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Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)

Tubal Ligation Surgery ‎is put to use for women who don’t want to ‎get pregnant and its effects start soon after the surgery and continue ‎lifelong. It is the most beneficial birth-control method since it removes ‎the probability of the pregnancy risk exactly. Besides this, deciding by ‎thinking carefully before the surgery because there isn’t the possibility of ‎turning back. Pregnancy can occur after the tubes are opened even if it ‎is rare.‎

Tubal Ligation Surgery ‎is called bilateral tube Ligation (BTL) in ‎medical. In our country, generally, the women who decide to have ‎children have enough purpose to prevent the pregnancy by being operated ‎on Tubal Ligation. The surgery is very successful since its success rate is ‎almost %100. It is expressed as an easy surgery since it is done often.‎

What is tube?

The fallopian tube is located right and left of the uterine in the women. ‎These fallopian tubes that go towards to ovary are called uterine tubes. ‎The mission of the Fallopian tubes is to send the ovaries to the uterine. The ‎sperm that comes from the man is fertilized in the Fallopian tube. ‎When the tubes are ligated, they are closed, and passing sperm is ‎prevented. in conclusion, sperms don’t reach the ovary and when ‎fertilization doesn’t become, pregnancy doesn’t occur.‎

Fallopian tubes should be healthy for pregnancy. Infection or other ‎diseases prevent this. The women that don’t prefer to get pregnant ‎tend to ‎ Tubal Ligation (demasculinization) ‎surgery as known as tube ‎Ligation ‎or tubal sterilization. Surgical procedures are necessary for ‎Tubal Ligation ‎which is an effective birth-control method.‎

Which department is interested in Tubal Ligation Surgery?‎

Tubal Ligation Surgery ‎involves closing the tubes in the reproductive ‎organ. obstetrics and gynecology should be consulted for surgery. ‎obstetrician and gynecologist decide if the patient is available for ‎surgery or not after the examination. Laparoscopic processes are ‎covered expenses by social security ‎institutions for the women who have ‎got insurance ‎and are performed in public hospitals. ‎

Tubal Ligation can be performed closed (Laparoscopic) and at the same ‎time normal delivery or abdominal delivery. It is put to use for adults ‎without any age limit. This surgery that has got under %1 probability of ‎pregnancy is so much ‎functional for people who search for a perdurable ‎birth-control method. An obstetrician and gynecologist ‎is responsible for ‎the patient if she is ‎both psychologically and physically sides ready or ‎not.‎

What is Tubal Ligation Surgery?‎

Tubal Ligation Surgery is one of the methods that is chosen commonly ‎around the world. Fallopian tubes are closed for preventing‎ to meet the ‎sperm and follicle during sex. So the chance of pregnancy decreases ‎quite.‎

If there is a low probability, that when tubes are opened, there will be a ‎chance for pregnancy. However, pregnancy can be possible not via ‎natural ways but the treatment such as tube baby. The patient rests ‎and is discharged from the hospital on the same day after ‎the Tubal Ligation Surgery generally.‎

How  Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL) is operated on?‎

Preparing for surgery starts if examinations that are necessary are ‎completed for Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)‎ totally. Uterine is on the line ‎of the belly button. So, the cut is on the line of‎ the umbilicus. A small ‎openness is enough for completing the surgery. Being ligated of the ‎tubes is possible after the abdominal delivery. If a woman that hasn’t ‎ever experienced a pregnancy is ligated her tubes, her menstrual cycle ‎should be over newly.‎

The gynecologist is sent the camera to the uterine via cut. When a ‎detail following is enabled via a monitor, tubes are ligated. A ring or tube ‎clips are used for closing the fallopian tubes. If it is necessary, these tools ‎can be taken off. Surgery is completed in a short time. The patient is ‎put to use local anesthesia or general anesthesia according to the decision ‎of the doctor. So ache isn’t felt.‎

Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)‎

If tubes are opened or not changes depending on the methods that ‎are used during Tubal Ligation Surgery. If Adeana and Essure systems ‎close fallopian tubes, processes aren’t taken back. So, saying to the ‎doctor if she will want to be opened them or not is very important. ‎The doctor prefers the right decision according to the situation, ‎willingness, requirement, and disease (diabetes, heart diseases, lung ‎diseases, etc.) of the patient.‎

Tubal Ligation Surgery ‎can be performed practically by the gynecologist ‎in a short time and the complication risk is quite low. However, pregnancy ‎is wanted again, this probability will be pretty low. So, the surgery is ‎put to use the women who are over 30 years old from the point of ‎being sure of the decision.‎

What are the benefits of Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)‎?‎

Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)‎ prevents the possibility to get pregnant ‎at almost %100 rates. So this is the most ideal method for women or ‎couples who don’t want to have a child. The method such as spiral ‎should be renewed generally after 5 or 10 years, however, is ‎performed once a time Tubal Ligation is enough.‎ being completed the ‎process once the time is a big benefit.‎

After the surgery, functionality starts immediately. Being taken fallopian ‎tubes instead of ligation them is a remedy for ovary ‎cancer. Tubal ‎ligation decreases creating cancer at the rate of %60.‎

The process after Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)‎

healing is completed after Tubal Ligation Surgery (BTL)‎. A lot of factors ‎such as the sensitivity level of the patient, being performed ‎the surgery ‎is open or close (laparoscopic), simultaneous with the birth or ‎not, and ‎the qualification of the doctor affect the healing process.‎ the care of the ‎patient should be taken care of. Even if the complication risk is low, ‎hygiene should be careful.‎

Points to take into consideration generally after the Tubal Ligation ‎Surgery are below:‎

The medicines that are given by the doctor should be used regularly ‎and completely.‎

The area that is cut should be dry and clean every time to reduce the ‎infection risk.‎

Avoiding area fields such as sea, pool, and hammam is advised.‎

Heavy things shouldn’t be carried.‎

Having sex should be avoided for at least one week and not until being ‎gotten approval from the doctor.‎

The programs that the doctor advised should be followed and control ‎time shouldn’t be skipped.‎

Infection risk is considered like each surgery. Having sex should be ‎avoided first 1 – 2 weeks after the Tubal Ligation Surgery. Conclusive ‎time can change depending on the suggestions of the doctor for each ‎patient.‎



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