"> Best Varicocele Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Varicocele Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Today, varicocele surgery is one of the surgical operations performed in order to protect male sexual health. Many men have a problem with varicocele, and if this problem is not solved, many different problems may occur. Some of those are; experiencing severe pain in the testicles, decreased sexual pleasure, experiencing erection problems, difficulty having children. Currently, two different methods of treatment are used to eliminate such problems. 

Men who have varicocele problems should definitely be treated so that their sex life can be much more efficient and serious problems such as testicular pain can be overcome. In men without treatment, serious decreases in sperm quality are observed. This situation can bring different problems with it. If you are also doing research on varicocele and the solution of this condition, you can get more information by examining the following topics. 

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is one of the problems that can occur on the surface of loose skin that provides protection for the testicular areas of men. Varicocele, also called swelling of the veins in the balls that exist in the scrotum, is a kind of varicose veins that appear on the legs. It is especially observed on the left side and upper regions of the testicles. Most men may not notice the occurrence of varicocele when they are in a sitting position. But if there is a problem of varicocele, it is impossible not to see it while standing.  

Men can feel a worm-like structure in their testicles when they touch their testicles. This, as we have already mentioned, occurs due to swelling and dilation of the veins in the balls. Varicocele is usually observed in men at a young age. Usually this kind of problem is observed in 15% of men. But men who have detected this problem must necessarily visit a doctor and be treated. 

Which Department Deals with the Varicocele?

Since varicocele is a type of reproductive organ disorder, it is necessary to visit doctors who have specialized in the field of urology to treat this problem. The specialist doctors operating in this department will first listen to the patient's complaint and then provide the necessary examinations depending on the patient's condition. At this point, a clear diagnosis can be made both by examination and by listening to complaints. 

It is quite important to determine the diagnosis before treating varicocele. Especially in men who feel a lump in the testicle area, experience testicular pain during the day, do not have children despite having sexual intercourse for a long time, or have problems such as their testicles have recently shrunk, the suspicion of varicocele begins. It is very important that men who have experienced these and similar problems undergo an examination from the urology department. 

What is Varicocele Surgery?

Varicocele surgery, which we have already mentioned, is a kind of surgical operation performed to eliminate varicocele discomfort and improve the quality of life in men. In this context, there are two different methods that may be preferred for treatment. One of these methods is varicocele surgery, while the other is varicocele embolization. Which method to apply at this point is chosen depending on both the condition of the varicocele and the opinion of the attending doctor. Therefore, the question of what is varicocele surgery may have different answers. 

People with suspected varicocele should make an appointment with the urology department both to be examined and to clarify the diagnosis and to find out which operation method to follow during varicocele treatment. Because, as we mentioned earlier, information about the operation is not received before the examination, the diagnosis is clarified and a one-to-one conversation with the doctor is provided.  

How is Varicocele Surgery Performed?

Varicocele surgery is currently being applied to eliminate the problem of testicular vein collection, which is observed in 15% of men. As we have already mentioned, the expansion and spread of the vessels located in the testicle can lead to many different problems. In order to avoid such problems, surgical interventions are required. People who are going to have varicocele surgery are wondering how these operations are performed. At this point, it should be known that there are two different treatment methods that can be applied, and the way these methods are applied differs from each other. But operations are usually performed as follows: 

  • Regional anesthesia is applied to the patient who will have varicocele surgery. But in special cases it is also possible to give the patient general anesthesia. 
  • An incision is made in the abdomen or groin area of the patient, through which the veins leading to the testicle are detected. 
  • It is determined whether there are abnormalities in the testicular vessels, and in this regard, compression of the vessels that expand or spread is provided. 
  • Thanks to this procedure, the blood flow through the vessels will be maintained at a normal level. 

These steps, mentioned above, are most often performed in varicocele surgery. However, if the treatment to be performed is varicocele embolization, a crater is placed in the patient's inguinal vein at this point. In addition, a coil is also placed inside the crater and varicocele. Thanks to this, it is ensured that the blood flow is at a normal level. 

Varicocele Surgery with Microsurgery 

Varicocele surgery is performed using microsurgical technology. Thanks to microsurgery, fine studies can be performed on the vessels, and thanks to this, much finer work can be performed. Surgical procedures that will be performed in cases such as vascular, nerve, amputee are performed thanks to microsurgery. In this way, operations are completed using devices and tools specially manufactured for the medical field in areas that are very small and difficult to operate. 

Thanks to the fact that varicocele surgery is also performed by microsurgery, this operation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. In addition, the success rate of the operation is quite high. Moreover, improvements in sperm values up to 60% can be observed after surgery. Patients can be discharged on the same day as the operation. 

What are the Advantages of Varicocele Surgery?

People with varicocele are considering surgery to treat this condition and are conducting research in this context. Many positive situations are observed in people who have undergone varicocele surgery. Some of them; 

  • An increase in sperm quality is observed.
  • It is greatly helped in the treatment of infertility. 
  • Self-confidence in people decreases. 
  • Men's sex life becomes more productive. 
  • Testicular pain that can be experienced throughout the day ends. 

As can be seen from the above list, varicocele surgery not only takes on the vascular appearance seen in the testicles. In addition, the quality of sperm of men is improving, and the pains are reduced. Considering all these aspects, it is seen how important and advantageous it is that people who have varicocele problems should definitely consult with their doctors and be treated. 

The Process After Varicocele Surgery  

In the process after varicocele surgery, men need to pay attention to themselves. It is very important to pay attention to a number of issues in order to recover quickly and maintain testicular health. Things to watch out for are listed below. 

  • After surgery, there is no need to be monitored in the hospital unless the doctor deems it necessary. However, in a painful operation, a hospital rest can be given for 1 day.  
  • It is also quite important not to have sexual intercourse for some time after the operation. 
  • The choice of clothes is quite important in the healing process. In this regard, it is necessary to contact the doctor who performed the operation. If necessary, tight clothing that lowers blood pressure can be worn. 
  • Operative pains pass on average within 1 week. After this process, people can return to their work lives. 
  • If the pain is very intense, you can get the pain medications recommended by your doctor from pharmacies without a prescription. 

Attention to the above-mentioned issues and consideration of the doctor's recommendations will help the post process of varicocele surgery to go through much easier. 3 Months after the operation, it is recommended to go to the doctor's control and take a semen test. Thanks to this test, sperms can be examined after surgery and improvements can be detected.  



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