"> Best Microdebrider-Navigation Technique Doctors in Turkey

Best Microdebrider-Navigation Technique Doctors in Turkey

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is being researched and answered by many patients. As technology advances, new techniques and new tools are used in the field of health. Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is also used during many surgeries for the purpose of preserving the healthy tissues of the patient and cleaning the diseased tissues.

Operations have their own difficulty levels. Some surgeries have a high degree of difficulty and patients may have a high risk of life in these surgeries. Especially during surgery, the anatomical structure of many patients cannot be easily visualized and followed. In such cases, it is unfortunately not possible to completely clear the disease.

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique has been actively used since 1990. Thanks to this technique, the anatomical structure of the patient can be easily visualized and diseased tissues can be easily cleaned. Thus, patients can get rid of the situation they are in and regain their health.

When complications occur during the surgery, the patient may die or some vital activities may be restricted. Thanks to this technique, complications that may occur during surgery can also be prevented. Thanks to this technique, which has been used for many years, many people have regained their health.

What is Microdebrider-Navigation Technique?

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique helps to delicately clean only diseased tissue during surgery. Thanks to this technique, while the diseased tissue is cleaned, damage to healthy tissues can be prevented. Microdebrider-Navigation Technique also saves time for the doctor and the patient during the surgery. Therefore, it takes its place among the very important techniques.

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique significantly shortens the operation time, especially in cases with polyps or with surgeries performed for widespread disease. This provides a great advantage for the patient and the doctor. Although this technique has been used for many years, it has started to be used more frequently today.

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique has a great effect on the complete clearing of the disease. It is known that this technique not only saves time, but also shortens the recovery period of the patient after the surgery. This means that the patient can recover in a short time without any problems.

What Area Is Microdebrider-Navigation Technique Looking At?

Since the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is a technique and method used during surgery, there are no health areas in hospitals that look at this technique. You should go to the relevant departments in hospitals for the problems you have experienced.

When you go to a department related to the symptoms of your disease, the necessary diagnosis will be made and your surgery will be performed if deemed necessary. During the surgery, Microdebrider-Navigation Technique will be used if deemed necessary. However, it should be known that this technique is only used in difficult surgeries.

You can use the MHRS application or call the ALO 182 line with your phone to make an appointment with the relevant departments of the hospitals. If you do not know which department you should go to regarding your illness, it will be sufficient to call the ALO 182 line and inform the representative who welcomes you.

In Which Surgeries Is Microdebrider-Navigation Technique Used?

Surgery is performed with the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique, but this technique is not used in all surgeries. The operations and ailments in which this technique is used can be listed as follows:

  • In cases of congenital anomalies
  • In patients with impaired anatomy
  • Forehead sinus
  • Posterior ethmoid
  • Patients with diffuse polyps
  • Skull base attempts
  • In eye socket related surgeries
  • In various tumor surgeries
  • In cerebrospinal fluid leaks

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is used in solving and performing these ailments and surgeries. Thanks to this technique, the anatomical structure of the patient can be closely examined and followed. Thanks to this technique, patients can easily get rid of their harmful tissues.

The possibility of various complications in surgeries using this technique is also very low. Surgery with a low probability of complications is less life-threatening than other surgeries. This helps the patient to be more comfortable and more courageous while undergoing surgery.

How is Microdebrider-Navigation Technique Used in Surgery?

The Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is used during surgery only when necessary. While using this technique, help is taken from special equipment and tools. Thanks to this technique, which is used under the control of a specialist doctor, the hard-to-reach areas of the patient can be reached very easily and follow-up is carried out.

With the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique, a three-dimensional roadmap can be created in a two-dimensional image. Thus, the expert team involved in the surgery has the opportunity to closely examine and intervene in the entire anatomical structure of the patient. Thanks to this technique, while the diseased tissues are removed, the healthy tissues are not damaged.

Expert teams have the necessary knowledge and skills to use Microdebrider-Navigation Technique. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to heal patients with special conditions and to facilitate difficult surgeries. For this reason, the technique in question is of great importance for the field of health.

Surgery with Microdebrider-Navigation Technique

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is used in special cases such as congenital anomalies or in risky and challenging surgeries such as tumor surgery. In order to use this technique in surgeries, the approval of the expert team is required. If the expert team deems it appropriate to use this technique for surgery, preparations are made and this technique is used.

The risk rate of surgeries performed with the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique can be significantly reduced. Complications are less likely to occur in surgeries using this technique. Therefore, Microdebrider-Navigation Technique can be used in many surgeries.

In many hospitals in our country, surgery is performed using this method. Thanks to this technique, which brings a new dimension in the field of health, many people can come out of surgery in a healthy way and return to their daily lives in a short time. However, you should not forget that there must be a suitable special case and a suitable environment for the application of this technique.

What are the Advantages of Surgery Performed with Microdebrider-Navigation Technique?

Surgery using the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique provides many advantages to the patient and the expert team. The first of these advantages is the provision of a three-dimensional roadmap in the two-dimensional endoscopic image. Thus, the negativities that may occur in the surgery can be minimized.

Thanks to the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique used during the surgery, anatomical areas that are difficult to reach can be approached more easily and safely. This reduces the probability of the expert team making a wrong move as much as possible.

In surgeries performed using the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique, sensitive interventions can be performed with less trauma. In addition, this technique provides a great advantage to both the patient and the team, as it significantly shortens the operation time. In this way, the patient can get rid of the harmful tissues in a short time.

Microdebrider-Navigation Technique also minimizes the possibility of complications that may occur during surgery. Complications are negativities that are likely to occur in every surgery. These negativities are minimized and the patient leaves the surgery safely.

Another advantage of the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is that it increases the success rate of the surgery and reduces the possibility of recurrence of the disease. In this way, the desired success during the surgery can be achieved much more easily. In addition, after the patient recovers, the probability of catching the same disease again is significantly reduced. Thus, this technique takes its place among the most advantageous surgical techniques.

Postoperative Process Using Microdebrider-Navigation Technique

After applying the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique, the patient can recover in a short time and return to his daily life. Because, thanks to this technique, the expert team performing the surgery can make changes in the anatomical structure of the patient more easily and can end the surgery without damaging the healthy tissues. Thus, the recovery period of the patients is shortened significantly.

The operation in which the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique is used is also important for the next process. For example, after tumor surgery, the patient may need to continue his life by paying attention to many situations. For this reason, you should follow the recommendations of the specialist physician after the surgery and continue your life carefully.

As mentioned above, the probability of recurrence of the disease is lower in surgeries performed using the Microdebrider-Navigation Technique. This means that you will most likely lead a healthy life without contracting the same disease.



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