"> Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery

Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery

Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery

The subject of neck hernia is a disease that has developed treatment techniques in recent years. In particular, the development of new techniques also shortens the healing process. New diagnostic techniques and treatments are emerging every day in the field of medicine. In this way, patients are provided with a comfortable treatment and the periods are shortened. 

What is a Neck Hernia?

Neck hernia is one of the diseases that have emerged especially among young people in recent years. Before treating this disease, it is necessary to look at what kind of disease it is. The neck vertebrae are located in a structure that starts from the root of the head. 7 vertebrae are covered with connective and gel tissues. Among them are disks that act as cushions. The disease, on the other hand, is manifested by this gel and the deterioration of the discs. Deteriorating elements put pressure on the nerves and vertebrae, causing pain.

Neck hernia negatively affects life, especially during the day. It can be alleviated with aspects such as physical therapy. However, if a complete treatment is not applied, it can cause serious problems. The symptoms of the disease are as follows. 

  • Loss of strength in the arms
  • Problem in balancing
  • Having difficulty walking
  • Troublesome pains in the neck and shoulders
  • Numbness in the arms and fingertips
  • Difficulty holding an object as a result of numbness
  • Difficulty of movements

Which Department Deals with Neck Hernia?

The department those who want to be treated for neck hernia should apply is Neurosurgery. The disease can be alleviated or even stopped by the treatments that doctors who are experts in this field will apply and recommend. The expert doctor decides how this will happen. The treatments offered by the experts are listed as follows. 

  • Reducing pressure by resting
  • Relief of pain with medication
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery

All the indicated methods of treatment are determined by experts. In particular, a number of imaging methods can be used. In this way, the priority method to be applied can be determined. In some people, neck hernia may be at more advanced levels. For this reason, many more methods should be used, especially MRI.

What is Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery?

After non-surgical treatments do not give results, surgery may be involved. Surgery can be considered with the opinion of a neurosurgeon. The purpose here is to remove the disturbing part of the disc that is making pressure on the nerve. This procedure is called a discectomy. 

Before cervical herniated disc surgery, different treatment methods can be applied depending on the patient's condition. Especially severe power loss is important. In this case, the use of a neck brace and rest are quite important. In addition, the application of physical therapy is also among the first treatments. 

But for conditions that occur later, surgery is involved. In this case, drug therapy can be applied again. But of course, it would be better to have surgery. For all these and other treatments, the opinion and recommendation of a specialist doctor is very important. 

How is Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery Performed?

Anterior cervical discectomy method is generally used in cervical herniated disc surgery. In this method, a small incision is made into the neck and the pressing cartilage is cleaned. After that, a small cage is placed in the area. The process ends with the placement of the cage. This method is one of the most advantageous treatments.

A large number of patients can be treated without surgery. 95 out of every 100 patients are treated with different treatment methods. Important problems seen in patients who need to have surgery are as follows: 

  • Loss of strength in the arm
  • Numbness that occurs and does not pass
  • Severe and unbearable pains

The operation varies according to the hand used by the surgeon. The direction of the doctor's hand is more important than the location of the hernia. Thanks to this, surgery takes place in a shorter time.

A microscope is used during surgery. Therefore, it is sufficient to enter it from a small place. In this way, both the intervention is easy and the wound heals faster. All the devices used are equipped with technology to prevent damage to patients. In this way, all kinds of infections and similar situations are out of the question. 

Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery

Open surgeries performed in the past years cause quite troublesome processes. Especially the risk factors are manifested in a serious way. Some of the risks of open surgeries are as follows.

  • Risk of infection
  • Risk of bleeding 
  • The possibility of damage to the nerves
  • The risk of developing damage to the spine
  • The risk that the disease will not end completely

With cervical herniated disc surgerywith microsurgery, the risks disappear to a greater extent. During and after surgery, the patient experiences a fairly comfortable process. Recovery occurs easily and in a short time. For this reason, in order for the healing process not to take long and to lead a healthier life, doctors use this method, which is shorter. 

This method has many advantages. Especially because the incision is small, the wound heals faster and the patient gets up in less time. In addition, the risk of infection is also quite small. As a result of the operation, the patient is able to fully recover and continue his life in a comfortable way. In addition, due to the materials and medicines used, a faster recovery process awaits the patient.

What are the Advantages of Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery?

There are many advantages of cervical herniated disc surgery with microsurgery. Some of the advantages obtained as a result of being preferred are as follows.

  • With a small incision, the risk of scars and infections remains minimal.
  • The damage and risks that may occur during surgery are also reduced to a minimum. 
  • In the process of surgery, state-of-the-art imaging techniques are used.
  • It is an extremely safe intervention due to the use of the latest technology. 
  • It is an intervention that does not require hospitalization. 
  • Recovery occurs in a shorter time compared to open surgery. 

In addition to these advantages, the most noticeable issue is the following. The patient will never return to his former difficult days. If the necessary precautions are observed, the patient can get up in a short time. In addition, the patient can be discharged in a very short time after the operation. With a short rest at home, the patient will be able to continue his life where he left off. 

The Process After Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery with Microsurgery

The process after cervical herniated disc surgery is quite healthy compared to other treatment methods. Rest in the hospital for 1 day varies depending on the doctor. But rest at home, on the other hand, must necessarily take place. The activities recommended by doctors and specialists must be carried out at home. There may be some conditions that may occur after the intervention. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Difficulty of swallowing
  • Feeling stuck in the throat

In this process, it is most convenient to use a neck brace and similar tools. For this reason, it is necessary to use these tools and similar tools. It is also necessary to take all the prescribed medications in full and on time. This condition causes the pain to pass and the wounds to heal.

Patients have almost no complaints after surgery. If a problem occurs to the contrary of this situation, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist doctor. It is also important that all checks are carried out on time and without interruption. 

It is necessary to pay attention not only to the controls, but also to the exercises of the patient. Otherwise, it takes time for the muscles and skeletal system to develop. As a result of the surgery, neck hernia will not repeat. But one must necessarily behave carefully and attentively. It is also important to practice sports regularly, as shown by specialized doctors. 

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