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Best Liposuction Doctors in Turkey


Liposuction is known to the public as fat removal. Regional body fats, which can occur as a result of sedentary life and malnutrition, can be eliminated with this application. Although this method does not offer a permanent and definitive solution, it helps to shape the body.

Liposuction is not seen as a slimming formula. Therefore, it is separated from methods such as diet and exercise. Surgical intervention is performed to shape in areas where stubborn fat occurs such as hips, hips, nape, legs, abdomen, tickles and knees.

Since local or general anesthesia will be applied to the patient at the time of surgery, it is not possible for the patient to feel any pain or pain. After liposuction, the patient's return to daily life is very fast. With the developing technology, this surgery can be performed successfully.

Liposuction is performed in order to eliminate fats that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercises. After liposuction, people's self-esteem increases significantly and quality of life increases significantly. Although this method has been applied for many years, its usage rate has increased significantly recently. Now, many people who have fat problems can easily have their dream body shape with Liposuction application.

Who Can Liposuction Be Performed?

The question of who is performed liposuction is asked many times and the answer is sought. As with other surgical methods, specialist opinion and examination is required before liposuction surgery. after examining the patient, the specialist will determine whether he is suitable for liposuction.

Liposuction surgery can usually be applied to anyone who does not have a health problem. However, this operation is not applied to pregnant women or people who have just given birth. In people with health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and systemic problems, checks are carried out before the application is performed.

People who cannot get rid of their fat with methods such as diet and exercise prefer liposuction. although this application ensures the shape of the body, it does not produce a permanent and definitive solution. After the surgery, the person may experience oil again after a certain period of time. Therefore, it is recommended that people eat carefully and exercise continuously after surgery.

In order to have liposuction surgery, it is seen that some people hide their diseases from the specialist or give false information. This is extremely wrong. If you have a health problem that may cause the operation to fail, you should tell your doctor. Otherwise, there may be unexpected bad results at the time of surgery.

Which Area Is Liposuction Looking At?

People who want to get rid of their stubborn fat with liposuction application wonder which part of the hospitals they should go to. Liposuction is performed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Therefore, you need to go to the plastic surgery department of hospitals by making an appointment to be examined.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists participate in liposuction together. The operation is performed in a sterile hospital environment. Sterility of the hospital environment is very important for reliable surgery. otherwise, various health problems such as infection may occur.

Thanks to today's technology, special vehicles are produced that are suitable for the purpose. these tools are used at the time of surgery. thanks to these, the duration of the surgery is significantly shortened and the patient's return to daily life is accelerated. In addition, the probability of complications at the time of surgery is very low.

There are some factors that significantly affect the success of the surgery. these factors can be listed as the environment in which the surgery is performed, the skill of the surgeon and the suitability of the tools used. At the same time, the patient's special circumstances can directly affect the success of the surgery.

Preparation Before Liposuction Application

Liposuction application is also discussed about how to prepare beforehand. Almost every procedure requires preparation in advance. There are certain preparations to be made in the fat removal process called liposuction.

For example, individuals who prefer this operation should share all the details about their general health status with their doctor. In this way, it is determined whether the patient has any genetic problems or hereditary diseases.

If you are consuming blood-watering drugs or food, you should take a break from this consumption ten days before surgery. In this way, an undesirable situation can be prevented during the operation. In the same way, alcohol and smoking should be stopped completely if possible or left ten days before surgery.

How to Make Liposuction?

You can learn in detail how this procedure occurs and the operation process based on the question of how to perform liposuction. At this point, the steps specified by most sources are listed in the following items.

  • General anesthesia method is applied to ensure that the patients are comfortable in the operation and do not feel pain.
  • Then it is ensured that the adipose tissues are made into small pieces.
  • In this operation performed with vacuum device,  adipose tissues are pulled thanks to the equipment called cannula.
  • It is ensured that the adipose tissues taken are removed from the body.

With the application of these methods listed, the fat-taking operation is carried out successfully. Depending on the request of the patients, oils taken from a certain region can be added to different regions. This operation is not a mandatory operation.

What are the Risks of Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the procedures that must be performed by a doctor who is an expert in his field. Because although it may sound like a simple process, fat removal is one of the operations that carries a lot of risk. Some risk factors that patients should definitely know can be listed as follows:

  • The death of skin cells
  • Too much fluid in the lung
  • Edema occurs
  • Occurring of fat clots
  • Blood clot in the lung
  • Risk of bleeding under the skin
  • Risk of liquid leaking under the skin

In addition to these and similar risk factors, the risk of infection after the procedure is quite high. Therefore, this operation called liposuction must be performed by experienced physicians in the field. It is strongly recommended that patients pay attention to the postoperative process.

What are the Advantages of Liposuction?

The advantages of liposuction application are among the topics closely examined by people who are considering having this operation. Fat removal operation, which is usually highly popular with women, can also offer an advantage as a result of providing the necessary conditions, although it carries risks. So, what are the main advantages that can be evaluated within the scope of this operation?

  • Fats consisting of excess weight are taken that people complain about.
  • Although most methods have been tried, it is possible to remove oils that do not go away.
  • It is ensured that the body takes shape, and at the same time the body becomes much tighter.
  • It is an operation that can be performed in more than one region, not just one.
  • It is an advantageous application that can be applied to both men and women.

If you want to take advantage of these advantages listed and at the same time remove the fats you want to get rid of, you can talk to the doctors who are experienced in this regard.

Post-Liposuction Process

After liposuction application, it is seen among the topics examined by patients who want to get a clear result. After the completion of the operation, people should pay attention to certain situations. These details, which are closely related to the healing process and operational effects, can be explained as follows:

  • After the completion of the surgery, the patients' standing up and moving accelerates the healing process.
  • In addition to moving, lymph drainage massage helps to see the effects of the operation quickly.
  • It is explained that after an average of one week, patients can return to their daily lives.
  • It is recommended to use a tight corset for the first three weeks and exercise for the next two weeks in order to shape the body.

By paying attention to similar practices and recommendations, you can get efficient results from liposuction and recover in a short time.



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