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Best Orchiopexy Doctors in Turkey

Undescended testicle surgery is one of the health problems that men may face in their infancy. This health problem, which is predicted in many ways but most predictions are misinterpreted, leads to an investigation of what kind of problem it is. For this, it is enough to study several sources.

At this point, it is necessary to first look at the process of formation of the testicle in the womb. This tissue is formed on the back wall of the abdomen in the womb of the mother. In advanced stages, while the testicular tissue is expected to descend, there is a disruption in the hormones and mechanisms that lead to this, causing the problem of undescended testicles.

You may notice that along with the appearance of this condition, undescended testicle surgery is resorted to. Taking into account the opinions and recommendations of doctors who are specialists in their field, you can get the necessary treatment and take advantage of the solution of the problem of undescended testicles.

What Is an Undescended Testicle?

The problem of undescended testicles, described in the framework of the main details above, is investigated under the title of what is an undescended testis by individuals who are curious about this subject. Undescended testicle, as already mentioned, is considered a health problem that can occur in the womb.

It is necessary that the testicular tissue forms on the back wall of the abdomen, and then, thanks to hormones, descends into the egg sac, that is, into the scrotum. but with the appearance of any abnormalities in these hormones, it is observed that the testicular tissue does not reach the egg sac, remaining in half. This condition is referred to as undescended testicles in medical language.

As a result of this health problem, there is a feeling that there are no testicles in the testicular sac. This condition needs to be intervened and certain surgical procedures should be performed. Because children who experience undescended testicles are likely to have unwanted health problems, such as infertility or cancer.

Which Department Deals with the Undescended Testicle?

In order for the orchiopexy to be performed, you first need to know which department deals with this problem. An undescended testicle, a condition that is often found in newborn boys, is being treated in the urology department. But your visit to the children's urology will also allow you to get an earlier response.

As a result of a number of tests conducted in this area, various treatment options will be offered and it will be made clear how children can benefit from this treatment. In addition to the treatment performed, it is recommended that the necessary follow-up be performed within the scope of this section on issues such as sperm production is normal or there is no risk of cancer.

You can create an appointment request on behalf of your child by calling the 182 appointment system or visiting the online appointment system. By choosing one of the pediatric urology specialists located in the hospital closest to you, you can ensure that the disease recovers in a short time thanks to this appointment request that you will create.

What is Orchiopexy?

Regarding the undescended testicle, which is among the congenital disorders, the techniques applied in this process are also wondered. The question of what is orchiopexy is one of the contents that is examined in order to eliminate question marks that have taken place in people's minds.

This health problem, in which hormonal therapy is also used in addition to orchiopexy, is controversial within the framework of hormonal therapy. Most people argue that development will be completed thanks to hormones, while others suggest that surgical intervention should definitely be performed.

In short, it is aimed to eliminate this problem in the treatment of undescended testicles where surgery is a need and to reduce the risks such as infertility or cancer that are likely to occur in children. Of course, in order to get detailed information about the subject and to benefit from the treatments efficiently, it is recommended to consult with surgeons who are experts in their field.

How is Orchiopexy Performed?

Orchiopexy is one of the medical contents discussed about how it is made. Undescended testicle, which is an innate ailment in boys, according to most experts, requires surgical intervention. As a result, parents or people interested in this issue are searching how this process is done through various sources. 

  • One of the main methods used for undescended testicles is described as orchiopexy. Here, the process of moving the testicle to the scrotum is performed. There is a high probability that the operation in question will be 100% successful. 
  • In addition, another method used for palpable testicles is the opening of two incisions on the testicle. One of these incisions is made in the area where the testicle will be located, and the other is made in the area where the testicle is located. 
  • Finally, a laparoscopic examination method is also used for a non-palpable testicle. Thanks to this method, the exact location of the testicle can be determined. Along with this operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, complete removal of the testicle or its normal positioning can also be performed.

When you examine these listed methods, you can see the treatment options for undescended testicle problem. Although each of them is used in different situations and in different ways, their purpose is the same. 

Orchiopexy with Microsurgery

Along with the fact that microsurgery is often the preferred method, this mentioned health problem is also examined within the framework of the same method. Especially regarding the options applied during orchiopexy, titles such orchiopexy with microsurgery or how is it done are wondered.

Although it is defined as a practical method, you can see that microsurgery is not a method used in orchiopexy. Instead, each of the other preferred options was clearly discussed in the previous title. Based on these, you can master the options used in orchiopexy and easily learn how they are applied.

What Are the Advantages of Orchiopexy With Microsurgery?

As explained in the title above, microsurgical method is not one of the preferred options when orchiopexy is to be performed. But besides this, you can also reach the advantages by looking at the other methods used. All you need to do for this is to examine the title of  the benefits of orchiopexy.

Other health problems, such as infertility and cancer, which are likely to be accompanied by the occurrence of this problem, are reduced to a minimum thanks to the surgical intervention that will be performed. At the same time,as the problem of undescended testicles, which is diagnosed at an early stage, will be treated at an early age, it will be quite difficult for it to pose a danger in the advanced stages.

After the operation takes place, there are also different topics that you should consider in the scope of orchiopexy. For example, it is recommended that the necessary tests be performed for the risk of cancer and infertility that may be observed in children and that a treatment plan be established accordingly. 

Within the framework of this mentioned situation, you can examine what advantages and results other methods orchiopexy have over many topics and find answers to what you are wondering.

The Process After Orchiopexy With Microsurgery

Although the process after orchiopexy with microsurgery may seem like a content that you can explore, it will be quite difficult for you to get results because the microsurgery option is not used in this surgery. Instead, you can find out what the next process is like based on the treatment options used in orchiopexy.

The results that can be seen after orchiopexy, which is a very critical operation, are listed in the following items.

  • After surgery, atrophy, that is, the problem of testicular melting, can be observed.
  • This, in turn, can lead to problems such as blockage of the sperm canal and the inability to have children.
  • Complications such as pain, swelling and redness in the testicle area are likely to occur in the postoperative process.
  • In case of infection, you should take care to use the antibiotics given by your doctor in a timely manner.

If these listed and similar conditions occur, you should inform your doctor about the process being experienced. In this way, it will be much easier to intervene in any problem that will occur and early intervention will be applied.



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