"> Best Male Infertility Treatment Doctors in Turkey

Best Male Infertility Treatment Doctors in Turkey

Male Infertility Treatment is one of the transactions that have been implemented since the past. Many methods of treatment have been applied for this problem, which has been around for many years. Thanks to the technology used today, each method has been further developed and new options have also been added to them. 

Although men have regular unprotected sex when looking at their sex lives, it seems that they cannot have children. With the fact that this period exceeds one year, thoughts about infertility are thought out both by patients and by doctors. As a result of such consequences as working life, living conditions, this period can also reach two years.

Although this infertility problem seen in people is considered a serious problem, various treatment options have been developed thanks to many professors who are experts in their field. All you need to do to take advantage of these treatments and have children in the advanced stages will be to talk to your doctor.

What is Male Infertility?

Regarding infertility seen in men, it is wondered and examined what exactly this problem is. Based on the question of what is male infertility, you can easily find out both the causes of the disease, symptoms, and treatment options in accordance with the information you will receive.

Infertility, which occurs as a result of low sperm production or blockage of the channels through which sperm is transported, prevents many couples from having a baby. Patients who complain about this condition are interviewed by doctors who are experts in their field about how to apply a solution.

You can also observe yourself by following the main conditions listed under the heading of infertility symptoms in men. These symptoms are listed in the following items.

  • Sperm count is much lower than normal
  • Formation of a lump in the testicle area
  • Inability to have children
  • Occurrence of disorders of sexual functions

If you observe these and similar symptoms, it is recommended that you visit hospitals to be examined.

Which Department Deals with Male Infertility?

Various patterns of questions, such as which department deals with ​​male infertility, are researched through many sources by men who want to be treated in this area or wonder if they are infertile. Currently, it is emphasized that patients should definitely be examined within the scope of having more than one treatment option. 

You can go to the hospital closest to you and have an interview with the doctors working in the urology departments. In addition, you can choose the most suitable date via the appointment system and visit the urology units on the date you specify. The result of the tests and examinations to be carried out here will be notified to you as soon as possible and if the disease is confirmed, you will be informed about the treatment options.

What is Male Infertility Surgery?

Regarding the infertility that most men complain about, the surgical intervention methods applied in this field are also one of the curious options. In normal conditions, when treatment is started, the patient is not treated directly with surgical intervention. Instead, treatment options for the cause are applied.

The main treatment options applied in cases where no results have been obtained can be listed as follows:

  • Treatment of duct obstruction
  • Medication
  • Varicocele surgery

Varicocele surgery, which is among these treatment options, is discussed in terms of how it is performed and how successful it is. You can search for the question of what is male infertility surgery on the internet and you can easily find detailed information about the surgery.

How is Male Infertility Surgery Performed?

You can learn how the above-mentioned varicocele surgery is performed and what kind of results can be obtained, together with the question of how infertility surgery is performed in men. This method of treating infertility is described as an operation that is performed from the inguinal area. It is also common to administer it under general anesthesia.

Together with a 2 or 3 cm incision opened from the inguinal region, it is reached from here in the testicular area and intervention begins. The main purpose of varicocele surgery is the ligation and cancellation of diseased veins. Although many alternative options have been tried other than this classic method mentioned, no results have been achieved as successfully as varicocele surgery.

At the same time, you can easily see that the microsurgical method is also widely preferred in relation to the infertility problem that occurs in men. But in order for this option to be preferred, it is quite important to adapt to some conditions.

Male Infertility Surgery with Microsurgery

As described above, male infertility surgery with microsurgery is among the treatment options that are applied together with the conditions met and at the same time many advantages are obtained. It is very easy to achieve close to 100% success with this treatment performed under a microscope thanks to technology.

The main requirements that the patient must meet when choosing microsurgery for the treatment of infertility in men can be explained as follows:

  • Those whose testicular volume is close to normal
  • Patients without molecular disorders
  • Patients with normal FSH values and blood testosterone levels
  • Patients who have applied for infertility
  • Patients with a current sperm count of more than 5 million

If these conditions are met, you can use the microsurgical method and further increase your chances of having children. All other details you need to know about this topic are discussed in detail in another subtitle.

Advantages of Male Infertility Surgery with Microsurgery

Advantages of infertility surgery in men with microsurgery, within the framework of dec situation described above, is among the most curious topics. It is emphasized that some patients may have children and receive a positive response from the treatment within the framework of this health problem, where the microsurgical method is preferred. 

Sperm samples taken from men are examined under a microscope and the healthiest ones among them are kept aside. In addition, the egg cell taken from the woman is also examined under the same microscope and combined with sperm. If a positive response is received from this process, a child can be born. 

Thanks to this procedure, which is quite easy and does not require any surgery, you can easily see that many people have received a positive response. In addition to the research you will do on the subject, you can learn more about this method by talking to your doctor.

The Process After Male Infertility Surgery with Microsurgery

In normal conditions, regardless of the disease and regardless of the surgical method used, there are certain situations that patients should pay attention to in order to recover quickly after the operation. But apart from this fact, the situation is not the same for men who have applied for infertility. 

Microsurgery, which is applied under the name of infertility treatment in men, brings with it many advantages and enables patients to be treated in a more practical way. The most important thing to note here is whether you have a suitable profile for the microsurgery option.

If many conditions are normal, such as sperm count, the result of some tests, sperm samples that will be taken from men are brought together with egg cells thanks to microsurgery. Along with this simple process, there are no recovery processes and rest processes involved.

The fact that microsurgery is more practical compared to other alternative surgical intervention options is among the surgical intervention options that should be preferred by people who meet the aforementioned conditions. You can find out what effects microsurgery has on infertility by talking to your doctor about the subject and also examining the scientific articles and you can choose this method with peace of mind.

At the same time, it is among the highlighted results that there are no negative situations such as anesthesia or incision marks with the application of this method within the scope of male infertility treatment. All you need to do will be to pay attention to the details recommended by your doctor. 



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