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Hair loss isa condition in which body hair penetrates under the skin, causing infection andinflammation. Most often, it occurs in the sacrum, gluteal cracks, or in theintergluteal region. This occurs as a result of hair rupture in the hairfollicle and growth into the skin. Pilonidal sinus or dizziness can usuallycause symptoms such as pain, redness, swelling, and flushing.


Hairthinning surgery is usually successful and relieves most of the symptoms.However, like any surgical intervention, hair rotation surgery carries certainrisks. These risks include infection, bleeding, sewing problems, and bruising.Prior to surgery, the patient is informed in detail about surgical options andrisks and discusses any questions with the surgeon team.


In 2001, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. In 2006, he obtained his specialization in urology from Ankara Numune Hospital 1st Urology Clinic. He completed his mandatory service duty at Van Training and Research Hospital between...