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Umbilical Hernia Surgery

The hernia is a common disease. One of the hernia types that occurs in both ‎babies and adults is Umbilical Hernia. When Umbilical Hernia ‎occurs in ‎the babies, it can pass itself. However surgical operation can be ‎necessary for long-term umbilical Hernia in the adults. Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery is completed in a short time however not being ‎considered unimportant surgery. If the hernia ‎progresses‎ and not to be ‎gone to the doctor, the pain can be high level. Also, the advanced ‎hernia can cause bigger health problems.‎

Umbilical Hernia Surgery can be completed between 30 minutes or 1 ‎hour. However, the surgery can take longer or shorter than being ‎mentioned. This situation depends on the patient. All details that are ‎curious about Umbilical Hernia are explained ‎in the below topics.‎

What is Umbilical Hernia?

People who search for the answer to the “what is Umbilical Hernia” question ‎should know that this hernia type occurs in the Umbilical. Especially this ‎hernia that ‎occurs in babies and children can pass itself if it ‎occurs early age. However, surgical operations are necessary for ‎adults. Umbilical Hernia means coming out the content in the ‎abdominal between muscles toward to outside. Hardening such ‎condyles can be seen on the umbilical. Some stigmas of the Umbilical ‎Hernia are below:‎

Swelling near the bellybutton


Difficulty in defecating

Having extremely aches when defecating

Ache on the condyles

Movement ability by depending on the hernia

The people who have got the stigma that is mentioned should go ‎to the doctor directly and start being treated. Otherwise, the hernia can ‎progress and causes to decrease in the quality of life and other ‎diseases.‎

Which department is interested in Umbilical Hernia?‎

The people who have got the ‎ Umbilical Hernia problem curious about ‎which doctor they should go to for treatment. the general surgery ‎department should be gotten an appointment for ‎Umbilical Hernia ‎surgery‎. If the person is an adult or a baby, the pediatric surgery department ‎should be gotten an appointment. However, it should be known that being ‎operated on is unnecessary for every person. Even if it is very ‎rare, healing of the hernia without medicine or surgery is possible for ‎adults. However since it is a very rare probability, you should go to the ‎doctor absolutely for not progressive of the surgery.‎

Doctors can try a medical‎ treatment‎ or physical therapy firstly for the ‎umbilical Hernia. However, if these treatments get late surgical ‎operation can be necessary. Since the treatment method is depending ‎on the circumstance of the patient totally, it is advised that the people ‎who have got the ‎umbilical Hernia ‎should go to the doctor without ‎wasting time and start the treatment directly after the surgery.‎

What is Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery?

Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery is a method that is used for the hernia ‎‎treatment that progressed so much that isn't treated via medical ‎‎treatment.‎ the patients are operated on by effecting general anesthesia. ‎A small cut is done near the hernia. The herniation tissue is pushed into ‎the abdominal emptiness via the cutting. In some cases, this process ‎can’t be enough. The process that is performed during the surgery ‎depends on the size of the hernia. If the hernia is so much, supportive ‎methods such as a patch are used.‎

The difficulties of the patient are solved substantially. Especially, the ‎hernia tissue in the Umbilical and hernia aches ‎are removed.‎

How is Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery‎ operated on?‎

People who are operated on Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery‎ are curious about ‎how this surgery is performed. At this point, generally being performed ‎the surgery with the same steps should be known. However as we ‎mentioned before, the surgery can be completed depending on the ‎size of the hernia‎ and the circumstances of the patient. The steps that are ‎followed for the surgery like this are below:‎

General anesthesia‎ is put to use for not feeling any pain.‎

A small cut is done near the hernia. ‎

The herniation formation is pushed into the abdominal emptiness.‎

Then the abdominal wall is closed and sutured.‎

The surgery is completed after the herniation formation ‎is removed.‎

Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery with Microsurgery

Umbilical hernia‎ disease that occurs because of doing hard exercises, ‎gaining, and losing weight quickly, straining so much, cirrhosis, ‎constipation, etc. can be removed via surgical operations. it should be ‎known that ‎ Microsurgical operations aren’t preferred in this surgery. ‎Instead of this, as we said before, open surgery or closed surgery as ‎known as laparoscopic are used. However ‎ Microsurgical operations ‎‎don’t need to be for hernia surgery.‎

There are a few methods that are performed with Microsurgery.  Since ‎the small invisible processes aren’t completed with normal methods, ‎microsurgery prefers. Shortly, Microsurgical operations ‎aren’t necessary ‎for Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery.‎

What are the benefits of Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery?‎

Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery ‎ is one of the most effective methods that are ‎used for being removed the Umbilical Hernias. surgical operations‎ are ‎necessary for Especially enlarged and advanced hernias. So, there are a ‎lot of the benefits of the ‎Surgery. the benefits of the ‎Surgery are below:‎

Mobility that gets difficult because of the hernia increases after the ‎surgery.‎

The healing process is pretty short.‎

The probability of being experienced the hernia again in the people ‎who are ‎operated on the Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery is pretty low.‎

The difficulty in defecating is solved.‎

Some unwanted cases such as asthenia, swelling, and extreme ache in the ‎abdominal that occur because of the hernia are prevented.‎

The process after the Umbilical Hernia ‎Surgery

The process after the umbilical hernia ‎surgery can change according to ‎the people. Since hernia formation is big in some patients, the healing ‎process can be longer. However, the things that should be known ‎about The process after the umbilical hernia ‎surgery are below:‎

The patients can start drinking water 2 hours after the surgery.‎

Drinking plenty of water is necessary after water drinking is permitted.‎

The dressing can be taken off 2 days after the surgery.‎

Surgical ache can be experienced for a few days; however, this ache is ‎pretty less than a hernia ache.‎

Resting by lying is advised for a few days.‎

Avoiding some activities such as carrying heavy things, and starting hard ‎sports is pretty important after the surgery.‎

Painkillers that the doctor advised can be used, however using so much ‎can destroy the body.‎

Going to the doctor is necessary in unexpected cases.‎

The people who continue their life by considering these can turn their ‎daily life in a very short time and enable them to remove the ache that occurs ‎because of hernia and surgery.‎



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