"> What is a hair transplant and what should be considered?

What is a hair transplant and what should be considered?

A question that is of particular interest to men today What is a hair transplant? Here we explain what needs to be considered in a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant and what should be considered? Many people, especially men, want to know that. A hair transplant must be planned individually.


With hair loss, thanks to this treatment method, the patient can achieve the desired appearance in a short time. For hair transplantation, strong hair follicles are taken from the nape of the neck and placed in tubules that have been prepared in areas without hair growth. Hair transplantation can be performed in cases such as sparse hair growth, hair loss or congenital baldness.

There are some important points that should be considered in hair transplantation. First of all, hair transplant patients should not wash their hair for the first 3 days. At the same time, it is necessary not to go out in the sun for the first 3 days. It is extremely important that the transplanted area is protected from external influences and not damaged. Patients who have undergone hair transplantation should not consume blood damaging things such as cigarettes, tea, coffee or alcohol in the first 3 days. In addition, patients who have undergone hair transplantation should protect the transplanted area from rain for another 15 days.

After the hair transplant, you should stay away from movements and activities that make you sweat for a while. You should stay away from stressful or tense environments, have sexual intercourse, and avoid drinking alcohol. Since antibiotics are generally used after a hair transplant, you should be careful not to consume substances that mix with the blood, such as e.g. e.g. alcohol.

When will you see the results of the hair transplant?

In order for the hair transplant to be successful, a specialist should be preferred. So, when to see hair transplant results? It is important that you can see the result after a short time if the points we have mentioned after the hair transplant are taken into account. However, the duration varies from patient to patient. However, a hair transplant usually takes up to 6 months. During this period, the hair in the transplanted area will begin to grow. 6 months is a short time to have strong and non-shedding hair. If you follow the points given by your doctor, the hair will grow faster.

Photos before and after hair transplant

The results can be documented by taking photos before and after the hair transplant. The patient can then clearly see what progress is being made. There is a big difference between photos taken before treatment and a photo taken after treatment. Today, plastic surgeons performing hair transplantation prove the success of their treatment with pictures of patients before and after the procedure.

How to washyour hair after transplant?

First of all, hair transplant patients should not wash their hair for the first 3 days. Otherwise the operation will fail. So how to wash hair after hair transplant? If you are wondering, read on. Washing your hair should be done as directed by your doctor. Do not wash 3-4 days after hair transplant. After that, you can soften the crusted area with lotion. Since the transplanted area is very delicate, you should wash it with gentle and slow movements. Even the smallest wrong move can damage hair follicles. This can also prevent hair growth.

You can remove crusts by leaving the hair lotion on your hair for 30 minutes. Instead of pouring the shampoo directly onto your hair, consider washing your hair by lathering it in your hand. You can then rinse your hair with warm water. Since cold or hot water damages the hair follicles, patients who wash at home should follow the doctor's instructions.

Start work again after hair transplant

Anyone who undergoes a hair transplant should take 7 to 14 days off work for it. The transplanted area should not be exposed to sunlight, should not be hit or injured, and should not be kept too hot or too cold. The first week after the operation is particularly important. Depending on the size of the operation, your doctor will let you know when you can return to work after the hair transplant.

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