"> Best Vasectomy Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Vasectomy Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Vasectomy surgery is one of the operations that many men do voluntarily nowadays. Vasectomy, which is one of the methods of contraception, is a kind of sterilization operation. These operations are among the operations that every man who has completed the dec of 18 who does not want to have children can do. Vasectomy surgery is a male-specific surgery and cannot be performed for women. But in women, sterilization can be performed in the form of connecting the egg tubes. 

Being one of the most popular birth control operations today, vasectomy, is among the topics that many men are researching. Individuals who are researching whether there is a return on this operation, how the operation is performed, and so on can get more detailed information by examining the following topics. 

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy, also known as a sterilization, is an operation performed to help sperm get out and prevent fertilization in men. During the vasectomy process, the men's sperm ducts are connected and thus 99% of the birth control is provided. Sterilization operations performed using this method can be performed by all men who have completed the age of 28. But if the man who wants to have this operation is married, at this point he should undergo the operation with the consent of his wife. Otherwise, the operation will not be approved and performed. 

A vasectomy operation is an operation performed from the point of view of family planning. This operation, completed in a fairly short time, also does not interfere with sexual life. This means that if the sperm ducts are sealed with a vasectomy, sexual intercourse can also be performed. In addition, people can continue to enjoy sexual intercourse. After the vasectomy operation, there are not sperm cells in the semen fluid that comes  during the intercourse. In other words, conditions such as hardening of the penis, ejaculation, sexual desire, satisfaction continue after the vasectomy operation. 

Which Department Deals with the Vasectomy?

Voluntary sterilization also known as a vasectomy operation, has recently been frequently performed for protection during sexual intercourse. People who want to eliminate the possibility of having children by undergoing this operation are wondering and researching in which department this operation is performed. Vasectomy operations are performed by urologists. People who have specialized in the field of urology are able to perform professional operations on all reproductive systems. 

To summarize briefly; People who will undergo vasectomy surgery, also known as voluntary sterilization or sterilization, should make an appointment with the urology department at this point. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, if the man who wants to have this procedure is married, he must obtain written and signed spouse consent. Otherwise, the operation is not allowed to be performed. 

What is Vasectomy Surgery?

The answer to the question of what is vasectomy surgery  is one of the topics that many people are researching today. Vasectomy, in short, provides the cessation of spermatozoa that provide reproduction in men. In this way, people who have enough children, do not want to be protected by different methods during intercourse, or do not want the ailments that they are carrying to be passed on to their children can have unprotected sexual intercourse by having a vasectomy. In this context, there is more than one method that can be applied to perform the operation.  

How is Vasectomy Surgery Performed?

In order to get more information about vasectomy surgery, people who are thinking of undergoing are wondering about the steps of the operation. It is possible that more than one method can be followed in the vasectomy operation. However, the methods that urologists generally follow during surgery are listed in the following. 

  • The operation is most often performed with local anesthesia. However, depending on the patient's condition, it is also possible to perform general anesthesia. 
  • After the surgical area is anesthetized, a small incision of the scrotum is made, and in some methods, surgery can be performed without a scalpel. 
  • Then, the location of the tube called the vas deferens, which allows semen to be transported to the testicle, is determined. 
  • The tube that provides sperm transmission is cut from the scrotum and sealed using the surgical method. 
  • Then, the small incision opened at the first beginning of the operation is closed by the doctor using a suture or medical adhesive. If the incision is much smaller, spontaneous closure of the incision can be expected. 

With the completion of the steps mentioned in the above list, it becomes impossible for men to reach the female ovaries because the sperm tubes will be closed. In this way, there is no reproduction and the obligation to be protected in sexual relations is eliminated.   

Vasectomy Surgery with Surgical Operation

Vasectomy surgery is a surgical operation. These operations are carried out as indicated in the title above. However, there are some things to know about vasectomy performed with surgical interventions. People who are going to have a vasectomy should pay attention to the following; 

  • Before the vasectomy operation, people need to think carefully and make a decision accordingly. 
  • It is inconvenient to have sexual intercourse without protection immediately after the vasectomy operation. 
  • It is necessary to visit a urologist 6 or 12 weeks after the operation. During these checks, it will be checked whether there is sperm in the semen fluid, and after these checks, unprotected intercourse can be entered into. 
  • There is a chance that the vasectomy operation will return. But the more time has passed since the operation, the lower this probability will be. 

It is recommended to undergo this operation, paying attention to the above-mentioned points. In addition, there are many known false beliefs about these operations. Because many men also think that they can be protected from sexually transmitted diseases after a vasectomy. But the only and greatest promise of vasectomy surgery is the elimination of the possibility of becoming a father. This, in turn, eliminates the need to use condoms in men and birth control pills in women if sperm is not seen in the semen after performing the necessary tests after a vasectomy.  

What are the Advantages of Vasectomy Surgery?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of vasectomy surgery. The main disadvantage of this operation is that the possibility of becoming a father again disappears. As we mentioned earlier, if it has not been too long since the operation, the tubes can be reconnected. Men who want to experience the advantages of these operations should definitely think carefully before surgery. The advantages of the vasectomy procedure are also as follows: 

  • The possibility of having children can be eliminated with a vasectomy. 
  • The operation can be completed in about 15 minutes. 
  • There is no need to be protected by different methods before having sexual intercourse. 
  • Vasectomy procedures are an accurate method that provides 99% protection.
  • Men who have hereditary diseases can use this method to avoid having children. 

Vasectomy surgery, which brings with it this and many other advantageous conditions, only prevents reproduction. In other words, it is not possible for any problems to prevent men from enjoying themselves during sexual intercourse or reduce sexual pleasure.  

The Process After Vasectomy Surgery 

The process after vasectomy, according to many surgeries, proceeds quite easily. People who have undergone this operation need to rest between 2 to 7 days. In addition, it is very important to go to a doctor's checkup 1 week after surgery. In the first 4 days, redness, bruising, or swelling may appear in and around the testicle. Although this condition is quite normal, it will be necessary to consult a doctor if the pain is unbearable. Men who have had vasectomy surgery should not have sexual intercourse without protection for the first 12 weeks. 

Men who have had a vasectomy on the dates specified by the doctor should have a semen check. If sperm is not found in the semen fluid, unprotected sex can be performed. If there is sperm in the semen, it is recommended that the man ejaculate an average of 20 times or have sexual intercourse with protection for 3 months. Considering these aspects, the process can be passed much easier after vasectomy surgery. 



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