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Stapedectomy surgery performed with the help of advanced technologies to eliminate conditions that negatively affect the quality of life of sick people is among the effective methods for people to achieve their health. 

This surgery, which aims to eliminate the movement restriction caused by otosclerosis by intervention in the stirrup bone, is performed by inserting the prosthesis to transmit the sound divers to the inner ear for hearing function. 

In order for communication to occur, the sound waves captured with the help of the auricle must be transmitted to the outer ear canal and reach the eardrum. After processing the signals transmitted to the eardrum with hammer, anvil and stirrup bones in the inner ear, hearing is carried out by transmitting them to the centers in the brain. 

Due to problems in the inner ear and middle ear, sometimes changes in the hearing levels of patients are observed and these changes negatively affect their daily lives. After the patients' interviews with ENT doctors, the disorders that occur in the structures in the ear are detected. 

The drawn path for people who feel symptoms of discomfort to progress towards diagnosis and treatment by contacting ENT outpatient clinics is seen as the first step towards eliminating the symptoms felt. People who transfer their complaints to specialist physicians in the field get healthy days with the treatments to be applied and the surgery to be performed if necessary.

What is stapedectomy?

Motion restriction, which is the marker in the definitive diagnosis of otosclerosis, can be eliminated perfectly with stapedectomy surgery. This disorder, known as calcification of structures in the inner ear, can affect one ear or both ears. This disorder, which causes a slow-progressing hearing loss, can be seen in individuals between the ages of 15 and 45. The incidence rate in women is higher in male individuals. 

This disorder, which can cause ringing and dizziness in the ear in patients, is also known to cause advanced hearing loss if left untreated. 

It is not possible to diagnose with physical examination and hearing test should be performed for the definitive diagnosis of the disease. This test provides information to the physician about the extent of hearing loss and where it originates. Radiological imaging methods are used as a guide for physicians in the diagnosis of this disorder. 

Which Department Is Looking at Stapedectomy Surgery?

Ear, nose and throat physicians, abbreviated as ENT, evaluate patients for Stapedectomy surgery. The symptoms of otosclerosis disorder and the detailed examinations and examinations of the people who apply to the ENT department are carried out and how the disorder affects the social life of the person. If the person has a low level of hearing problems, it is primarily ensured that the patient achieves their living standards by using alternative applications instead of surgery. In case of severe hearing loss, the person is informed about the surgery and surgery is planned after the necessary examinations are made. 

This branch of medicine, also known as otorhinolaryngology, which covers the ear, nose and throat, is also interested in the nerves in the head and neck and the structures in this region. This department, known as surgical medicine, is carried out with very valuable teachers in our country. It is very important to get rid of the symptoms of the disease in the early period by crossing paths with a surgeon who specializes in the field of people who experience symptoms of the disorder. 

What is Stapedectomy Surgery?

This surgical procedure, which is performed in order to have a healthy hearing and prevent balance losses, is performed with general or local anesthesia with the evaluations of the patient and the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Hearing loss due to calcifications in the outer ear and middle ear negatively affects the daily lives of people. Dizziness and balance problems accompanying hearing loss also affect the quality of people's social and work lives. 

Stapedectomy surgery, which is among the latest technology surgical interventions, is safely preferred by many people with its quality results and short-term improvement. High success rates are achieved in these surgeries, which have achieved great success by reflecting the stapedectomy technique. 

Alternative methods can be tried before the decision is made for the disease diagnosed at the initial stage. If the treatment applied to the individuals does not eliminate the problems experienced by the person, the decision of surgery can be made.

How to Perform Stapedectomy Surgery?

This surgery, which can be performed by applying general anesthesia or local anesthesia taking into account conditions such as general health status and age criteria of the person who will have surgery, results in very positive results as a result of meeting with the knowledge of advanced technologies. The process from diagnosing the person's discomfort to making the decision to operate should be followed with precision by the ENT doctor. These surgeries, which are performed carefully by specialist surgeons in the field, are also known as surgeries with high success rates. Today, knowing that there are important surgeons who can perform these surgeries easily in our country is a welcome information for those who are struggling with this disorder. 

Stapedectomy surgery, which put an end to communication type hearing loss, is among the most performed surgical procedures today. This surgery is recommended to patients who experience very mild communication hearing loss or where the hearing organs in the inner ear are significantly affected. 

Advantages of Stapedectomy Surgery

This surgery, which requires the person to perform the surgery to have special skills and is performed with the help of state-of-the-art microscopes, is known as a very comfortable operation. The fact that the pain and pain are not felt by the patient is positive for the surgeon who will perform the procedure and is of great importance in the comfort of the patient. It is effective to ensure a comfortable health for people to undergo a comfortable recovery process during and after surgery. 

Today, this surgery, which can be applied in public hospitals and private hospitals in our country, should be performed by a surgeon who specializes in the field of surgery. The knowledge and surgical skills of the surgeon that people who suffer from this disorder will choose for surgery are considered to be the most effective element in the perfection of the result. 

Process After Stapedectomy Surgery

100% of patients may complain of dizziness for a few days during the postoperative recovery process, but this is considered a completely normal process. It is not a condition that makes people worry or think that the surgery is negative if they experience dizziness after stapedectomy surgery. 

Patients can return to their normal lives in a healthy way by removing the surgical sponges placed in the outer ear canal with the operation by the surgeon who performs the procedure between 7 days and 10 days. 

Stapedectomy surgery performed using appropriate surgical techniques and appropriate surgical equipment is among the risk-free surgeries performed today. In addition, the small risks that may occur in all surgeries requiring intervention in the middle ear are valid in this surgery.  Almost every treatment method can have unintended consequences by the physician and the patient. These unintended consequences can sometimes be possible or sometimes unexpected complications may occur. 

Although it is rarely seen, injuries to the facial nerves and infections that may occur in the ear are among the complications of this surgery. The patient's taste changes in the language after surgery are also possible complications of this surgery. This surgery, which has been very successed in general, can result in complications, albeit from a nadir. 

Patients should avoid air travel to cover the early postoperative periods. People who have undergone surgery should not carry heavy loads during this period and should avoid pressure-causing conditions such as coughs.



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