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In cases where the vagina is looser or wider than normal, vaginal narrowing and enlargement operation can be applied with the advice of the doctor. With the developing technology, the process length has been shortened and the process has become quite easy for both the doctor and the patient. For this reason, the frequency of performing operations related to the vagina has increased today. Cosmetic gynecology is an extremely important field for women who want to regain their former appearance with middle age.

Narrowing of the vagina, along with the removal of organs that put pressure on the area, prevents health problems that may occur in the progressive process. The operation is most often completed without problems when it is performed by specialists. Each patient with aesthetic concerns can find out if he is suitable for the operation by contacting his doctor. This operation, which is performed in a small number of public hospitals, is usually performed in university hospitals or research hospitals. 

What is Vagina?

Vagina refers medically to the vagina. The vagina, which is approximately 10 centimeters long, is a tube that runs between the anal canal and rectum in the back and the bladder and urethra in the front. It is also popularly known as the area where sexual intercourse takes place and birth is made. Therefore, it is obvious that it has an expanding and stretching structure. In the lower part of the birth canal, the vagina is located, at the same time menstrual blood is discharged from here. 

The vagina is a transitional section between the external and internal  genital organs. Under normal conditions, the walls of the vagina are expected to touch each other, and these parts are covered with mucus. This mucus provides lubrication. The vagina consists of two parts: the posterior vaginal fornix and the anterior vaginal fornix. The uterus and the vagina are often considered to be the same thing, but they are adjacent organs to each other. In the upper part of the vagina, the cervix and the uterus are located, which are the continuation of the organ. 

Which Department Deals with Narrowing and Widening of the Vagina?

Narrowing and widening of the vagina is associated with the female genital area. That is why the gynecology departments of hospitals carry out the corresponding operation. In some cases, collaboration with plastic surgeons can be provided. Operations that are established among the public as vaginal aesthetics are specifically included in the field of cosmetic gynecology. The process of operation, is carried out professionally by a obstetrics and gynecology specialist.

Vaginal enlargement surgery is mandatory for patients suffering from MRKH syndrome, also known as short vagina or absence vagina. In this congenital condition, not only the uterus and part of the vagina are not formed, but also the ovaries are not found. It is inevitable to resort to an expansion operation by performing vaginoplasty. This ailment is present in 1 out of every 4500 women.

What is the Narrowing and Widening of the Vagina?

Narrowing the vagina is the name given to the operation to restore the enlarged vagina to its former tightness and condition. The operation performed as a result of complaints such as decreased elasticity of the vaginal tissues, loosening and expansion of the tissues is for functional and aesthetic purposes. The common observation of vaginal infections is also among the reasons for the operation. While women may complain about this situation due to aesthetic concerns, the decrease in pleasure in sexual intercourse and the elimination of loss of sensation are associated with functionality.

Vaginal enlargement surgery, on the other hand, is performed to eliminate the narrowness in the vagina area. For congenital reasons, there may be the presence of a curtain that narrows the vagina and divides it in half. This condition causes problems during sexual intercourse. The patient may not be able to have sexual intercourse or experience a painful condition called dyspareunia, even if she does. It is possible for vaginal stenosis to be congenital or acquired. 

How is the Operation of Narrowing and Dilating the Vagina Performed?

Surgery for narrowing the vagina can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient's condition and doctor's preferences. The operation should be performed in a hygienic clinic, and a specialist doctor should take over the process. An incision of approximately 6 centimeters is made from the entrance to the vagina and tissues up to the inside of the vagina are removed. Then, with the help of absorbable sutures, the inside of the vagina is brought together in layers. Thanks to this, the inner part of the vagina narrows completely. If the patient suffers from sagging of the intestine, the levator november tissue is brought closer during the operation. 

Vaginal enlargement surgery is most often performed using local anesthesia. The part that causes the stenosis is cut using a laser and thus the opening is achieved. After the operation, the vagina and the entrance are relaxed. All complaints are eliminated, and the feeling of pain that occurs during sexual intercourse disappears. Compared to narrowing the vagina, it is completed in a much shorter time. If necessary, the hymen is also removed by the doctor by cutting it with a laser and the physical problem is eliminated.

Vaginal Narrowing and Enlargement Operation

Vaginal narrowing and enlargement operation is often performed by obstetrics and gynecology specialists. The operation is completed in approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. As with any operation, the risks are infection and bleeding. Although narrowing surgeries are generally preferred by women who have given birth, they are also in demand by those who have never given birth. The birth of a large baby, an abortion, or more than one birth provokes an abundant discharge from the vagina. 

After the decongestant procedure, the vagina narrows on average by 6 to 7 centimeters. This amount of contraction is considered as ideal. But the final decision is taken by the attending doctor, taking into account the condition of the vagina, depending on the patient. Before the operation, the gynecologist conducts detailed examinations. At the preparatory stage, the anesthesiologist conducts the necessary tests. Anesthetizing the area to be treated completely ensures that the patient does not feel any pain. 

What are the Advantages of the Operation of Narrowing and Widening the Vagina?

Vaginal narrowing and enlargement operation brings with it numerous advantages. First of all, the patient has aesthetic concerns, which can cause a lack of self-confidence and psychological difficulties. Therefore, together with the operation, the person gets over all these problems and feels good. At the same time, especially the expansion of the vagina can be done compulsorily due to congenital problems. Thanks to this, the structure of the patient's vagina is normalized.

As the enlargement of the vagina will cause air leakage in daily life, gas extraction sounds may come from the vagina. This condition causes the person to feel uncomfortable. The patient, who has recovered physically with the help of the operation, also gets rid of the problems she experienced during sexual intercourse. Thanks to the operation of expanding and narrowing the vagina, it becomes easier for the patient to have an orgasm, and in general, the quality of life improves.

Post-Vaginal Narrowing and Enlargement Operation Process

After the vaginal narrowing or widening operation, the patient is usually discharged on the same day. After the procedure, antibiotic therapy is performed to avoid infection. The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly, doctor's recommendations should be fully followed. It will be enough to rest for a few days, taking into account the patient's body and the scope of the operation. You shouldn't be lifting heavy for a while. Jobs that do not require intensive pace can be returned to after a short time. 

Due to the risk of infection, great attention should be paid to hygiene conditions. At the same time, it is necessary to stay away from the sea, pool, hammam or sauna. With the development of medical technology, the use of the laser during operation increases the success rate. Examinations should not be interrupted as recommended by the doctor. In order for the patient to fully return to his daily life and become sexually active, the recommendations of the gynecologist are taken into account.



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