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Orchiectomy Surgery

Along with being a surgical intervention that closely concerns men, Orchiectomy surgery, also comes to the fore as a content that is being investigated from time to time. When looking at the male reproductive system, the basis of this system is the testicles. Orchiectomy surgery is also performed if the testicles are damaged or affected by the disease.

The process of removing one or both testicles at once is called orchiectomy surgery. If certain conditions are observed, this method should be performed by doctors who are experts in their field. Because orchiectomy, which is a serious and important operation, can also cause serious health problems.

In relation to this mentioned process, all the details that need to be known about orchiectomy surgery are covered in all the subtleties in the other subheadings below.

What is an Orchiectomy?

The question of what is orchiectomy surgery is also one of the contents investigated in relation to this surgical intervention, which is described in certain details above. Orchiectomy surgery is the process of removing one or two of the testicles. The testicles, which are the basis of the male reproductive system, are removed by this operation as a result of certain diseases or as a result of their impact.

Testicles, which have important functions such as sperm production, maturation and storage of sperm, can be removed by surgical intervention if the following conditions are observed:

  • Treatment of undescended testicles
  • Sex change
  • Treatment of testicular cancer
  • Exposure of the testicles to severe trauma

When one or more of these conditions occur, many specialist doctors emphasize that the health problem experienced can be treated with orchiectomy surgery. 

In order for the aforementioned intervention to be successful, you must definitely consult with doctors who are experts in their field. For this, it will be enough to visit the appropriate departments of the hospital closest to you.

Which Department Deals with Orchiectomy Surgery?

It is also one of the curious details that this surgical intervention mentioned in relation to orchiectomy surgery takes place in which departments and which departments deal with this disease. The question of which department deals with orchiectomy surgery is one of the contents that individuals who are looking for answers in this field usually search for on the internet.

If you need to have an orchiectomy operation or if you have a health problem related to the testicles, you should visit the urooncology units of hospitals. As a result of the examinations and tests that will be applied in this section, it will be understood exactly what kind of health problem you have.

Depending on the result of the tests, doctors who are specialists in their field will give you the necessary information about orchiectomy surgery. In short, by visiting the section mentioned above, you can both understand the problem and take advantage of the necessary treatment methods.

What is Orchiectomy Surgery?

Orchiectomy surgery, can be explained as a surgical intervention that takes place on the testicles, which have basic tasks in the male reproductive system. Many doctors who are experts in this field emphasize that orchiectomy surgery should take place if there is a trauma as a result of a testicular impact or serious health problems such as testicular cancer occur.

If orchiectomy surgery is performed, one or both of the testicles are removed. This operation, which requires a clean operation due to the fact that it is a difficult process, should be performed in a sterile environment and managed by a team of specialists. Orchiectomy surgery may vary depending on the condition of the orchiectomy experienced. Some of these species are described below.

  • Subcapsular orchiectomy
  • Simple orchiectomy
  • Radical inguinal orchiectomy
  • Partial orchiectomy
  • Bilateral orchiectomy

Each of these listed varieties also causes the surgical process and the methods that need to be applied to differ from each other.

How is Orchiectomy Surgery Performed?

About the process of removal of testicles, the question of how is orchiectomy surgery performed is studied through various sources by individuals who are interested in how surgical intervention takes place. This method, which is used with the appearance of certain conditions, is performed by doctors who are specialists in the department of urooncology.

The procedures performed within the scope of orchiectomy surgery are summarized in the following items as follows.

  • First, the anesthesia that is most suitable for the operation will be determined by the anesthesiologist.
  • After that, general anesthesia will be applied so that you can stay asleep throughout the operation.
  • The area where the operation will be performed will be sterilized with the necessary cleaning products.
  • In order for a successful operation to be performed on the testicles, the penis will be taped to your abdomen by the surgeon.
  • Depending on the type of surgical intervention that will be performed, an incision will be made in the lower abdomen or in the scrotum area.
  • The testicles will be separated from the surrounding tissues and vessels and removed from the body.
  • The surgeon who performs the procedure will ensure the attachment of the spermatic cords and at the same time take the remaining tissues.
  • Depending on the patient's preference, a prosthetic testicle can be used instead of the removed testicle.
  • Then the necessary wedge operations will be performed and the surgical site will be cleaned again.

These listed procedures can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, depending on the intervention performed. After the procedure is completed, you should stay under the supervision of a doctor so that your body functions can be monitored for a certain period of time.

Orchiectomy Surgery With Microsurgery

Currently, the microsurgical method used to treat many diseases is among the surgical applications that are wondered about whether it is used during orchiectomy surgery. Orchiectomy surgery with microsurgery, is not a method that is often preferred by doctors who are experts in their field. However, there are different preferred practices in terms of performing this intervention and obtaining successful results.

Although it is a difficult process by dec person, this operation, which lasts between half an hour and an hour, is performed under general anesthesia. One or both testicles are removed with an incision made from the part between the penis and testis or the lower abdomen.

With the termination of the application, it is recommended that the patient be kept under the supervision of a doctor for a while longer. Because the normalization of body functions as before has a process that varies from patient to patient. Orchiectomy surgery you can find many other details you are interested in about by examining various sources.

What Are the Advantages of Orchiectomy Surgery With Microsurgery?

Advantages of orchiectomy surgery with microsurgery, again, considering that this method is applied, it comes to the fore as a content that is being studied. However, it was explained in the previous title that microsurgery is very preferable in the context of orchiectomy surgery.

The advantages obtained within the scope of the application of other successful methods can also be described under this heading. Because the methods used bring success, it means that patients also receive the treatment they expect.

This surgical procedure, which has many advantages such as removing testicles when sex change is preferred, obtaining successful results in cancer treatment, solving problems that develop due to trauma, must be performed by doctors who are experts in their field. Thus, the result that will be obtained will be as successful as expected.

The Process After Orchiectomy Surgery With Microsurgery

Orchiectomy surgery has been explained in detail above, both about how it is performed and what exactly it means. Things to consider about after orchiectomy surgery are also prominent as another content discussed in this area. At this point, what needs to be known after orchiectomy surgery can be explained as follows:

  • It is recommended to use scrotal support for several days after surgical intervention.
  • The first few days after the surgical intervention, you should give preference to comfortable underwear.
  • Pay attention to abundant fluid intake and give preference to fibrous foods.
  • Be sure to use the prescribed medications as prescribed by your doctor and as soon as possible.
  • Avoid heavy work for several days after surgery.

By paying attention to these and similar situations, you can ensure that your healing process is completed quickly. In case of an otherwise similar situation, you should contact your doctor and indicate the complications that you have observed.



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