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Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic

The people who have got the prostate ‎disease are put to use some ‎treatment methods to solve the problem that the prostate gland caused. ‎One of the methods is prostate surgery. The surgical operations are ‎utilized when the prostate enlargement is really high and causes ‎serious health problems. Both open surgery and plasma kinetic are ‎the most common methods.‎

The methods that will be preferred for prostate surgery are depending ‎on the circumstance of the patient and the decision of the doctor. However, ‎the surgery has got a pretty high success rate for any method. The ‎biggest difference between these methods is that the patient is cut in ‎the open method, reaching the prostate from urinary meatus without being ‎cut in the plasma kinetic method. The people who want to give detailed ‎information can learn by reading below.‎

What is the prostate?‎

This question is searched by a lot of people. The prostate is a gland that ‎enables the secretion of semen. This gland under the bladder can get big ‎and causes some problems ureter notably. For example, prostate ‎enlargement forces the urinary tract bag and causes it to get narrow and ‎disables the ureter. The urination gets difficult. Sexing is one of the ‎problems of the prostate. Some problems such as agenesis, erection, ‎and ejaculation occur in the people who have got the prostate. The stigmas ‎of the prostate are below detailly:‎

Urine flows more little

Going to the toilet often

urinary incontinence, difficulty in urinary continence

feeling not being unable to void exactly

urine little by little

seeing blood in urine or semen

having ache in back, belt, foot, inguen, and haunch

Going to the toilet often at nights

Feeling burn when urine

The people who come across these problems should go to the ‎doctor and start their treatment process. Not healing the prostate ‎causes to increase this till cancer. ‎

‎ Which Department is Interested in Prostate Surgery?‎

The people who will operate on prostate surgery are curious about ‎which doctor they should go. These people need to know that going to ‎the urology department. urology means the department which ‎interested in the reproductive system in the men, urine tracts, and ‎urinary system. The specialists who work in urology enable to ‎the treatment of the disease. ‎

The 3 different diseases can be seen in the prostate gland. These are ‎benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. Since the ‎diseases in the prostate are different, the treatment methods change. ‎Firstly, generally, medicine is put to use for treatment. However, if there ‎isn’t any healing in the prostate or the disease progression continues ‎even though the medicine was used, surgery can be necessary. So ‎going to the doctor the people who have got prostate stigma is pretty ‎important for diagnosing the disease and starting the treatment ‎without wasting time.‎

What is Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic?‎

Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic are among the topics ‎that are interested in people who want to get information about ‎prostate surgery.‎ Open surgery or plasma kinetic methods are chosen ‎for prostate surgery as mentioned before. The essential aim of ‎these two methods is‎ prostate treatment, however, their steps are ‎different from each other. ‎

Open Prostate Surgery is a method that is required to ‎cut‎ the patient. ‎Prostate treatment is enabled by coming in from the pelvic cavity. ‎General anesthesia or spinal anesthesia‎ is put to use in open ‎surgery. The surgery is completed between 2 and 3 hours.‎

Prostate Plasma Kinetic Surgery enables to reach the prostate from the ‎urinary meatus. The thin and long tubes are used in these methods. ‎The special devices that are used for the surgery help to stop the ‎prostate and remove out of the body by making the bipolar electricity ‎energy. the risk of the infection is lower and the duration of the healing ‎is shorter because it isn’t cut.‎

How are Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic performed?‎

Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic are chosen ‎commonly for treating the people who have got the prostate disease. ‎The surgical operation is necessary for the patients who don’t answer ‎the medical treatment. Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic that are ‎common ‎are adopted at this point. The people who have got  ‎prostate disease‎ are curious about how these surgeries are performed.‎

The methods are different from each other as mentioned before. the ‎disease in the prostate can be treated only through these surgeries. The ‎patient is enabled to be put to sleep with General anesthesia or spinal ‎anesthesia in every two methods. 

Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic ‎with Microsurgery

The people who will be operated on the Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery ‎and Plasma Kinetic ‎curious about if the microsurgery is utilized or not. ‎Using the microsurgical method is unnecessary ‎in prostate surgeries. ‎Because these methods enable the surgeries complete that are ‎small so ‎that not see with the eyes to be completed. However, the prostate disease ‎that occurs with prostate enlargement can see with the eyes, using the ‎microsurgical method is unnecessary.‎

What are the benefits of Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma ‎Kinetic‎?‎

The problems that occur by depending on the prostate in the people ‎who prostate surgery is operated on are treated. So prostate ‎surgery is enabled a lot of benefits. The benefits are below:‎

Want going to the toilet often in the patient decreases.‎

The ache and burn feelings when the patient urines decrease.‎

The haunch and inguen ache that the prostate causes finish.‎

The prostate infections are treated.‎

The sexual problems that the prostate causes decrease so much.‎

After Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic Process

There are some situations that the patient should be careful of after ‎Prostate Surgery: Open Surgery and Plasma Kinetic. The duration of the ‎healing changes between 1 and 2 mounts. Having sex isn’t advised during this ‎period for the patients who are operated on for prostate surgery. ‎Otherwise, the infection can occur. The patients stay in the hospital for ‎one day. Then the discharge of the patient process starts according to the ‎circumstance of the patient. ‎

Patient who is operated on the prostate surgery can learn what ‎should they do and what not to do. The people who follow the doctor’s ‎advice can heal easily and turn their daily life. If unexpecting cases ‎happen, going to the doctor is pretty important.‎



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