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How is Hair Transplantation Done? What Should Be Done Before and After Hair Transplantation?


Hair transplantation is a surgical method used to solve hair loss or baldness problems. The procedure is usually performed using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) methods. The process involves the following steps:


1. **Identification of the Donor Area**: Hair follicles are usually taken from the back or side of the head, which is an area where hair is typically permanent and not affected by hair loss.


2. **Collection of Hair Follicles**:


   - **FUE Method**: Hair follicles are individually collected from the donor area using microsurgical tools.


   - **FUT Method**: A strip of skin is taken, and this strip is then dissected to separate the hair follicles.


3. **Preparation of the Recipient Area**: The area where hair will be transplanted is numbed with local anesthesia, and small incisions or channels are made for the transplantation.


4. **Transplantation of Hair Follicles**: The collected hair follicles are individually implanted into the recipient area. This process is done carefully to ensure a natural-looking hairline.


Before and after hair transplantation, there are some important points to consider:


**Before Hair Transplantation:**


- Adjust your medication use according to your doctor's recommendations.


- Avoid substances that thin the blood, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

- Stop using blood-thinning medications like aspirin one week before the procedure.

- Do not comb your hair or use products like gel in the week leading up to the procedure.


**After Hair Transplantation:**


- Wash your hair according to your doctor's instructions.


- Avoid touching the transplanted area and wear a special cap or bonnet to protect the skin.


- Take medications regularly as prescribed by your doctor.


- Wash your hair with lukewarm water after the procedure and gently pat it dry.


- Avoid heavy exercise and protect from direct sunlight.


As with any surgery, hair transplantation carries certain risks. Therefore, it is important to consult with a specialist before undergoing hair transplantation.

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