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The placement of testicular prosthesis is a type of operation performed for purely aesthetic purposes today. Testicles that exist in men can sometimes be removed due to congenital and sometimes later problems. In the absence of a congenital testicle or subsequent removal, a appearance appears that reduces the self-esteem of men. In order to correct this appearance, testicular prosthesis has been applied since the 1940s and men's testicles are made an ideal appearance. 

The placement of testicular prosthesis, as we mentioned earlier, is done entirely for the purpose of improving the appearance. Therefore, testicles do not work more or less in people who use testicular prosthesis. Because testicular prostheses do not perform any tasks undertaken by normal testicles, they are applied only to people who do not have a congenital testicle or who have had testicles removed due to a problem in later periods. The following topics explain the concerns about testicular prostheses and the placement of these prostheses. 

What is Testicular Prosthesis?

The answer to the question of what is testicular prosthesis is widely researched today. Testicular prostheses are prostheses that can be produced in different sizes and are applied to the testicular cavities of men, ensuring the ideal appearance. To better describe these prostheses; it can be said that these prostheses are similar to breast prostheses used in women's aesthetic operations. Today, it is possible to have testicular prosthesis in many sizes. In this way, a second testicle can be added that is compatible with the patient's testicle. However, as we mentioned earlier, these prostheses are not able to perform the task of any organ. 

Testicular prosthesis is frequently applied in people who have had one or two testicles removed or who do not have one of their testicles due to an innate abnormality. Thanks to these applications, the testicles are restored to a natural appearance. These procedures also help to eliminate loss of self-esteem, shyness and such psychological problems caused by testicular deficiency in men.  

Which Area Is Looking at Testicular Prosthesis?

Men who are not satisfied with the appearance they have due to lack of testicles are doing research to get testicular prosthesis and want to know which doctors perform these procedures. Contrary to popular belief, testicular prostheses are not performed by plastic surgery specialists. Instead, urologists who specialize in reproduction and urinary tract in men perform testicular prosthesis. However, people who want a testicular prosthesis should not make an appointment directly for the application of prosthesis. Because urologists will have to carry out certain checks in order for the prosthesis to be applied. Therefore, people who want to have testicular prosthesis should make an appointment with urology doctors for control and examination purposes and then the procedure should be performed according to the information given by the doctor. 

There are no harmful substances in testicular prostheses. However, despite this, some people may not be satisfied with the first appearance that occurs after the testicular prosthesis. Urologists can see how the testicles stop and whether the placement is achieved with regular checks after the operation and can act accordingly. If you want to have a testicular prosthesis, you should make sure that you do not disrupt your postoperative checks.   

What is Testicular Prosthesis Placement Surgery?

The placement of testicular prosthesis is a type of operation applied to remove men's testicular deficiency from a cosmetic point of view. These operations are carried out by specialist doctors in the field of urology. Testicular prosthesis surgery, which is performed to select the most suitable testicular prosthesis produced in different sizes and to eliminate the abnormal appearance occurring in the testicular area, is usually performed with local anesthesia. However, if the patient has a special condition and the doctor deems it appropriate, general anesthesia can also be applied. 

Testicular prosthesis surgery is usually completed in a short time. However, if the testicular prosthesis operation is to be performed simultaneously with the operation of the testicle removal, the duration of the operation may be extended. However, patients are generally advised to perform both operations at the same time. Because of this, both the surgical load decreases and the patient's recovery is much shorter.  

How is testicular prosthesis placement surgery performed?

People who want to have testicular prosthesis placement surgery are curious about the steps taken to perform this surgery. At this point, it should be known that the testicular prosthesis can be completed both alone and simultaneously with the operation of taking the testicle. The steps followed by doctors who are experts in urology for the placement of the prosthesis are as follows: 

  • First, a prosthesis is selected according to the patient's testicular size. In this way, the result is much more successful. 
  • Local or general anesthesia is applied in order to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the surgery. 
  • The prosthesis to be applied to the patient can be completed by making a small incision in the groin or testicle area. However, incision in the testicle ensures that the surgery is completed in a much shorter time. 
  • The selected testicular prosthesis is placed in the scotrum with a small incision  in the testicle.
  • Finally, stitching is performed to prevent the prosthesis from slipping. 

Testicular Prosthesis Placement Surgery with Microsurgery 

People who want to have testicular prosthesis wonder if the surgical method used at this point is microsurgery. There is no need to use microsurgery method during testicle prosthesis placement surgery. Because the procedures performed in the operation of implanting prosthesis do not affect the amputee or nervous system. For this reason, local anesthesia is performed in the prostheses to be placed in the testicle area and, as we mentioned earlier, it is done by removing a minimal groin or testicular incision and is completed with stitches. 

What are the Advantages of Testicular Prosthesis Placement Surgery?

Wearing a prosthesis on the testicle is one of the most important cosmetic operations to increase the self-esteem of men. Men who do not have one of their testicles or have to have their testicles removed in the future due to health problems lose their self-confidence and are ashamed to have sexual intercourse due to their testicles taken after the operation. Thanks to testicular prosthesis surgery, these psychological problems are eliminated. Because in this process, the testicles are helped to have a natural and normal appearance. As mentioned before, as a result of testicular prosthesis surgery, there are no positive or negative effects on the function of the testicles. This surgery is applied only to achieve an aesthetic appearance. However, despite this, the advantages of the operation of implanting testicular prosthesis are quite high. 

Process After Testicular Prosthesis Placement Surgery  

The process after testicular prosthesis surgery is of close interest to the people who will undergo this surgery. People who are curious about what will happen after testicular surgery and want to learn about the healing process can take a look at the list below. 

  • Edema and pain may occur for several days after the operation. 
  • The dressing performed at the end of the surgery remains for an average of 2 days. 
  • Patients are advised to rest inpatiently for the first 3 days. 
  • Depending on the doctor's advice, the patient can take a shower after 3 days. 
  • 1 week after the operation, people can return to their daily life. 
  • The sutures used in testicular prosthesis surgery do not need to be removed because they are of the melting type. 
  • After the prosthesis operation, it is very important to go back to the hospital for a check-up on the dates specified by the doctor. 

In case of unexpected complications such as excruciating pain, non-stroke swelling, excessive fever and tremors during this process, patients should consult their doctor directly. In this case, doctors will carry out the necessary checks and ensure that the problems experienced are resolved.



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