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Nasal Polypectomy Surgery

Nasal polypectomy surgery is performed for treating the polyp ‎formation in the nasal cavity. This surgery helps to end the complications ‎that people experience because of nasal polyps. Especially some ‎problems such as shortness of and difficulty inbreathe that occur because ‎of polyp in the nasal cavity affect the quality of life of people. So, ‎treating nasal polyps is very important.‎

There is more than one method for treating nasal polyps. One of ‎them is nasal polypectomy surgery. However, this surgical operation is ‎put to use if there are a lot of polyps or the treatment medicine isn’t ‎useful. There is detailed information about nasal polyp and treatment ‎methods below:‎

What is the Nasal Polyp?‎

The nasal polyp is a nonmalignant formation that occurs in the nose and sinus. ‎even if polyps aren’t malignant, being treated for them is pretty ‎important. Because nasal polyps that weren’t treated in time can turn ‎into cancer and endanger the life of the patient. So people who suspect ‎nasal polyps should consult the doctor and treat them. Stigmas of the ‎nasal polyps are below:‎

Nasal flow

Postnasal drip

Feeling full in sinus

Difficulty in breathe ‎

Snoring because of getting difficulty in breathing ‎

Sleep apnea

Arbitrary ache around eyes and upper tooth

Nasal obstruction

Losing smell and taste

Changing in a voice obviously

The situations that are mentioned upper can foreshadow a disease. ‎These stigmas can be experienced in a lot of different diseases, people ‎should go to the hospital for control and examination. The doctor can ‎diagnose and start treating.‎

Which department is interested in nasal polyps?‎

People who have got nasal polyps and operated on nasal polypectomy ‎surgery are curious bout which doctor they should go. Since nasal ‎polyps are formations that occur in the nose and sinus cavity, people ‎should go ear, nose, and throat department as known as ENT. The ‎doctors that work in this department are interested in ear, nose, and ‎throat diseases.‎

People who have got nasal polyps stigmas can understand what the ‎disease and source of it are thanks to tests and examinations that ENT ‎doctors will do. The treatment process starts without wasting time. If ‎nasal polyp formations aren’t big so much, doctors can enable to treat ‎them via nasal spray medicines. However, if there are a lot of nasal ‎polyps and difficulty inbreathe, surgical operations can be ‎necessary.‎

What is nasal polypectomy surgery?‎

People who search for the answer to the “what is nasal polypectomy surgery” ‎question should know that this surgery is a surgical operation that is ‎put to use for taking the nasal polyps that are progressive. Nasal polyp ‎surgery is preferred if the treatment medicines is inadequate. ‎Endoscopically methods are preferred mostly for cleaning the nasal ‎polyps. Intranasal of the patient can be seen via monitor comfortable ‎and the damaged tissues can be determined easily.‎

nasal polypectomy surgery can take around 1,5 hours. However, some ‎factors such as circumstances of the polyps and fulling of the sinus can ‎cause get longer or shorter the surgery. Because, since all intranasal and ‎the systems that open toward to nose can be seen all fields where polyps ‎occur can be checked and the problems are solved.‎

How is nasal polypectomy surgery operated on?‎

Nasal polypectomy surgery can be completed comfortably thanks to the ‎developed technology. As we said before, these operations are ‎generally completed with the endoscopic method. The steps that are follow in ‎this surgery are below:‎

Firstly, local, or general anesthesia is put to use

After then, intranasal is entered via nares by using an endoscopic ‎device that is long and thin.‎

The device that enters the intranasal enables one to reflect the video and see ‎the intranasal.‎

Then polyps are eliminated by using a special device.‎

When all of the polyps are cleaned, the surgery is finished. ‎

Nasal polyps can be cleaned via these steps. The patient rests in the ‎hospital for a few hours after his surgery is completed. The patient can ‎be discharged from the hospital depending on the situation.‎

nasal polypectomy surgery with microsurgery

people who are operated on nasal polypectomy surgery ‎ are curious ‎about if this surgery is performed with microsurgery or not. It should be ‎known that microsurgery is put to use for being treated invisible ‎damage. However, since endoscopically methods are used for seeing ‎polyp formations microsurgery method is unnecessary. Furthermore, ‎since this surgery is performed by entering via nares cutting or suturing ‎step isn’t followed.‎

There is more than one method that is preferred for polypectomy ‎surgery today. These methods get vary thanks to the development of  ‎technology. However, when each method is examined, it is shown that ‎not getting help from microsurgery. Because the most harmless and ‎effective method is nasal polypectomy surgery which is nasal ‎polypectomy.‎

What are the benefits of nasal polypectomy surgery?‎

When the benefits of nasal polypectomy surgery are examined, ‎an increase in quality of life is seen. Because people who get rid of polyps ‎in the nose start breathing in. other benefits of this surgery are below:‎

Being cleaned of the nasal polyps increases smell and taste

Changing voice because of the polyps can be treated.‎

because of the polyps snoring is prevented.‎

Greatening polyps is prevented.‎

Relaxing of breathing in is enabled.‎

The surgery is performed without pain and the healing process of the ‎surgery is pretty short.‎

Nasal flow and postnasal drip that occur depending on the polyps ‎can be treated

Thanks to these benefits the quality of life of people increases directly. ‎So saying that there are a lot of benefits of nasal polypectomy ‎surgery is possible.‎

The process after the nasal polypectomy surgery

The process after the nasal polypectomy surgery is among the topics ‎that are curious by people who will be operated on this surgery. The ‎situation that people will experience and the points to take into ‎account are below:‎

Scabs can occur intranasal after the surgery

Scabs that occur can be softened by being cleaned with serums.‎

The patients can turn their daily life, however, resting for 10 days is advised.‎

The nasal drops that the doctor advised are used absolutely, otherwise, ‎irritations can occur in the intranasal.‎

Tampons aren’t taken off and damaged before the date that the doctor ‎determined.‎

Doctors warn the patients against some circumstances after the nasal ‎polypectomy surgery. If a person acts by considering these warnings, ‎s/he can heal in a short time and get rid of his/her problems. However, ‎if people come across an unexpected situation, they should connect ‎with their doctor absolutely and get information about what to do.‎



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