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Surgical Treatment of Peyronie's Disease

The surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease is wondered by men who experience this health problem and is investigated with all its details. Peyronie's disease is described as penile curvature. Penile curvature directly affects men's sexual life or general health and brings with it some problems.

This health problem, which can be seen by bending the penis sideways, upwards or backwards during erection, can be treated with surgical intervention by specialist physicians. However, in order to obtain a successful result, examination and treatment must be performed in the right departments.

This health problem can be congenital or can be seen in adulthood. By paying attention to the triggers or causes, you can drastically reduce later penile curvature. In congenital cases, it is definitely recommended to be treated.

What is Peyronie's Disease?

In the previous title, peyronie's disease was defined by considering certain conditions. However, in order to get detailed information, it is possible to see that titles such as what is peyronie's disease are also wondered within the scope of this subject. This disease, which is defined as penile curvature, can be congenital or occur in adulthood. However, the probability of this disease being congenital is expressed in numbers as 37 out of 100,000.

In men, the shape of the penis may also be abnormal due to the abnormal development of the tissues in and around the penis. This situation can manifest itself with various symptoms. By following these symptoms, you can understand whether you have this type of problem as well.

This disease, which is said to be congenital and in adulthood, can occur in adulthood within the framework of some situations. For example, traumas during sexual intercourse and mechanical blows to the penis cause Peyronie's disease.

What Area Causes Peyronie's Disease?

This health problem, which occurs from time to time in men, comes to the fore as a topic that is curious about which units of the hospitals are treated. Especially when you want to get help in cases such as the surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease, you need to know which departments of the hospitals deal with this disease.

This disease, which is defined as penile curvature, is examined and treated in the urology units of hospitals. When you observe symptoms of this disease, both in congenital and adult periods, it is recommended to consult with specialist physicians in urology units without wasting time. The earlier it is diagnosed, the shorter the treatment process will be.

What is Peyronie's Disease Surgery?

As mentioned in the previous title, if this disease is intervened in the early stages, it is possible to eliminate the disease by using drug therapy. However, the issue of what is peyronie's disease surgery means that the problem of penile curvature in men has existed for a long time.

In cases where drug treatment will not be effective, surgical intervention is applied to treat the curvature of the penis. In addition to the treatment of the disease, shortening of the penis may occur during the course of the disease, and it can be observed that there is an average of 1 cm shortening after the operation.



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