in ENT field and laser technology is used successfully. Lasers used in these fields have different features and different usage purposes. Lasers used by only specialists and mostly are CO2, KTP, Ho:YAG and Nd:YAG. Each laser is used for a different purpose. These lasers physically are not the same. Specialist surgeons will use the most suitable laser depending on the patient’s condition during surgery. 

While CO2 lasers are used in snoring problems and vocal cord diseases, KTP Ho:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers are used in the surgery of turbinates that cause nasal congestion. In lacrimal duct obstruction surgery patient is treated using Ho:YAG lasers. 

As it can be seen above laser technology can be used in treatment for lots of diseases. However, specialists determine which laser will be used in which way. The use of these tools is made only by specialists and experienced surgeons. 

Which Department Deals with Laser Surgery in ENT? 

Laser surgeries in ENT are performed if the specialist thinks it is appropriate for patients who are examined by applying for ENT departments. If you have complain includes ENT department, it is possible to be examined by making an appointment in ENT departments. 

In order to make appointment from the closest hospital you can use MHRS website or dial ALO 182. If you make an appointment using any of these methods, your examination will be performed on the specified date and if a problem that requires laser surgery is diagnosed, your surgery will be performed. 

In order to perform your surgery, your specialist needs to see this necessary. Not everyone who wants this surgery can have it. Because, it is only performed on particular diseases, particular people. The best decision will be made by the specialist. 

What are the Laser Surgeries in ENT? 

Although it is believed that laser surgeries are performed only in eye surgeries, it is not the situation. Thanks to the developing technology laser surgeries can eliminate many health problems and heal patients. Performing laser surgeries in ENT makes patients have their healthy lives again. 

ENT known as ear, nose, throat, is a medical field formed for all kinds of health problems that occur in the areas where it receives its name. Laser technology is used in the treatment of these health issues concerning these areas. Thanks to the laser technology, surgery time is shortened and pain and ache are minimized. 

Patients have less painful process after surgeries performed with laser. This is one of the advantages comes with laser technology. Besides all, bleeding is less in laser surgeries comparing to other surgeries. 

How to Perform Laser Surgeries in ENT? 

The question of how laser surgeries in ENT are performed is asked many times and an answer is sought. Laser operations in ENT can be performed in vocal cord lesions, laryngeal cancers, tumors and cancers, middle ear surgery and vocal cord paralysis. The surgeon performing this procedure should have sufficient experience and expertise. 

Before laser surgeries, the patient is prepared for the surgery and required equipments are prepared. Then, the surgeon and expert team start the process.  Surgery time can vary person to person depending on the patient’s condition and discomfort. During the surgery bleeding is very little but this does not create risk. 

Incisions in laser surgeries are made very delicately. Thus, the incisions can be more smooth and right. The type of laser can vary depending on the disease type and doctor’s preference. 

Laser Surgeries in ENT with Microsurgery 

When performing laser surgeries in ENT specialist surgeons must be extremely careful. Even though the laser is a tool that eases the surgery, there is a possibility of complications as there is in classical surgeries. Thus, the expert team makes a attentive operation. 

The patients who have had laser surgery will heal in a short time after the surgery. Because the laser method used in the surgery accelerates the healing process. And this is a big advantage for the patient. 

Vocal cord and larynx cancers are the most common conditions for laser surgery in ENT. Patients with these disorders are operated with the laser method to regain their health. In addition, since anesthesia will be applied, the patient does not feel any pain or ache during the operation. 

What are the advantages of Laser Surgeries in ENT with Microsurgery? 

When laser surgeries are performed in the ENT, patients and the team performing the surgery will provide many advantages. These advantages can be listed as: 

  • Since the tissue is cut without charring, edema is less after the surgery.
  • After the surgery the healing process would be faster and smoother.
  • The functions of the operated area quickly regain their former functionality.
  • Precise surgical incisions can be made. Thus, better results are made.
  • Bleeding does not occur during the operation. Even if it does, the amount will be negligible.
  • The surgery can be completed more easily and more successfully.
  • The hospital stay of the patient is shortened considerably.
  • Sound distortion is minimal.
  • There is no scar in the operation area.
  • The patient can continue vital activities such as breathing and feeding.
  • After the surgery, the patient can return to their daily activities and recover quickly.
  • In laryngeal cancer surgeries, cancerous tissue can be successfully removed without the need to open an air hole in the neck.
  • The duration of the operation is significantly shortened. 

Performing laser surgeries in the ENT will provide all these advantages to the patient and the healthcare team. Thus, laser surgeries have been frequently preferred in recent years and patients can regain their health in a short time. 

Post-Laser Surgery Process in ENT with Microsurgery 

After performing laser surgeries in ENT, the patients can heal rapidly thanks to the advantages that laser surgeries bring. The patients can return their daily lives after the surgery and continue their activities.  Besides, patients will be able to breathe and feed easily. 

After the surgery, the related area will regain its functions. However, this can change depending on the difficulty of surgery and the disorder. The success rate would be higher since laser surgeries are safer. At the same time, this method reduces the recurrence risk. 

After laser surgeries, your doctor may have some recommendations. In case of following the doctor’s recommendations completely, your healing time will be shortened visibly. Thus, you should follow recommendations and, if there is, take your medication. 



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