"> Best Penile Prosthesis Implantation Operation Doctors in Turkey

Best Penile Prosthesis Implantation Operation Doctors in Turkey

Penile prosthesis implantation operation is an operation applied to men, also takes part in health issues that are discussed from time to time today. Especially, sexually active men, stepping into adult life, can face erection dysfunction due to aging and other health problems. 

The prosthesis, implanted to the penis of men, in order to prevent this erection problem from negatively affecting sexual life thanks to the developed operation, it helps sexual life to stay active by removing the erection dysfunction. 

Depending on trying all the treatment methods and not taking any results, the final hope is to apply prosthesis operation. Developing erection dysfunction depending on age, diseases, and many other reasons can be applied to patients who want operation according to the aforementioned criteria. Seeing specialists will be enough for this. 

What is Penile Prosthesis? 

The procedure which is called penile prosthesis in medical language, is called happiness stick
in colloquial language
. At the time of reviewing, what is penile prosthesis question stands out as an interesting content. With the intention of fixing the erection problem, this prosthesis is qualified as a type of treatment. 

In case of vacuum devices, erection drugs and other methods not responding to the treatment, penile prosthesis is applied in order to be a permanent solution. The aforementioned procedure is quite simple and fast, and is completed after about 1-1.5 hours. 

The penile prosthesis implantation operation, it is useful to consult a specialist to understand if it is suitable for the patient even it is done by the patient’s choice. It is recommended to visit units dealing with and performing the operation. 

Which Department deals with Penile Prosthesis Insertion Operation? 

Many people search which units of hospitals to go about the subject directly about sexual life. With the erection dysfunction happening topic of interest, usually is searched under various headings such as in which department the penile prosthesis operation is performed. 

About the aforementioned topic, the questions you will ask such as “which department the penile prosthesis operation is performed?” you may often get urology answer. When you go to urology department you can tell your health problems and look for the treatment options your doctor gives you. Depending on the doctor’s opinions and suggestions you may get transferred to different departments. 

What is Penile Prosthesis Surgery?

The implanting penile prosthesis operation is qualified as a heading about how it is applied and what exactly means. Penile prosthesis is qualified as a treatment method implanted prosthesis inside the penis also called happiness stick. In the erection dysfunction depending on age and lifestyle, you can easily see it is applied for this treatment. 

In this issue, where there are more than one types of prosthesis, you can choose one of the options such as one-piece bendable penile prosthesis, three-piece inflatable happiness stick and two-piece semi-rigid penile prosthesis. With its use and look you can choose one type that is suitable for you and have it applied with surgical intervention. 

The people who want to learn about this procedure that is described as quite simple, looks for “what is penile prosthesis surgery?” in various sources. After the operation completed for about 1-1.5 hour, you can easily go back to your daily life a certain time passes. 

How to Perform the Penile Prosthesis Surgery? 

The question of how penile prosthesis surgery is performed is one of the content that is generally examined by the people who will have this operation. It has been said that it is an easy surgery. However, the operation can vary from the prosthesis type and the patient’s conditions. 

If it is to explain in general meaning this surgery is performed in the form of placing happiness sticks through an incision to be made in the abdomen or between the testicles and the penis. During the prosthesis placement, the amount of blood is very little as no tissue is removed. 

The penile prosthesis implantation surgery which is performed under general anesthesia as a surgical intervention that takes place quickly, patients can be discharged on the same day or they can be kept under control overnight depending on the doctor's opinion. You can get detailed information about the operation by meeting with your doctor who performed the operation. 

Penile Prosthesis Surgery with Microsurgery 

Penile Prosthesis Surgery with Microsurgery is one of the operations that are wondered about the fact that the aforementioned method is practical and at the same time technological. However, the microsurgery method is not really a preferred option in penile prosthesis insertion surgery. Other methods that are used give desired results both the patients and doctors wanted instead of this method. 

 Penile Prosthesis surgery which is performed under general anesthesia is completed with a small incision. Prosthesis placed into the incision help the patient return daily life. 

You can be in touch with your doctor and be informed about how the post-operative process is like and what you should be paying attention to. Thus, healing process and ease of use of the prosthesis will be more positive.

What are the advantages of Penile Prosthesis Surgery with Microsurgery? 

As it is mentioned in the previous heading, microsurgery method is not preferred while performing this surgical operation. However, if you want to learn what the advantages are you can look into the advantages of the methods used. You can reach these advantages related to penile prosthesis implantation operation, both from various sources and from your doctor. 

Firstly, you can see that each of these methods related to this operation is highly successful. It is known that the surgery time s short and the patients are discharged on the same day as the surgery. Besides, it is possible to have sexual intercourse after a short time with the insertion of prostheses. 

Whatever the preferred operation type is, the effect is always the same and the main purpose is to be sexually active. After about 2 months of the operation, you can return to sexual life and get a performance as you expect. At the same time, these prostheses used can maintain their function for a lifetime and do not leave you alone in sexual life. 

Post-Penile Prosthesis Surgery with Microsurgery 

Although penile prosthesis with microsurgery post-surgery process is not a content that can be looked into, many details such as how the operation will end and what needs to be considered afterward are looked into. In addition to the fact that the microsurgery method is not preferred in this surgical intervention, many other successful methods can be applied. 

With the compilation of the surgery, there are some things to be careful about accelerating the healing process and how to use these prostheses effectively. Some of these are explained below: 

  • It is required to choose a prosthesis type depending on your life style and body.
  • After the operation, the operation area’s being red or bruised is among the expected complications. 
  • You need to be careful about keeping the treated area clean and dry. 
  • Although you learn that you can have sexual intercourse after about 4-6 weeks, this period can be longer or shorter depending on the reaction your body will give. 
  • If you see unexpected abnormality it is recommended to connect with your doctor. 

By paying attention to this listed process, you can observe the situations that may occur after the operation, and at the same time learn exactly when you need to return to normal life. 



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